PLDT TelPad: Landline, DSL & Android Tablet

PLDT TelPad: Landline, DSL & Android Tablet

Last night, PLDT announced its new landline service called PLDT TelPad, a landline and broadband DSL service packed in an Android Tablet.

The PLDT TelPad is and Android 2.2. Froyo tablet powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8. That means users can download apps and play on the 7-inch tablet. It comes with a 2GB internal storage but there’s an SD card slot and a USB port to extend that.


The TelPad also carries a 2-megapixel front camera for still shots and videoconference calls. I think calls can be made via a Bluetooth headset. It also comes with a dock for charging and an HDMI port that can be hooked into your TV.

The service starts at Plan 1849 which includes a landline number and a 1Mbps DSL connection. If you’re an existing PLDT myDSL customer, you can upgrade to this plan for an additional Php500 per month. The Android tablet comes free with the package.

Other PLDT TelPad plans are Plan 2099 at 1.5 Mbps (Php2,099 per month), Plan 3095 at 2.5 Mbps (Php3,095), and Plan 4100 at 3.5 Mbps (Php4,100).

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85 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    3 year contract dont forget

  2. Dodie says:

    Wait… so this is landline, and not wireless landline? Does the tablet have phone capabilities (like can you put a sim card inside?)

  3. can you use this plan for an ipad or a galaxy tab???
    that 500 additional to existing mydsl subscribers might be a good deal…

  4. Totem says:

    Hmm.. What is the brand of the Android tablet? Is it the aPad?

  5. jun says:

    hmmmm weird.. tingin mo na ako ng test sa pldt business center :)

  6. Mark says:

    So, internet is still wired (modem)…
    Too bad there’s no 3g.. XD

  7. Paul says:

    Best. picture frame. ever.

  8. Jucato says:

    This is actually an interesting device. I’m guessing that the dock would be WiFi router/transmitter (considering the device itself has WiFi capabilities, it would be kinda stupid if you could only connect to the net if it were docked) but the PTSN usage itself would be through the (wired) handset. Yes, too bad it has no 3G, though I’m hoping Bluetooth tethering with a phone could fix that.

    It’s a bit too early to say anything with very few details. But looking at the specs (, it sounds pretty much like an Archos 70.

  9. Elbert says:

    This expensive for such a service. I think it would have a better chance at success if the price is lower, much lower.

  10. Andre says:

    no Wifi, you need a Wifi Router. or the PLDT Dsl Wifi router modem

  11. @Andre: Yes, there is WiFi. 802.11 b/g to be exact. here’s the Full Spec Sheet: [Provided by Jucato above]

    In my opinion, an Archos 700 (almost) on a 1500/per month 1mb/s contract sounds just about right.

    I will try this out~

  12. nexusboy says:

    that ridiculously huge PLDT logo makes the device look effin’ CHEAP. there’s no way i’m putting that on my condo.

  13. Benchmark33 says:

    Hmmm if you are an exisiting user, for life na yung additional 500? Or we can just buy the unit and plug it sa existing line namin?

    Kasi if for life na yung additional 500 na yun, that is expensive, it like buying a tablet na for life mo binabayaran…

    I hope we can buy the unit separateley….

  14. Rockieboi says:

    Parang pareho pa rin ang babayaran mo kung kukuha ka ng new subscription… I think 999 ang 1 mbps plus ang residential line na around 600-700… Tama ba?

  15. orgl says:

    puwede ba ilabas yung tablet, parang makapal kasi

  16. Manny says:

    Bolang a pldt

  17. Adrian says:

    medyo hindi maganda service ng pldt. every week may disconnection and minsan mabagal.

  18. bugat says:

    HILAW PA YAN, bili ka nalang ng china pad, mura pa 3k????

  19. bugat says:

    bili ka nalang ng china pad, mura pa 3k????

  20. ICesteam says:

    I think its a joke… my plan is 999 + landline im paying about 1800+ a month.. then i inquire if i can avail this .. the customer service says YES you can get a FREE telpad.. take note “FREE” as in free”, but sir in your plan you need to pay additional 500 pesos. and a lock in period of 3 years( if you terminate you will pay 14000php) .. So what you say if i subscribed for 3 years so php500 x 36months = php 18000 (the amount i will pay for 3 years )then after that i still don’t own the telpad gadget its still under PLDT .. WTF… its a freaking joke.. by 3 years im sure there are more new gadjets… im wondering where’s FREE there ??? if dont even own the gadget for after 3 years

    • Lei says:

      I literally experienced the same things and oh boy it’s my worst regret! I will never trust PLDT’s costumer service again. I was once in their plan for dsl when I suddenly got a call saying “oh maam you were choosen to have free tablet all you need to do is upgrade your plan to 1899…” something like that and there is a freaking who just woke up when I got a call and thought I really won a tablet from them for free so I got it. So freaking liars! If I knew the tablet will needed to be paid in 3 years with the upgrade in it I would have not gotten it! And mind you guys they never told me it was for 3 years contract until I got to their office recently! So much scam and so much lie from this company so that they could take advantage of their costumers. I never intend to get a contract of 3 years in the very beginning and having them do this to me was so disappointing from them. I will never… ever trust PLDT again until they fixed the issues and will never want my love ones a d friends to be tied with company’s trying to scam people. Like literally….where is the free tablet when it actually added to your monthly fee? So much BS!

  21. Willy Yu says:

    oo nga, may be its better to cancel my pldt ds& apply for the new 1849 plan with the pad included,
    they should offer it free to existing dsl subscribers that is outside the lock in period to lock them for 3 years with the free pad, or all of their loyal? subscribers will be gone sooner or later,
    I am eyeing for a better & faster & cheaper connection in my area to replace the pldt dsl, their landline is not that in demand as before when they monopolized it, now everything is cheaper, faster, wireless pa.

  22. Edward says:

    I’m a bit confused here.

    I also have plan 999 and Landline that would total about 1800.

    What do they mean that if you are an existing DSL subscriber you can get it for additional 500 per month soooo

    1500 per month with DSL, Landline and ANdroid Tablet for 3 years?

  23. Eason says:

    This is just plain exciting but BAD IDEAL all over it.

    For one point, PLDT is being a pain in the ass for its slow internet, slow service and fast bills for the past year. I was a loyal 5 year PLDT 1mbps subscriber but now I switched to Globe 1mbps since its much faster and less hassle since you don’t need a landline for the internet connection.

    Plus globe actually gives refunds to downtimes, not like PLDT. But downtime was only experienced once.

    Still we have a PLDT landline but for me their DLS service sucks now, not like before.

    Note : Marikina Area.

  24. Robert says:

    sa mga wala sa telpad launching…

    check the askpldt and [email protected] feature when choosing for your right tablet.

  25. NETGUIDES says:

    im assuming this device is using wifi or a special band like wimax…

    with today’s wirelss technology, almost everything is possible…

    has anyone ridden a jac liner bus w/ free wifi? did u know that their isp is pldt?

    1st i thought they were connected to smart’s cellsites and hops to other towers while the bus is moving….i happen to have come accross their main terminal, and guess what, they have their own transmitting tower…their bus and their tower can link on more than 100km! that’s why the ping is bad, but still consistent internet even when ure traveling in the last place you’d expect to get free internet access…now for me, that’s very cool!

    i hope this service would be available in provinces.

  26. mr. bogus says:

    ob-ob na kakagat dito (im sorry for the word..)

  27. Alisa says:

    Mabuti na lang I saw this post. Muntik na akong madala sa tv ad nila.

  28. daniel says:

    waw ang ganda naman… kung 500 per month lng sya.. magaan sa bulsa … within 3 years P 18,000 lng gastos mo… may 3000/month naman kaming DSL so 500 pesos nlng babayaran for the tablet? waw!!!!

  29. kuyog says:

    to be fair, I live in Makati I’ve been using PLDT wired MyDSL for almost 4 years now, and have had satisfactory service at 1Mbps, except for the first month and scheduled interruptions. I even had full service all through Ondoy. Their DNS server crashes frequently, but I’m not affected since I use OpenDNS and GoogleDNS :) I do wonder about the lock in period. if it is 3 years as stated by the other posters, then it may be a bit too much. 2 years at P12000 total? for a cortex 1ghz? i could probably live with that.

  30. Rockieboi says:

    I thought there is a 0.5 mbps and tablet included in the additional 500 pesos or is it for the tablet only?

  31. Trisha Aguirre says:

    I reserved mine 3 days ago. The PLDT Rep was kind enough to give me a courtesy call yesterday to confirm my reservation.

    She mentiones that the unit will be available to those who reserves this month by January 2011.

    They have a Facebook Fanpage:

    I reserved my unit thru their Facebook Fanpage.

    There are also plans & details about it there.

    Hope this helps.

  32. Raymond says:

    If plans 1849,2099,3095 and 4100 are just 1mbps,1.5mbs,2.5mbps and 3.5mbps respectively,

    then, it would be better if you just subscribe to myDSL first(plans 999,1995,3k which is 1,2,3 mbps respectively), then avail the “just add P500/mo. for existing subscribers” promo.

    Aside from having lesser bills a month, you’ll be having a 0.5mbps increase in DL speed.

    1849 = 1mbps
    2099 = 1.5mbps
    3095 = 2.5mbps
    4100 = 3mbps

    1499(999+500) = 1.5mbps(1+0.5)
    2495(1995+500) = 2.5mbps(2+0.5)
    3500(3000+500) = 3.5mbps(3+0.5)

  33. Chito says:

    Check out
    Be careful…BE VERY CAREFUL! It’s a TRAP…

    Chito Reyes
    Again my question which was not answered though it was first in this post… After 3 years of P500/month, would I actually own the unit already or is it just considered as an additional deposit for a PLDT owned equipment (just like our exis…ting phones). If defective AFTER 3 years, will you replace it?

    I just wanted to clarify as I was told that it would still be PLDT owned after 3 years.

    PLDT Telpad
    @Chito – Sorry for the delay.

    PLDT owns the Telpad unit even after the lock-in period.

    PLDT provides a product warranty for the Telpad unit for 3 years.


    Chito Reyes
    Follow up question… If PLDT OWNS the Telpad unit AFTER 3 years, what happens if it does not work anymore AFTER 3 years? If we decide to return it after 3 years, do we get our money back since you still own it? Since ownership is NEVER transferred to us despite our payment, what is the Php 500/month for?

    PLDT Telpad
    @Chito – If you cancel the Telpad service after the lock-in period, you are still required to return the Telpad unit to PLDT.

    The P500/month covers the .5mbps speed upgrade. There will be no refund for the P500/month after the lock-in period. If you do not cancel your Telpad subscription, you will still get charged the rate you were charged when you were still in the lock-in period. If you cancel, simply choose another DSL plan or continue with your Telpad subscription.

    If the unit is defective after 3 years, PLDT reserves the right to charge you since it is no longer covered by the warranty.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

    Chito Reyes
    Hmmm… what about the battery after 3 years and the “usual” wear and tear of the gadget? Will you replace them? We all know that electronic gadgets have a “limited” life… The unit will be bound to be defective after that “life” and if you technically own it, what would be our protection in the future? It would be unfair to charge us for something that is bound to conk out just like any electronic gadget.

    (No answer yet as of this posting)

  34. Lloyd says:

    Sayang Manila and Cebu Areas lang daw muna di pa daw available sa ibang areas.

  35. Elijah says:

    tested it awhile ago.

    Touch screen feedback is a bit sluggish, speed is slow (but it ran the angry birds game pretty well) … or maybe it’s because too many people installed too many apps/widgets on it and an animated wallpaper… I’d like to test a fresh one

    Battery life was like 70+ hours iirc

    The 3year lock-in is one thing everyone in the booth is complaining about, but 2500php preterm – they changed the preterm rate now I think, the stall is in greenhills if you want to check it out.

  36. genaro juego says:

    so panu un?magkano monthly? tas ilang years dapat bayaran ang tablet?pm plzzz! im interested

  37. toink says: is now deactivated. Perhaps its because of the inquiries posted and negative feedback :P

    Way to go PLDT!

  38. Chito says:

    Yup… I suspected that too but a while ago they put up!/pages/PLDT-Telpad/169416969761280. It will land you to the wall “Just PLDT Telpad” thus hiding the wall posts of “others” unless one takes the extra step of clicking it.

    On my part, I was able to save the previous comments and responses made by PLDT Telpad at least for future reference.

  39. metalingus says:

    sad to say this promo is only available in metro manila and cebu..

  40. toink says:

    @ Chito,

    Yeah, I was actively posting in the wall too until they took out the account…

    I was the one inquiring about their assurance of the 512kbps speed upgrade when they could not even give me half the speed of what I am paying for… It’s a marketing ploy…

  41. Aidz says:

    A Tablet with a landline! PLDT TELPAD is now available for reservation. Enjoy unlimited internet that comes with a tablet and a landline. All of them in one awesome package. Visit their website now for more information. The website on this listing is the official website of PLDT TELPAD. Reservations made on other websites will not be honored by PLDT.

  42. chuaa says:

    rip off….

    nothing special about this hardware…just a tablet bundled with phone/dsl…the 500 additional for existing users apply only for plan 1250…my current plan is 990…so in effect, they want me to upgrade to a 1MBPS plan plus pay additional 500 for the unit for the next 3 yrs…and i wont even end up owning the unit…so what happens if i downgrade my plan 3 yrs from now?? will they take the unit back???

    tablets are getting cheaper by the min…i would rather wait next yr…am sure i can get something cheaper which i will end up owning….

    another promo that is bound to fail if they dont get their acts together!

  43. Ian says:

    If you want a tablet, wait niyo na lang ang 1st quarter na maglalabasan na dual core nvidia tegra 2 tablets. It’s better than this one, better than iPad din. Similar ito sa Cisco Cius i think. Tablet w/business phone naman yung kanila.

  44. Erielle says:

    Hey everyone, i’ve heard that the isn’t the official account and the telpad is actually featured in the PLDT Landline account at

  45. Fonz says:

    At the people who are saying this is the aPad. Grow a brain, please? Bloody idiots.

    This has a Cortex A8 CPU. That’s like comparing the Suzuki Alto on those cheapo aPads to a Ford Mustang. FYI, the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab both use a Cortex A8 CPU.

    Bunch of tards. If anyone’s trash, it’s you for being ignorant. You know who you people are. For supposed techies, you don’t seem to know which hardware are actually good or not.

  46. kelan kaya nila bibigyan ung mga nagpa reserve,mga 1st week kya next year available na yan?

  47. Chito says:

    Even if the Telpad has a Cortex A8 CPU, I personally tested it and it was not as responsive and had so much delays in its implementation of the interface. The Cherry Superion which has Qualcomm 600Mhz processor is much better in terms of responsiveness and smoothness of the user interface. The processor of the Telpad may be better but the support components which makes the totality of the unit could not be said otherwise.

  48. Verbl Kint says:

    @Fonz: Don’t be naive. There are countless aPads/ePads out in the market that run on a Cortex A8 processor. Just google “Freescale Cortex A8” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    In fact, these tablets are widely available in many stores here in Hong Kong for around P9,000. In Manila they’re selling from 10k to 12k.

  49. jbasalts says:

    This is a total joke… You’ll be paying 500+ per month and with a lock down of 3 years and after which you won’t get to own the device at all… This isn’t a good move from PLDT… They could’ve just sold this device to subscribers… It’s a total scam saying that the device is free… As if.. I can get my own tablet… This could’ve been good if you could get to own the device eventually… This is crazy…

  50. Jean Michaut says:

    I am interested by PLDT Telepad and I want to subscribe

  51. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    really confused.

    TV advertisments = P500.00 for existing subscriber
    PLDT TelPad booth = P550.00 for existing subscribers

    Wondering if this tablet would make a good torrent box (even if the internal 2gb memory wore out, PLDT will still be forced to replaced it XD.

  52. chacha says:

    plan P2,099 for 3 years? :

    2099 x 36 months = P75, 564.00

    if your subscribed to a normal internet (1.2 mps) plan P995 = P35, 820.00

    P75, 564.00

    P35, 820.00
    P 39, 820 .00

    wow! you’re buying the Telpad for P40 k worth
    but you can buy an IPAD from apple for 24 k

    Think about it!

  53. Junivat says:

    Everyone complains about the prize of the telpad.
    and suggest to buy another tablet.

    We are aware that we will not own this in the future.

    Remember that you are paying for the WHOLE service package not the tablet.

    if you want the tablet, go get it somewhere else but not the internet and landline service.

    their target market are new customers who can’t afford tablet and new type of communication service with a touch.

    But have you ask yourself that if you bought/own a tablet will THAT work as a landline and internet at the same time?

    Is your Smart/Globe communication offers YOUR tablet to be interactive with their regular handset? No.

    Lets just wait for the performance of the product when it comes out.

    BTW their website doesn’t indicate the lock in period.

  54. ICesteam says:

    @ junivat

    just call the pldt/sales you’ll know. i know some people from the pldt cause some of the line man head also ask me for help for their pldt service net-book units as tester for data plan service connections

    ,@ i think you can use that for torrent download there’s a lot of torrent down loaders for android

  55. Gabler says:

    My family is getting one but I hear reports that even after the 3 year lock-in period, the Telpad will still be the property of PLDT. Is it true.

  56. falconian says:

    Hi all

    The cost of internet in the Philippines is ridiculously high, this could have been the way PLDT could have brought down the cost of the internet, for this price in the UK you would get 40MBps, not a measly 3.5MBps, this is ancient pricing as usual in the Philippines, along with the huge electric cost (highest in the world) it’s so annoying that the PH is being strangled by just a couple of families who control the economical structure, no wounder few western countries will do business with this country, along with all the Brown-outs, some times 5 to 8 Brown-outs a day, when is this country ever going to get of the starting block, and treat its people fairly.

  57. anonymus says:

    Last december 29, i placed my reservation for the pldt telpad. i also confirmed that reservation last January 8 just to make sure that I will be receiving it. Yesterday, I called the PLDT to ask if their was a delay in the delivery of the telpad. i was shocked when they told me that I wasn’t part of the people who placed their reservation. I became mad and cancelled my order because i think that the PLDT was not responsible for the sake of their customers.

  58. jojo says:

    q: kung dalin ko 1km away from my house gagana parin ba yung net?

  59. Au says:

    @jojo, bluetooth ~4 meters radius and wifi ~8-10 meters. it will still work pero hindi sa wifi ng bahay nyo connected :p

  60. Nosrov of Al Khobor says:

    I suggest PLDT to make a new release of so called TELPAD with new version of Android Honeycomb 3.0 to compete all features such as Samsung Tab 8.9, Ipad 2, Motorola XOOM and among others.I hope telpad always update their tablet yearly or quarterly..

    I want to compete this technology to the whole world. Kindly export also this technology and name it other brand. Like PLDT pad or with a unique name branded in Philippines.

  61. WinDTrek says:

    i want to return the telpad that i just got. advertisement was overwhelming but when i got the unit it did not meet my expectation.

  62. ace_one_ph says:

    @ windtrek

  63. lemuel says:

    telpad,doesnt meet their supposed to be performance! i got my 1st unit of telpad last march 22, and hangs so much and slow performance, ive called pldt about this,they replace the unit, but after 2weeks of using the 2nd unit,the same same problem arise! It hangs and slow dragging, pldt was to eager to release this telpad without really giving it a long road test, there are more cheape china droid for only 3000 to 4000 with the spec, terrible disappointed, i want to terminate my subscription, but they wil let you pay the rest of the lock in period, this is a robbery!

  64. maxelectrofilth says:

    Well… you get a China Droid with some sort of warranty.

    The unit would somehow cost P100~200 a month, not P500, if you really need a 1mb plan. Coz for ordinary DSL 1mb is P1.6k-1.7k with telpad its P1.8k

  65. hominid says:

    They need to reconsider the unit.

    PLDT thinks the tablet usage would be just how they advertised it, but the customer’s actual usage would be far more demanding and the unit is not up to it!

  66. malou bauda says:

    will the unit can be used for internet while your out of your house… will we find only mall that has wifi.. i cant understand.. pls explain me further about the internet while ur out of ur house…

  67. buonzz says:

    tanga nlng maniniwala sa pakulo ng pldt

  68. pldtbashh says:

    Never once did i hear a “free” service or gadget that requires you to add any sort of fees. PLDT please change the meaning of the word free in all dictionaries and maybe somebody will believe you.

  69. gingerbreadfan says:

    has anyone called pldt to replace your unit to the upgraded gingerbread version? i was so frustrated before due to the lagging and slowness that i called pldt to cancel but they instead replace my unit with upgraded gingerbread. very satisfied now :) is there anyone with same experience? by d’way, the unit they gave me is the same AD1000 by the nugent of china but with the higher os. it wasgood surprise :)

    • gingerbreadfan says:

      dami ko na nainstalled na android market at HD games dungeon hunter,raging thunder2,gameloft nova masmadali na sa telpad usb to pc unlike b4, pero ganda pa rin ng performance nya! i was happily surprised about that. i hope pldt will keep this up and improve the android OS everytime with telpad. it will be pleasant to help make the confidence again with their customers like me. in my case, this was a good job by pldt!:)

  70. I honestly think that PLDT will continue to provide innovations when it comes to providing Internet services to their clients. This is a solid proof that defines the power of convergence.

  71. Can I Play movies in the telpad w/out vcl player
    which is not yet available in the android?
    Please give instruction how to play movie in the

    thank you.

  72. ondoyski says:

    para sakin ok lng yan.kc meron kmi nyan ni regalo ko sa anak ko nung nag 1st honor sya a skul.halos 500 to 700 lng naman nadagdag s monthly bill ko.sabihin na natin P25.oo/day.para s ikatutuwa ng anak mo ipag dadamot mo pa.

  73. edison says:

    totoo po ba pag katapos mong bayaran ung Telpad ng 3 yrs… sa pldt pa rin po ba ung tablet?

  74. kitkat says:

    naku ha! sobra naman itong pldt 3yrs yong lock in mo sa kanila para telpad tapos kung pinacancel mo yong Telpad service after the lock-in period ibabalik sa kanila ang unit???? bibili nalang ako ng samsung tab 15k lang mas upgraded pa.sana man lang after 3 yrs bigay nila sa kanilang mga subscriber yong unit anyway by that time laspag na yong unit…kagaya sa ibang malalaking telecompany pag nagpa postpaid ka bibigyan ka ng cellphone then 2 yrs lang mostly yong lock in mo..

    • Rose says:

      What? Wla cla cnabing ganyan! Telpad din kinuha nmin tas ibabalik namin eh bnyaran nmin yun. S halagang P3095/month for 3yrs kala ko kya sya gnun kmahal dhil s bayad nmin yun s unit. Yun pla renta lng pla yun s unit! Punyemas! Tas ang hina n ng internet nmin ngyon

  75. ma.nannette m. tagle says:

    need for a promo on free used of tablet

  76. DEASIA GRAY says:

    owh i see. I plan p nmn mag avail nito, pero halos negative… ang impact s mga prospective customer nila…
    I better change my mind,
    d2 parin ako s GLOBE…

  77. ynnel says:

    for those who are planning to get a telpad plan, Mag-isip muna kayo. I wont recommend. Take it from someone who experienced the worse! Ang gulo ng PLDT!

    Cheers :)

    • Ellen Alcedo says:

      ang ganda nila mag offer sa telpad pero mahina ang service nila kasi di naman lagi nasa ayos ang mga unit pag nagloko ang unit mo di mo alam kung saan mo ipapaayos nagtuturuan lang sila at the end iuuwi mo yung unit mo na sira pa rin walang kwenta ang after sales service nila.Mai stress ka lang kasi yung binabayaran mo di ka satisfied sa service nila.Tatapusin ko lang ang lock in period ko pati unit nila kanila na.iflix at fox di mo din magagamit kasi dami code hinihingi wala naman sila binibigay na access code.

  78. Mercy LR.Heller says:

    I would like to follow up my application for internet.My landline is 8113467.

  79. Mitch says:

    Ang dali naman masira wala pang 3 months sira na report mo s pldt cla pa galit sbihin sau free dw eh binayaran din nmn

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