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Camera Shoot-out Results: ASUS Zenfone Zoom vs LG G4

We released the Camera Blind Test for the ASUS Zenfone Zoom and LG G4 a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to reveal the result to see which one is the better imaging device based on your votes.

For this Blind Test the ASUS Zenfone Zoom is A while the LG G4 is B with 12 poll sets. The results below:

Poll category: Winning device
Outdoor – General Shot: LG G4
Outdoor – Exposure: LG G4
Outdoor – Exposure (2): LG G4
Outdoor – Greens: Zenfone Zoom
Outdoor – HDR: Zenfone Zoom
Outdoor – Macro: Zenfone Zoom
Outdoor – Saturation: Zenfone Zoom
Outdoor – Night: LG G4
Indoor – General Shot: LG G4
Indoor – Zoom A: LG G4
Outdoor – Night (2): LG G4
Video Quality: Zenfone Zoom

Overall Winner: LG G4

The LG G4 which launched in 2015 is the winner of this blind test, winning 7 out of the 12 polls, while the ASUS Zenfone Zoom won 5 polls.


The LG G4 proved to be better by miles when it comes to Outdoor – General Shot, Outdoor – Night, Indoor – General, Indoor – Zoom A, and Outdoor – Night (2).

The Zenfone Zoom, although lost the polls, won in terms of Outdoor – Greens, Outdoor – HDR, Outdoor – Macro, Outdoor – Saturation, and Video Quality.

Results are close when it comes to Outdoor – Exposure, and Outdoor – Exposure (2), but the G4 still emerged the most voted.

That said, the G4 seems to be a solid imaging device overall even at night, while the Zoom looks to be a better performer when it comes to videos and outdoor shooting where conditions are bright.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. Stefan says:

    G4 user here. The camera, especially manual mode, is superb! If you do it right, it can produce more quality-looking photos than the top flagships of today. ????

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