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Samsung unveils the first 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM for mobile


Back in 2014, Samsung showed the world of mobile its biggest package which is at 4GB RAM. We already saw this to be adopted by a number of manufacturers and even had a 6GB RAM phone. In this game, there’s no other way but up. So…


Samsung announced the world’s first 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM package made for mobile. It utilizes four of the newly developed 10nm-class 16Gb (gigabit) LPDDR4 DRAM. It’s said to operate twice as fast at the DDR4 DRAM for PCs at 4266Mbps. It can transmit over 34GB/s data on a 64-bit memory bus.

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Realme Philippines

Thanks to the 10nm process, they were able to double the capacity of previous packages while maintaining the same amount of power consumption. The package is only 1mm tall that allows it to be stacked with UFS memory or the processor for even slimmer devices.

This new 8GB RAM module is expected to be used in a wide array of application in the mobile scene soon.


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