Camera Shoot-out Results: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s the successor versus the predecessor. A few weeks ago we also pitted the new launched Samsung Galaxy S7 against the one year old Samsung Galaxy S6 to see who has the better camera. Has Samsung really improved on its mobile imaging technology in its new flagship compared to the last? Find out by checking the shoot-out results below.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Total poll sets: 12

Poll category: Winning device
Outdoor – General Shot: Galaxy S6
Outdoor – HDR: Galaxy S6
Outdoor – General Shot 2: Galaxy S7
Outdoor – Contrast: Galaxy S6
Outdoor – Greens: Galaxy S7
Outdoor – Close Up: Galaxy S6
Indoor – Food: Galaxy S7
Indoor – Colors: Galaxy S7
Indoor – Flash: Galaxy S6
Indoor – Low Light: Galaxy S7
Indoor Low Light 2: Galaxy S7
Video Quality: Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 – 7
Samsung Galaxy S6 – 5

Overall winner: Samsung Galaxy S7

Based on readers’ votes, the new flagship Galaxy S7 is the better imaging device compared to last year’s Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S7 is better by miles when it comes to Outdoor – General Shot 2, Outdoor – Greens, Indoor – Food, Indoor – Low Light, Indoor Low Light 2, and Video Quality.

The Galaxy S6, on the other hand, received way more votes when it comes to Outdoor – HDR and Outdoor – Contrast.

Votes are close in Outdoor – General Shot, Outdoor – Close Up, and Indoor – Flash in favor of the Galaxy S6 except for Indoor – Colors where the Galaxy S7 is better.

You can read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 here.

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