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Nintendo Switch is the company’s latest foray in console gaming

Nintendo has just unveiled their brand new console. As before, it’s not your typical stay-at-home console like the PS4 or Xbox One as the Japanese game maker introduces a portable gaming machine.


Dubbed as the Nintendo Switch, the console which becomes a tablet, hence the switch moniker, is the company’s vision for fun gaming after the Wii U. What’s powering the Switch is a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor that takes advantage of NVN — a new gaming API. The core unit of the console is an HD slate that has varying companions at home and when on the go.

At home, you’ll have the Nintendo Switch Dock connected to your TV. The controllers called Joy-Con are plugged into the Joy-Con Grip accessory for it to become a traditional controller. If you want to take the console out on the go, you can take the Switch and Joy-Con together. Simply slip in the Joy-Con on either side of the Switch.

It doesn’t stop there. The main display unit has a kickstand on its back, so you can rest it on a table and slide out the controllers. Additionally, the controllers have identical controls you can split it for a two player game or have friends join in with a new Switch for more players. Lastly, there’s also a traditional controller if you wish to have that, especially with massive multiplayer titles.

The console is set to launch in March 2017. It will be quite a long wait and you won’t be seeing this on shelves when doing your holiday shopping. Nintendo is working with 48 developers to release a number of titles for the Switch, including their own.


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  1. Avatar for Kalurky Kalurky says:

    The Pokemon Company confirmed they will be making games for the Switch.

  2. Avatar for Zaq Zaq says:

    Can it play Pokemon?

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