Nexus 7 gets Android 4.2 Jellybean update

Nexus 7 gets Android 4.2 Jellybean update

Just got the notification of an update last night with my Google Nexus 7 and found out it was for the latest Android 4.2 Jellybean.

The update was about 80MB in size and was done in less than 15 minutes.


Announced a couple of weeks ago, Android 4.2 (still codenamed Jellybean) introduced a lot of improvements and fixed a number of bugs from 4.1.2. A complete list of what’s new with Android 4.2 are listed here.

There was a few cosmetic changes in the UI of the Nexus 7, which includes a panel shortcut for the dropdown menu. The panel also includes a profile tile that represents the logged in user (which now supports multiple profiles).

Google also rolled out the same Android 4.2 update to the Galaxy Nexus yesterday.

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11 Responses

  1. Boy Butet says:

    Got mine updated, I hope mawala na yun quick line flicking appearance kapag pangit yun wifi connection.

  2. Cxian says:

    It feels that my Nexus 7 is more faster after updating to 4.2.

    I hope Google will open its PlayStore to sell music, movies, books and magazines to Philippines soon.

  3. sam says:

    My initial impressions after a few hours after the upgrade:
    * Default font used throughout the system looks better and more refined
    * System feels much faster
    * Clock looks weird as it uses a bold font for the hour and normal font for the minutes. I hope there’s a way to change this.
    * Photo Sphere doesn’t work and using panorama crashes the gallery
    * Built-in PDF viewer crashes on load
    * A couple of apps crash

  4. Aaron says:

    failed i don’t not get the update. on both of my device galaxy nexus and nexus 7

  5. sam says:

    I was able to force the update following these steps:
    1. Turn off WiFi
    2. Go to Settings, then Apps. Under All, search for the Google Services Framework and click it.
    3. Clear cache and data.
    4. Reboot your device.
    5. After reboot, turn on WiFi.
    6. Go to Settings, then About. Check for updates.

  6. bleach says:

    I agree, the clock font and size is ugly. Photo sphere will not work with Nexus 7’s built in crappy camera (what do you expect with a 1.3 megapixel, LOL). When taking pictures, it work best when used in well lit places.

    No problem so far with the games, tested temple run, FL commandos, jetpack joyride… did not experienced any crashes.

  7. bleach says:

    Spoke too soon, Firefox and Chrome now crashes after the update to 4.2.

  8. Leo says:

    sir medyo humina ung sound sa speakers kahit full level na, im listening to music using the speakers laki ng hinina after the update..

  9. Boy Butet says:

    Mine crashes big time also in some apps, and it seems that my screen suddenly had a low light auto brightness adjustment problem.

  10. keipz says:

    Regarding Philippines emergency call, does it display Emergency Call when you dial 117? or just number is being displayed? Hope to get feedback on those who have SS Nexus. Thanks

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