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TG Averatec N1000 Mini Laptop

Some laptop manufacturers like TG (and their Averatec brand) doesn’t seem to want to ride in the netbook label so they’re calling their own versions as a mini-laptop despite the fact that features are just the same.

TG Averatec N1000 has some design similarities with the MSI Wind U100, even the specs are the same too:

Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270
10.2″ display screen
WiFi 802.11 b/g
1.3 MP webcam
4-in-1 card reader
MS Windows XP Home

tg mini laptop

The TG Mini laptop has a retail price of Php23,900 and boasts of 5 hours of battery life (possibly 6-cell).

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21 Responses

  1. Leojay says:

    Wow! great specs and price, where can we buy this brand?

  2. calvin says:

    mukhang Wind clone nga. although mukhang mas malaki pa rin keypads ng Wind.

  3. TechPinas says:

    Looks a lot like the Wind — but the body looks a bit sleeker.

    The Wind is a tad plastic-ky, if this feels more solid then I guess its a steal.

    Can’t wait to hold it. :)

  4. jhay says:

    Not bad, for the almost the same price, you could get a regular Compaq C765TU laptop. Just like mine, ;)

  5. Beau Rudd says:

    you get can get them at pcbroker

  6. John Ray Cabrera says:

    this has been all over Gilmore shops. if you fare it side by side by the Wind, the only apparent difference would be the dashboard, near LCD hinge. other than that, the specs are but the same. is it because it’s also made by Quanta as most notebooks are? do they have the same hardware componentes as well? because if they do, the drivers and patches found on the MSI site would also work with Averatec units.

    i also happen to notice one NEC laptop that looks like an MSI laptop at the Columbia in Megamall.

  7. crestfallen says:

    wind rebadged?

  8. churocket says:

    it is actually a wind with an averatec logo. they rebranded it for the USA market as far as i know.

  9. mayee says:

    it looks like suitable for korean market. look at that keyboard. xD

  10. hi all our company selling this brand for only P16800. check our site http://www.itechmobile.sulit.com.ph

  11. were selling it for P16800 check our website

  12. Hi sir, says:

    hi sir, does the averatec N1000 have a wireless card already installed?

  13. blade says:

    this is first notebook. i choosed it because its so small and versetile…


    1. small and handy
    2. good processing speed
    3. nice ergonamics
    4. big hard drive space


    1. no cd rom
    2. short battery life

  14. Rose says:

    hi sir, does the averatec N1000 have a wireless card already installed?

  15. jenny says:

    i love my averatec mini….enjoying it so much…where could i buy a 6 cell battery? my 3 cell cant stay long enough…

  16. karen says:

    I bought an averatec n1130 , i had a very bad experience on this brand. I thought korean brands was a good quality. I also noticed that there is no NTC sticker at the back. It heats up. and the wifi cannot connect immediately.

  17. Bhugun Belal says:


    i have recently bought a TG Averatec N1000,

    was working fine for a week but then, when i switch it on, nothing happens except the power LED.

    can anyone help me please.

    [email protected]



  18. Jay says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen from for the TG Averatec N1000 Mini Laptop?

  19. Radge says:

    Where can i buy a battery replacement for this?

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