The Dell Studio Hybrid has arrived

The Dell Studio Hybrid has arrived

The Dell Studio Hybrid we discussed in July was actually announced together with the Inspiron Mini last Wednesday but didn’t get as much attention as expected.

When we saw the prototypes months ago, the design, color options and finish looked cool. However, the ones that I saw during the launch were a bit disappointing.

dell studio hybrid

The outer casing is basically just a glossy acrylic capsule which allows one unit to have the colors inter-changeable (although I think you only get one color per unit).


dell studio hybrid

The unit has a couple USB ports, a built-in WiFi, a slot-loading CD/DVD drive and a 3-in-1 card reader in front. Internal specs will vary from a Dual Core to Core 2 Duo with up to 4GB of RAM and 320GB of HDD. OS option is only Windows Vista.

dell studio hybrid

Dell or its PR was unable to comment when asked for pricing but based on Dell Direct, this could start from Php21,000 and could swell up to Php66,000 a unit (without monitors).

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5 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    21k to 66k?! I’d get a full-sized desktop PC instead.

    Now this news suddenly drops the Hybrid Studio from the top of short-list of PCs to buy next month.

  2. Yona says:


    I think the purpose here for the Dellstudio is its space saving design for cramped desks which is a premium in most (ever shrinking) offices and homes these days. It also0 uses laptop parts so although its expensive it is also a bit less energy hungry as well.

    @ jHelo and ralph

    Probably spam bots the editors should erase these guys comments.

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