Redfox Technology Innovation Center

Redfox Technology Innovation Center

I got private tour of Redfox’s new headquarters the other day. They called it the Redfox Technology Innovation Center since the whole building showcases everything the Filipino tech company has developed and brought into the Philippines thru the years.

I am told that Redfox has been completely spun out of AsianTech (the local distributor) only recently and the separation allows Redfox to focus on their line of consumer products. The Technology Innovation Center is now the Redfox HQ which has been opened only last December 4.

They’ve got the first release of a local 5-inch eBook Reader (see: Redfox WizLib) for Php11,900. It’s similar to the Kindle and even looks almost the same though it support more formats and is open.

And unlike most other tablets that run on Android, Redfox is also one of the very few ones that makes Windows-based tablets (the 10-inch Redfox WizPad). They’re basically netbook-specs in a tablet format. That means you can pick your own OS and install it on the device (or even multi-boot it).


The place also has several rooms with facilities for training people in the education sector on how to use newer technologies such as the interactive whiteboards and other interactive teaching methodologies for students.

Called the WizBoard, the interactive whiteboard costs between Php50k to Php150k and are made for the education sector. The “kit” comes with the Bluetooth-powered whiteboard (50″ to 112″) and a short-throw projector.

They showed me so many other devices, including an all-in-one PC that can be user-upgraded (from HDD, RAM, graphics and even TV tuner); the WizStation that allows you to hook up 10 clients into one server as a multi-learner network and a whole bunch of other stuff (like desktop, laptops/netbooks) they’ve been doing for years.

Aside from the Philippines, Redfox is actually a known brand in other Asian countries such as Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Looking forward to get a review unit of that WizPad and try to install Android & Meego on top of Windows 7.

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10 Responses

  1. mary says:

    I didn’t know they had so many products. But the most striking product (service?) is the training center for teachers. That’s a really great idea because these days, students (kids?) know more about tech than their teachers.

    I really hope that this Tech Innovation Center will focus on research and improving their products by working with the clients. :)

  2. kjalcordo says:

    Interested in the wizpad pero ang mahal naman pala..

  3. Aaron says:

    Redfox just brings China OEM’s and brands it as it’s own. How can redfox claim it’s a Filipino Technology Company? It should rather say Philippine Retailer of electronics made in China…..

  4. yuga says:

    @aaron – aside from over dozens of suppliers and OEMs that they contract, they also have their own R&D team and co-owns a factory in China. All the design and specifications are done here in the Philippines.

  5. kenneth says:

    lagi naman sila late sa pag release ng product to market and ang presyo is always so much higher than others.

  6. whackerZ says:

    Kindle 3 is $139 na lang, Amazon ships to PH via courier for $179 inclusive of all custom duties kaso 5-7 weeks ang waiting kasi marami ata nakapila bumili sa Pinas. Kung nagmamadali ka, sa Ebay or Sulit makakahanap ka P8500 brand new unopened box.

    Mahal ang ebook reader ng Redfox.

  7. Arvin says:

    Are they hiring Industrial Designers? :D

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