Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition announced!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition announced!

Samsung has also refreshed their Galaxy Note 10.1 and called the model the 2014 Edition. It’s basically a hardware and software upgrade to their flagship tablet that matches the Galaxy Note 3.

Just like the Note 3, the Note 10.1 2014 Edition is the first tablet to sport a huge 3GB RAM and global LTE support.

The new Galaxy Note 10.1 also bumped up its screen resolution to WQXGA or 2560×1600 pixels, giving it an effective pixel density of 299ppi.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition specs:
10.1-inch Super LCD display @ 2560×1600 pixels, 299ppi
Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 2.265GHz quad-core
Adreno 330 Graphics
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD card
LTE Category 4 150Mbps
WiFi 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
8MP rear camera, BSI sensor
1080p @ 60fps
1.9MP front-facing camera
1080p video @ 30fps
8220mAh Li-Ion battery
7.9mm thin
535 grams (545 grams for LTE)
Android 4.3 Jellybean

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is also among the thinnest in its size category at 7.9mm. Samsung also covered the entire back side of the Note 10.1 with faux-leather, the same type they used with the Galaxy Note 3.

All the software features of the Note 3 is also included in the Note 10.1.

Global release is September 25 and should be available in all countries by October.

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20 Responses

  1. XTN says:

    If its around the 25k price range and this will do. Im hoping the the benchmarks will be around 23k and if it plays well with 3g games given that its res is very huge.


    If any of you could help me. I’m seeking for an LTE tablet that will support globe’s LTE band which is band 3. I am still waiting for the Nexus 7 LTE version but I grow impatient every passing day. Hope to buy something that has LTE and since you’re all techy here I would like to ask this since the stupid CS reps cant give me a damn straigh answer.

    Ex Scenario : I dont have an LTE phone but my tablet has LTE and my carrier supports LTE which is included in my plan. If I tether or use mobile hotspot in my phone. Is my tablet capable of catching the LTE signal?

    • abuzalzal says:

      25k? Malabo brad

      PHP32-35K ang nakikinita ko presyo dito,

      Bibihira ang games na optimized sa ganyang resolution, so pang browsing/productivity/media consumption lang siya.

    • Sanj says:

      Hiya, your statement is contradicting itself:

      “I dont have an LTE phone but my tablet has LTE and my carrier supports LTE which is included in my plan. If I tether or use mobile hotspot in my phone. Is my tablet capable of catching the LTE signal?”

      Do you mean you want to tether the LTE signal in your Tablet unto your Phone? If so, then yes, you can, you can even share a direct connection by specifying you devices mac address for added security (that’s what I’m doing).

      The Nexus 7 Gen 2 is sure to be a hit, although stock android is pretty good I would suggest going for this beautiful piece of hardware, the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 version), it’s worlds better than its horrendous predecessor, or if your a professional like me you can opt. for the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 as it has a fully fledged operating system.

      Personally I really wanted to purchase the Ativ Q, it’s a real shame it was canceled :( Stupid patent wars! >.<

      Samsung has a come a looooong way from what it was before; I've never been a brand loyalist but I must say that I am impressed with it's current product line. I'm planning on purchasing the Galaxy Note III, Ativ Tab 3 (for illustration purposes) and hopefully the Ativ Q(for my job, Im a programmer and animator) if Samsung plans on reviving it.

      Good luck!

    • XTN says:

      @Sanj – Yeah sorry that’s what I meant. I’ll just get one merely for games and entertainment. What I’m after is the adreno 330 which Qualcomm said that its 50% faster than the 320. Thats why I’m targeting this.

      Though a nexus device would be nice since it receieves the first line of updates.

      I’m having a hard time for choosing between latest hardware for the long hull or a nexus device for a lifetime insurance of updates.

      Help me out.

    • Sanj says:

      For your needs and preferences I would recommend the Nexus 7 version 2:

      In terms of updates, Google’s Nexus line will definitely be the first to receive them but Samsung is not too far behind, they provide timely updates for even their older devices: the s3 already has Android 4.2

      When it comes to multimedia consumption, both of them will do great, but, the problem is, not many apps (including games) are constructed for the Note 10.1’s large display sot the Nexus 7 version 2 would be a better choice.

      The only problem is that the Nexus 7 v.2 is using an Adreno 320 GPU but then again, what’s the use of having a faster GPU when only a few games are optimized for the Note 10.1 right?

      You’ll have to wait for a while though, it took time for the Nexus 7 to arrive in the Philippines, I assume it’ll take a while before we see the nexus 7 version 2 as well.

      I hope that helped :)

    • ROA says:

      I already saw a Nexus 7 (2013) being sold in one of the big malls here in Cebu City. I just wasn’t able to ask the price, though.

    • Sanj says:


      Awesome! I hope it’ll be available for order online soon. I’d love to get my hands on a unit asap :D

    • XTN says:

      @Sanj – Theres even a cheap one in kimstore 32gb model for less than 15k but I’m still waiting for the LTE version

  2. Milhouse says:

    299 ppi. Well, it’s about time that Samsung releases a tablet with a high-end display.

    This gadget is an epic win of divine proportions!

  3. del says:

    specs wise. samsung got all the nerves to pimp all your tablet or smartphone needs. smartphone/phablet like note3 or the incoming s5 maybe distance away over apple iphone5 or even its to be announce iphone6/5s. but when it comes to tablet no way samsung can beat apple ipad even how best firmware/software they had.

    • Sanj says:

      Hiya! I don’t mean to start an argument, just a discussion.

      In what way is the Ipad better than the Note 10.1 (2014 version)?

      In terms of sales and popularity, yes, I do agree with you, the Ipad is the most popular tablet in the world, but solely due to it’s brand and Apple’s marketing strategy; as a device however, it’s terrible, the Galaxy Note 10.1 beats it at every category, also certain IOS apps such as mail and messenger apps are very limited compared to their Android counterparts (I’m basing this on personal experience, I own the previous version of the Note 10.1 and my father owns an Ipad, he’s planning to Switch to a Note 10.1 because he can’t do much on an Ipad).

      Bottom line is:
      Iphone and Ipad = Expensive, good looking toys used mainly to brag to your friends.

      Note 10.1 (just the Note 10.1 due to all its features over other android tablets) = For everyday productivity and for lite business work.

      Windows 8 pro Convertible Tablet = For serious professionals like me.

      Just my two cents :)

    • tsards says:

      del might have the idea. even how better samsung or any tablet commercially availble, no one can beat apple for its ipad because for its popularity, sales and marketing. even how samsung and any tech product do their best, putting formidable software or high end specs. most of them will fall buying ipads kahit gaano man yan kamahal.

    • Sanj says:

      True, in terms of sales and popularity, the Ipad is the clear winner.

    • jcnjcjcnjc says:

      I agree with sanj, I’m using ipad 3 and my kids are using note 10.1 and nexus 10. Android is way better than ios. now m just using my ipad just for browsing, checking emails and Facebook. I bought lots of app from itune, hoping I can use it during business trip, most of it I just use it once or twice, not flexible enough. Hope apple will do something with ios7, so my ipad3 can survive a bit longer.

    • Sanj says:


      Hi, if you’re planning on using your tablet for business then I highly suggest you invest in a Windows 8 pro convertible tablet; these tablets will allow you to run 32 and 64bit software (any and every windows programs) but the i5 and i7 versions are pretty expensive in the Philippines; if budget is an issue then go for the cheaper, bay trail/atom variants.

      I’m planning on purchasing one myself :D

      How I wish they weren’t so expensive D: It’s rather ironic, the salary margin in the Philippines is extremely low (countries like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand earn 10 times our salary) but has 28% value added tax for products (ex. the Cannon g15 is 14k in the US and 24k here, the Nexus 4 is 12k in the US but 20k here), whats up with that?

      Oh, and if full software suites aren’t necessary then just make the switch to the Note 10.1 version 2014, though, the price of the N10.1 and a Win8 tab might be the same price, so you’d be better off with an atom/bay trail Win8 tab :)

  4. leandro lategan says:

    Its nice to see that the note 10 would be upgraded to full hd. I bought one for my my son’s use in school. I just can’t stomach that for this year they require them to use the apple company sponsored 24 month installment scheme ipad4 for students. The ipad4 is very awful, very slow with an antiquated cortex a5 tech chips, old ddr1 ram, soldered on micro sd inside, very laggy, crap software, and pitiful poor display being only 738 pixels made by lg. My son was very mad with the apple ipad4 mandated by school so I gave him the samsung note 10 and so he is all smiles. Next year, the school will switch to samsung since most parents complained that some of them could afford a better tablet for their kids. In fact some were even bragging their sony xperia z tablets during the meeting. I agree that the sony is the sexiest and best tablet to date because I have one also, I just did not join them anyway. Some parents who are less in life were also complaining that there should be choices since there are lots of tablets down there that are better than apple but are far less expensive. Being an electronics engineer with a PhD in IT, I agree, apple really sucks. Its all ads and hype. Indeed, education should be affordable, as they say. But of course, some school officials was bribed by apple for this year so, hehe hahah. That’s apple gimmick, bribe everyone to carry your crapple.

  5. nadine says:

    kelan kaya to? released na yung Note 3 eh although not officially. Kaexcite!:)

  6. nadine says:

    october 10, 2013 irerelease daw to sa other countries, satin po kaya? :)

  7. Andrei says:

    Still no news about when this will be released in the Philippines? It’s already on sale in the US, UK, and Singapore if i’m not mistaken. I’ve also asked the sales reps at many Samsung Mobile shops around Metro Manila and they’re all clueless.

    Waiting sucks.

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