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ReVault is a wireless and wearable hard drive


More and more people are recently shifting towards cloud storage since it’s easier to access and always available as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Although with all the hacking and leaking these days it’s sometimes not as safe as when you’re keeping your files on a local storage. ReVault basically fuses both worlds and combines wireless transfer in a very portable form factor.


Yes, having a local storage that transfers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is nothing new, but what makes this storage stand out from its peers is its capability to be worn and be brought around anywhere you go. ReVault can use a strap to become a watch or a necklace to be worn around. It can also be kept inside a pocket thanks to its slim and compact physique.

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As for security, the files are transferred wirelessly and encrypted using an AES-256 in addition to utilizing a two-factor authentication process. Those, plus the fact that file transfers are happening offline, make storing files more secure against hacks. The device itself is claimed to be durable since Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 reinforces the surface of the display.

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Here are some of ReVault’s additional features

  • Customizable faces
  • Three-day battery life; Charges in one and a half hours
  • ReVault as watch – available in stainless steel , mesh stainless steel, and black leather bands
  • 32GB and 128GB variants
  • API for future updates
  • Works with proprietary app for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Music and video streaming from within ReVault
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The ReVault is up for crowdfunding at Indigogo with a target of US$65,000. The source reports that they’re already more than halfway there with a lot more time to spare. For pre-orders, the 32GB is at $169, while the 128GB variant asks for $269.


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