Video: 5 Casual Gaming Laptops For Under Php40,000

Video: 5 Casual Gaming Laptops For Under Php40,000

School has started a month ago and some might still be looking for a capable laptop that can handle important tasks like working on MS Office, programming, and photo or video editing, to name a few. Although students have to be productive on their notebooks, using it for some casual gaming won’t hurt. And if you’re wondering what notebooks can do the said task within a reasonable budget, here are some recommendations.


So there you have it, five laptops that won’t break the bank, but capable enough to meet your productivity and casual gaming needs. If you have suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    This is a great list. But once you’ve gone SSD, you’ll never go back to HDD.

  2. djdelarosa25 says:

    My Dell Inspiron 7447 with a GTX 850M was bought for 33K on PCX and it crushes all laptops on that list.

    • Vincent says:

      I think you mean ALMOST all of the laptops on this list. You seriously want to pit your dell 7447 against the MSI GL62 that clearly has a stronger GPU, newer CPU, better RAM and comes with a steel series keyboard? The 7447 is good but not GL62 good.

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