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Google Nexus S spotted, priced in Greenhills

One of our regular readers sent in a tip as he spotted this brand new Google Nexus S being sold in a stall in GreenHills. Apparently, this handset is still very rare as the shop is the only one carrying the import at the moment.


The grey market price — Php35,000 (not that very far from the Samsung Galaxy S when it first came out). Our course, if you’re in the US you can get this for only $529 (or $572 including sales tax). The price should settle at around Php28k in a few more months once newer handsets arrive in the country.

Google Nexus S
4.0″ Super AMOLED @ 480×800 pixels
1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor
16GB iNAND flash memory
HSDPA (7.2Mbps) HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
WiFi 802.11 n/b/g
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
microUSB 2.0
5 megapixels camera
720 x 480 video resolution
LED Flash
1500 mAH Lithum Ion
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Hat tip to Rafael Oca.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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55 Responses

  1. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Just in case anyone’s interested, they’re selling this in HK for around 30-31k. The US is still the best place to get though of course, price-wise. Just to confirm, any copy of this phone is not locked to any network right?

  2. Orbital says:

    I wanna lick that baby

  3. Jon says:

    No thanks. My Desire Z looks and feels better than that. Plus, it is cheaper to. Lol.

  4. NemOry says:

    meron knaba nyan sir Abe?hehe. . . Super the best ang design ng Nexus S Para sakin. .curving. .

  5. intersectRaven says:

    No thanks. Still not too far from my N1 to warrant an upgrade. :p

  6. MangaSteam says:

    yes meron nyan si sir abe, he also teached readers how to get one with US address.

  7. NemOry says:

    Grabe meron na pala siya?advanced talaga. Sana makahawak din ng ganyang android.hehe

  8. 1st android says:

    This will probably be my first android phone.

    “teached” – jejemon term ba itetch?

  9. razorous says:

    Capable ba to ng 720p video recording?

  10. whatif says:


    Idol gamit ko kernel mo nung may n1 pa ko. kaso nanakaw sa bus :( naka sgs na ko ngayon :(. Isa kang alamat sa XDA!

    ps… sana ikaw nga yan hehehee….

  11. lolipown says:

    The only good reason to get the Nexus S is ASOP updates. It’s like a niche phone judging from the specs when compared with other high-end phones

  12. infinity says:

    The last time I checked, there’s one guy selling NS in Sulit for around 32k and he has three units to sell.


  13. Neil says:

    Grabe. Ang laki ng patong nila. If I would get it at Best Buy online, around $570 – $590 ang price, taxes included na $529 kasi ang price ng Nexus S. Around P25,000 – P27,000 yun. Good thing na may kamag-anak kami sa California, pwede ko gamitin credit card ko dito sa Best Buy online (yes, Best Buy allow international credit cards) and havevit delivered sa kanila. Laking tipid diba.

    Kaya sa mga may relatives sa US, ganyan nlng gawin niyo. :)

    • Mark says:

      It seems to be under Tmobile pero no-contract sya. maybe open line pero my concern is, baka may logo sya ng Tmobile sa likod kahit no contract? or yung startup screen when you turn it on has Tmobile animation or firmware? did you buy na ba? how was it?

  14. tfnow02 says:

    ilang buwan na lang at luma na Nexus S tapos yung mga bagong lalabas eh nasa parehong price range kaya its either maghintay kayong bumaba ang presyo or hintayin yung mas bago na mas maganda ang spec set kesa dito kung me budget.

  15. tfnow02 says:

    kelan kaya lalabas to…



  16. tfnow02 says:

    ang isa pang gusto ko sa nexus s eh puedeng load-an ng meego at ubuntu, hehehe, of course para lang sa mga gustong mag explore. at since android ito, puede naman ulit ibalik sa dating OS, gaya lang nang napagtripan kong load-an ng dalawang uri ng linux yung ps3 ko…

  17. tfnow02 says:

    i hope sana soon, gaya ng mga server, magkaroon ng standard for samrtphone HW para me choice ang consumer kung anong phone bibilhin at me choice kung anong OS ang ilo-load gaya ng android, IOS, windows phone 7, meego, etc…

  18. Hebron says:


  19. tfnow02 says:

    well, motorola atrix seem to be promising but there’s a lot yet of stuff that needs to be ironed out with it, LG optimus 2x is pretty much more ready than the atrix, optimus 2x is even coming out in 2 months time and a lot have been tested so far. for nexus s, nexus s 4g is comin out soon too.

  20. tfnow02 says:

    well lets wait what mobile web congress have to show in Feb, I know CES has just showed atrix and optimus 2x, samsung galaxy s 4g claiming to be the fastest smartphone so far, lets see… but atrix and optimus 2x are the dual cores comin out soon which are really something worth to wait for, with optimus 2x coming out tested earlier though.

    thing is, if you just spent a lot buying smartphone now, well, it maybe harder to get a new one when the generation of dual cores come out, not unless, budget isn’t a problem :)

  21. lolipown says:

    ahh.. for those looking forward to the Altrix, good luck rooting that thing. If that’s not an issue, ignore this.

  22. Gumz says:

    let’s see this phone next few months… and the price difference… Hopefully at 28k or less…

  23. intersectRaven says:

    Thanks! Sayang at nanakaw N1 mo! Anyways, di ko pa talaga sure kung migrate ako dito sa Nexus S o hindi since dami rin nagiinquire kung ano susunod kong dedevelop-an. Anyways, we’ll see. :)

  24. csseyah says:

    sa akin ok na kahit anung touch screen phone basta android os 2.2 pataas..

  25. mcoolits says:

    no external micro sd card slot? hmmmm… Xperia Arc nalang or Moto Atrix ü

  26. mercurius says:

    does anyone know which stall it is? thanks!

  27. Jonaflormic says:

    Wow, gadgets come in different style, size and shapes. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/

  28. terra_droid says:

    Good thing I was able to arrange for someone to pick it up in the US for me. It came to around 580$ (including tax). 25.5K. Not bad. :)

  29. leemar says:

    ill buy na lang yan pag punta ko ng states.

  30. mercurius says:

    i’m so tempted to buy this phone. aside from the lack of card slot and HD video recording (which are minor drawbacks for me), the specs are generally good, not to mention the phone’s unique look and style. but considering the price, and if the rumors are true, the samsung i9100 galaxy S2 might just be worth the wait.

    “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

  31. JP says:

    This may be off-topic, but just as I was about to purchase a Galaxy S from the BestBuy website, I changed my mind and opted for the HTC HD7 with the T-Mobile logo instead. It’s priced fairly cheaper abroad and unlock codes can make it work on international GSM carriers. It should arrive within this week

    I don’t have anything against Samsung, but they should’ve at least used Gorilla Glass on this thing or upped the plastic quality a bit. People over at YouTube say Galaxy Phones feel like they’re made of cheap plastic. Again, no offense to Samsung phone owners. I just like my smartphone to have a solid feel to it. Just my two cents.

  32. JP says:


    Precisely. The state tax in California is outrageous. And Best Buy, I believe, has branches on every state, meaning you can’t escape from state taxes unless you have it shipped directly to our country.

  33. imanol says:

    The lack of external SD is a deal-breaker for me. My 16gb external SD for my SGS is already filled with music. Maybe ~1gb free space. And the 16gb internal has about 7gb left. However, getting updates direct from google instead of relying on Samsung may make up for the lack of storage. Decisions, decisions…

    @JP: I agree that the SGS feels light and cheap. On the other hand, the more solid the phone, the harder it will hit the ground when it slips from your fingers. I was seriously considering the Desire Z, but at ~180g, that thing will hit the ground hard when you drop it.

  34. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Lack of SD card slot and build quality aside, I think the biggest thing going against this phone is ironically the same thing that is its selling point: the software. I’ve heard so many stories of random reboots and messages getting sent to the wrong person. Something that can be fixed with a software update for sure but at the same time something that’s pretty annoying while the update isn’t available yet.

  35. Droider says:


    The fix for the SMS issue was already released. That said, I have not had any wayward SMS sent to unintended contacts even before I updated.


    You can’t have the phone shipped here, hence no escaping the tax. The phone is actually not that available. My friend had to go to two best buys and even then stocks were scarce. If you reserved and you did not pick it up within 24 hours, it would be released to another customer.

  36. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:


    Thanks for the info! I think that bug affected a very small minority of phones anyway. It’s good that your phone didn’t have those problems. Are the random reboots a problem though? Some of the guys at Android and Me keep reporting about random reboots of the Nexus S’, although just like the SMS thing, it may just a affect a small minority of the Nexus S population. Phones would usually start off ok then some would eventually suffer random reboots.

  37. vincw says:

    I am waiting for sony ericsson ARC!!!!

  38. Azer says:

    The philippines must be in some kind of alternate universe when it comes to people’s purchasing power of gadgets. I don’t know of anyone here in the US who would spend $500+ on a cell phone including myself. Yet reading this blog, it seems Filipinos buy these phones every six months. I don’t get it.

  39. ShadyOaks says:

    Nexus S DOESN’T support 720 p video recording, it only records at 480p. I still prefer my Galaxy S over this one.

    I’d rather wait for Samsung 4G LTE with SUPER AMOLED PLUS! —> http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/06/samsung-4g-lte-smartphone-first-hands-on/

    or the Samsung Galaxy S 2 —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZBZCmH1fu0


  40. shy says:

    Is it true that Motorola Atrix is sold only for P11,000 in Greenhills? If not, is there anyone who has an idea of its price?

  41. Orphen77 says:

    mas gusto ko ung galaxy s 2… Maxado kcng mababa ung video capability ng nexus s.. Though it really depends sa mga need ng consumers… I always use video for school works..

  42. lulu says:

    nyc.. ang gwapo nman ng physical appearance ni nexus s.. :)

  43. twin says:

    i work for samsung usa techsupport here in the Philippines and i would say that this is one of my fave phone in our line,(we have 20-30 of this phone for support),aside from the epic 4g of course which is the best for me! anyways the good thing with this phone is i can directly use my local sim card without having it unlocked,the interface is great, the front camera is cool,the only downside is there no sd card..hehe

  44. Miguel Paraz says:

    @Azer – I think it’s called “aspirational buying”

  45. This is the cool phone better than iphone 4g with extremely useful features. I was looking for it for quite long time.. now its available.; I had written a review on it at Nexus s 4g review

  46. aalain says:

    Very Gud unit and big advantage. U get updates. First

  47. Mivo el edo seco per kizo.Ona la pesa ?

  48. This is great I love it, and more for that price when I bought was more expensive, I’m anxious to get the Android 4.0 update official ICS test

  49. Jordan M. says:

    Is the Nexus S i9020 SAMOLED+ variant still available in Greenhills? I’m looking to buy one in the next 1 1/2 months…

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