Samsung NC10 Netbook

Samsung NC10 Netbook

The big-named brands are catching up with the bandwagon and this time, it’s Samsung that’s just came out with their own netbook — the 10-inch Samsung NC10.

At least they know that the 7-inch and 9-inch netbook market has already been won by Asus and friends. The 10-inch netbook though is still a battle to be won and the Samsung NC10 looks like a good contender.

samsung nc10


Has 10.2″ display screen (1024×600) running an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 80-160GB HDD, 1.3MP webcam, memory card reader, WiFi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth. Totes a 6-cell battery that could last up to 8 hours (allegedly).

samsung nc10

Only available OS is Windows XP Home. Expected price is north of Php25,500 and could be available next month. Aside from the white and black finish, they have one in metallic-blue which looks nice (could be similar to Acer Aspire One).

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42 Responses

  1. Calvin says:

    you forgot to mention its anti-bacterial keyboard. :P

  2. Alex says:

    I wanna buy this, so sa October pa pla mgging available to? :(

  3. Nikko says:

    Wow, another nice contender for the 10″ netbook. Ok so now there’s 3 to choose from :( lenovo, samsung, msi. Oh boy

  4. Jhoanna says:

    Can’t wait to try this one out. I hope it’s better than the Asus Eee 1000H whose touchpad isn’t that great.

  5. Randy says:

    Only available OS is Windows XP Home? FAIL!

  6. Joy says:

    I’ve been looking at the pictures of it on the net and the only edge I could think that the NC10 has is its keyboard – at least the right shift is not in an awkward layout like the 1000h.


    You can always download your favorite Linux distro for free. Most Linux distros already have versions for netbooks and drivers should be at the manufacturers website so it should not be a problem.

    Probably a OS less version would be nice minus 5000 pesos.

  7. kouji says:

    looks promising. will just have to wait for the actual price, i guess. :)

  8. felipe says:

    Is this already out in the market? Where do can I find one and how much? I PMd PC Corner gazillion of times but they won’t answer me.

  9. felipe says:

    available na ‘to? where can i find one?

  10. nina says:

    hi there! where can i find this? do you have any idea where specifically i can find this unit and how much is the cost of it?

  11. pmv says:

    According to LaptopMag, this thing supposedly goes 7 hours. Definitely checking this out.

  12. John Ray Cabrera says:

    no information yet of its availability in the philippines? haven’t seen this yet in retail shelves.

    who is distributing samsung notebooks here. i know samsung philippines distributes consumer electronics whil FAMI(first asia mobile inc) distributes mobile phones, but i don’t know who handles notebook distribution.

    do we have any price confirmation too?

    if this is not yet available now, do we have any ETA for this?

  13. Neil says:

    it’d be great if that arrives here soon. possibly the best keyboard out there with the best netbook specs.

  14. frustphil says:

    kelan to maging availalbe sa pinas? i wanna buy one..

  15. looks great! but the price is a bit expensive

  16. rockwin104 says:

    I read very good reviews of this netbook and I am really interested in buying one. Looks like Samsung read all the negative comments on the other netbooks, capitalized on this and created a near-perfect product. I hope it will be priced lower than Php25k and be available in Cebu this month…

  17. bintRey says:

    please, anyone. kindly post when this netbook hits philippine retail shelves. even saudi arabia and dubai don’t sell it yet. uk has it only as a freebie when a contract is signed with a certain provider. i found it only at and a friend will be going to the philippines soon and i wish i could ask her to buy it for me as am still anxious about buying electronic items online.

  18. rockwin104 says:

    Does anyone know if this is already available in the Philippines? How much? Thanks!

  19. charlie says:

    who is the reseller of this unit here in the Philippines….espicifically in Cebu?

  20. rockwin104 says:

    I asked the frontdesk lady at Samsung – Ayala Cebu and Samsung – SM Cebu and both of them are not even aware that Samsung has a netbook. I was not surprised, though, since the one in Ayala carries only mobile phones, LCDs and TVs while the one in SM carries mobile phones only. I also asked the people from several PC stores in Ayala and SM and they are not familiar with Samsung NC10… I am tempted to order direct from (and the likes) but I am afraid of phising.. Hope somebody who knows where this is availabe in the Philippines can give us info… Thanks!

  21. rol says:

    yup, me too! I am so tempted to do a transaction online. Does anybody here already ordered nc10 online? maybe you could help us.

    If this unit doesn’t hit the market by jan2009, might get asus n10j, but its too pricey!

  22. BENCH says:

    i think the best thing for us to do is to wait for the time that it reach our market..palagay ko nxt year marami na nyan sa pinas at ang pricing is from 21k-23k…im also planning to get this awesome netbook bagay na bagay sakin dahil lage ako nag tratravel..

  23. Kai says:

    Hey guys, bad news I asked a technician at Samsung just yesterday. Sabi niya na Samsung doesn’t sell laptops or netbooks here in the Philippines (as of this moment. He also can’t give a definitive date as to when Samsung might decide to introduce laptops/netbooks to the market. We’re better off ordering online. Kaso lang, warranty doesn’t work here. And there is no service center available that can fix ur NC-10 if something goes wrong. =(

    If any1 has info stating otherwise pls. post! I don’t want to resort to ordering online!

  24. BENCH says:

    oh and i forgot im here in dubai nga pala and just yesterday i plan to shop around so me and my friend went to mall of the 2nd floor lang sa jumbo and at last i saw this top of the line netbook the NC10..grabe in love ako sobra kya ano magagawa ko binili ko na..1999dirhams (25,000pesos)..and im so happy talaga im writing this nga on my new black NC10..he he he

  25. eugene says:

    pls text 09185777777

  26. eugene says:

    alam ko sa tutuban meron nc10

  27. garry says:

    I just bought this NC10 last week here in riyadh as a replacement for my dell M1330 which just broke up a year after using it. It cost me 1800 SAR (23000 PHP) while the dell service and repair charge is 2500 SAR.
    I have installed office 2007 and really I am happy to have it!

  28. leigh says:

    oi, maganda ba sya tlga?..kc dto sa KR.W800,00 won so mga 30taw sa pinas…

    maganda ba sya gamitin?

  29. leigh says:

    oi, maganda ba sya tlga?..kc dto sa KR.W800,00 won so mga 30taw sa pinas…

    maganda ba sya gamitin?

    please give me advice befor buying it

  30. brylle says:

    OK sya kaso wala syang available na Windows vista..
    Windows XP home lang….san ba mabibili yan….
    kac sa davao wala akong makita n2…naks naman..

  31. edu says:

    available yan sa compex sa robs malls. may kamahalan nga lang almost 28K. sana noon pa nila binenta ito, nakabili na kasi ako ng acer one d150 with n280 atom at 5800 mh na battery. ok pa rin. sana benta nila nc120 o n310 soon so i can buy another one.

  32. chi says:

    i’m planning on buying a laptop but unable to decide yet on what model to purchase. could you pls give me any suggestion? my budget is about Php30k or more, not exceeding Php40k.

  33. liz says:

    i purchased my Samsung NC10 on April 23 via Amazon. Barely two months after using it, the unit hanged so I had to shut it down by pressing the button on the right side of the unit. Afterwards, the unit won’t start up.

    Really disappointing. I shouldn’t have tried Samsung.

  34. liz says:

    sayang sa pera

  35. ytsrik says:

    meron n ba samsung netbooks/laptops dito sa pinas? last yr p kc comments dito eh

  36. edu says:

    meron niyan sa compex store sa sm or robs. problem, naubos na agad. 27.5K and lately 25K na lang. I might buy this one or lenovo s10-2 or asus 1000HE bcoz my son wants my acer aspire one aod150. But villman is offering acer aspire one d250 for almost 24K with a free external portable dvdrw driver. what do you recommend? Thesy are all very good…

  37. mavic says:

    i also have a samsung nc-10 pink bought from HK. Super ganda ng features, and the color hehe! HK$4000. It has a magic keyboard and antibacterial. I havent seen this out in the market. Siguro nga madali maubos or net yet introduced. Sana magkaron na so that later on, magkaron na rin ng service center for this.

  38. bike says:

    i have samsung nc10 .. mas mura sa uk .. mga 17 taw lang.. mas makkamura kapag out of the country bbili kc laos na sknila nc10

  39. I think I will get a Samsung NC10, it looks really great and has good specs. Or does anybody know a notebook with similar specs?

  40. jo says:

    i have samsung nc10 which I bought in Qatar…1500Qatari Riyal so that’s around 20000 pesos lang…it is 10mos old now and i just read ung sakit ng NC10 screen monitor turns white or blank when battery is below 20% pero sa kin hindi kahit full battery nag bablank ung screen…hayyy and i found out ung warranty is not available here in phil…waahhhh san ko to ipapaasyos?

  41. Coco Reyes says:

    for sale NC10 ko 20k negotiable almost brand new pa,txt me nlang kung cno interested…09289442262

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