Smart to offer 32GB Nexus 7 WiFi-only under postpaid?

Smart to offer 32GB Nexus 7 WiFi-only under postpaid?

The Google Nexus 7 is now on display at the PLDT JUMP Center in MegaMall and Smart has earlier announced that they will be offering the Nexus 7 on a postpaid plan in the coming weeks.

So I checked out the Nexus 7 in the Smart Jump Center to compare with my own unit. I noticed though that the one they had on display was the 16GB WiFi-only variant and not the 32GB 3G variant.


I immediately asked some sources if the one on display will be the one that they will offer. I am told that it will be the 32GB WiFi-only variant and no 3G model will be offered. Nevertheless, the 3G variant will still arrive later on.

This could mean that the Nexus 7 postpaid plan on Smart will most probably come with a pocket WiFi plan.

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13 Responses

  1. chinitoguy says:

    I’d rather wait for the 3G variant with 32GB storage. I still prefer Globe too.

    • Amna says:

      ask ko lang regarding sa data uienmitld ng smart(2k/mos.) bawal ba tethering, push mail, watch youtube at opera mini browser? may additional charge ba? ang sinabi lang kc sken wag gumamit ng ibang browser yun lang. yun iba nabasa ko lng sa mga forum ng mga hidden charges ng smart regarding sa data uienmitld. Please confirm sa matagal na nakaunlidata plan ng smart thank you. Ayaw ko kc magulat ako sa bill ko.

  2. pHILIP says:

    same here. 3G with 32G memory. plus GLOBE service since it has no 1.5G Cap. pairing it with a pocket wifi is a hassle!

  3. mark says:

    This doesn’t make any sense at all. Why offer postpaid on a WiFi-only device?

  4. james says:

    Nexus 4!! ask your sources kung kailan tayo magkaka nexus4!!!

  5. james says:

    kakalabas lang ng 3g version sa US, sold out na, like all nexus devices. baka matagalan umabot dito un 3g ng nex7. kaya im not surprised if this is wifionly.

  6. Cxian says:

    I can’t hold myself so I ended up buying the 16GB version. lol.

    What I’m doing is I activate my Galaxy Nexus hotspot for my Nexus7 on the road is not that a hassle for me.

  7. Ryozen says:

    There’s no such 1.5gb cap in smart. I’ve been a postpaid user since July.

  8. tarush says:

    This seems to be good news for end users…

    OT. But I’m more interested in Globe and Smart offering the iPad Mini…

    iMessage is one feature I can’t live without kasi,

  9. anon123 says:

    I’m hoping globe to offer the nexus4!

  10. Mark says:

    Hey site administrator, this article has been the last article to go through your RSS feeds. I can no longer access yugatech from Google Currents or Flipboard :( this is really sad. I really like reading your tech articles, so please check this one out? Thanks a lot Yuga! :)

  11. Slap says:

    ^and i thought i was the only one having issues with my RSS feeds. please have this fixed!

  12. Mark says:

    Well, I must say Yuga, that RSS feed glitch response was pretty fast! thank you! BTW, I just want to report that a total of 6 days (Nov.16-22) were missed in your RSS feeds. Thank you again Yuga!

    now, I’m on to reading your new articles! :)

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