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Testing out a new Opteron Server

Just got the new dedicated server rolled out today and I’m in a rush to set it up. Will be moving this blog once I’m done just to see how this rig burns:

AMD Dual Opteron 248
2 x 160GB SATA HDD
2 Terabytes bandwidth
CentOS 3.4 + cPanel

Will take a couple more days to patch things up and have this ready to take over the growing site.

I should be done before I hit the waves this Saturday. *heh*

This is basically the 2nd dedicated server we got for all the blogs and sites we maintain. :) Next step, get them advertisers to sign up for the whole year and let them pay for all these expenses.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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9 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    nice… I hope the MySQL setup can run out of RAM.

  2. vespinoy says:

    uy got it na pala.
    i hope this one speeds things up for MCP.

    yup, we have to concentrate on the advertisers now.

  3. Jolo says:

    Abe, did you find that last person to set up a server with RoR?

  4. Jolo says:

    I mean to convince you about settin up RoR. ;D

  5. emerson says:

    how auspicious. i’ve just filed a ticket asking for shell access. one of the reasons: para makagamit ng RoR. turns out you guys don’t support RoR. yet. (hehe)

    i was also about to write about my recent rails training and how pitiful no localhost seems to be supporting it, but ploghost is so cool and cutting edge that it just might pretty soon :)

    please please please consider installing rails in this new server :) ploghost is turning out to be my favorite host ever.

  6. yuga says:

    One reason why we’re not yet comfortable with RoR is that we don’t have enough technical knowledge about it.

    We just can’t provide it and then not able to help support customers if they have problems. hehehe :D (Same reason we delayed rolling provisions for ASP/.NET a year ago.)

    Hopefully, we can do that by next month.

  7. Little Wolf says:

    Wow! Sana may pera rin akong pambili ng dedicated server. hehe…
    hm.. wala sa plans ko pag-aralan yung .net, yung RoR na lang siguro. :D
    anyway, sana nga may pera na ko para ma-afford ko din plans nyo sa ploghost. in other words, I need to find a job first.. -_-

  8. emerson says:

    hmm. sad. but very smart. my last major employer had portal dreams and failed to account for hidden support costs that came with projects that have large scopes.

    maybe i can wait til then. i’m going to work on some projects soon, and this time they won’t be charity cases like iblog2 :)

  9. Jolo says:

    Well, for now that’s not really a major priority I guess…. but I’m looking forward.

    Summer! =)

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