Canon Ixus 80: Back to Small and Handy

Canon Ixus 80: Back to Small and Handy

My very first camera was a Canon Ixus 30 I bought for Php21k over 5 years ago. Since then, I moved up to the dSLR (Canon EOS 40D) and have been a loyal Canon user. Sometimes though, I find dSLRs too bulky and heavy for casual use so I thought I’d go back to a pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera.

Something cheap, not too fancy but does the job real well. So when I made the stop-over at South Korea last week and saw the gadget sale, I grabbed one of them cheap Ixus models — the Canon Ixus 80is.

canon ixus


It’s an old 8.0MP model and there are many new ones that are out in stores already but this unit gets you the best bargain. I won’t do a full review but here are some reasons I like this model of Canon’s range of point-and-shoots.

canon ixus canon ixus canon ixus

  • The Ixus 80 is relatively cheap in its class. I got mine at around $168 (~Php7,896) after discounts/rebates. (Locally, I think it’s around Php13k.)
  • The 8 megapixel output is just right and can print up to size A3 (around the size of a long bond paper, 11.7×16.5″).
  • Great picture quality for a point-and-shoot. I liked the quality of the digital macro function — it’s something I tried with so many other cameras but couldn’t get the same output quality as the Ixus. The image stabilizer is also a good addition especially for shaky hands.
  • It’s thin enough and lightweight that you won’t be bothered to always have it in tow anywhere you go.

The point-and-shoot allows me to take easy and quick shots during those candid moments. It’s also useful for taking discreet photos where a dSLR would be too obvious and distracting.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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20 Responses

  1. ernie says:

    Wow but I want the new Sony cybershot t700 I want a touch screen hahahaha

    Im just wonderin’ why there’s no wifi in digital camera*

  2. koolitz says:

    A4 you mean not A3…A3 i guess is 2x of A4

  3. Yvon Thea says:

    May kasali bang memory card? I want to have a new digital camera that is handy because I hate carrying bulky things. I even changed my cellphones to slimmer models.

  4. yuga says:

    @ernie – there’s an EyeFi wifi card that you plug in the SD card slot. There are some models too that have wifi but not too many people really want that feature added to the final price of the unit.

    @koolitz- A3 is correct but it should be bigger than a bond paper at 11.7 x 16.5″ in dimension.

  5. yuga says:

    @yvon thea – came with a 32MB card by default but the store gave away an additional 2GB card.

  6. crestfallen says:

    i want one! :p

  7. wh@ says:

    i want a cybershot with smile function. para astig..
    pero pwde po ba sha sa maavail gamit BDO DEBIT CARD.. un mura lang po at sakto sa budget..
    pero nag iisip ako kung un talaga or un Cokies nalang ng LG… pls help. thanks

  8. Obed says:

    ganda niya parekoy…gusto ko magkaroon niyan ya lang ala pera….hmp..tiis muna sa vga cam ng cp ko..nyak..wawa naman ako….sniff

  9. Ed says:

    nice choice on the colorway..

    @ernie – my girlfriend is about to buy the t700. i used to have the sony n1 which was the first touch screen about 2-3 years ago (i think..). it had some cool features but i wasnt used to the feeling of a touch screen yet. maybe i’ll beat my girlfriend to it and buy the t700 before she does haha

  10. nice phone.. 80IS here in Manila is around 18K.. wow.. Sokor got a very nice bargain! I juts bought the Ixu90IS (10MP) for 22K..

    Canon still the best one out there! love the Face detection feature!!


  11. Snow says:

    Yeah I agree, mine is a canon ixus75 and it’s really nice for the not so techie person like me because i don’t have to tinker a lot of things to make it work. Nice choice! :)

  12. calvin says:

    mahal talaga digicam dito sa pinas. i got my nikon s10 for 10k sa US when it was selling for 20k sa malls dito. i’m happy with my S10, talagang pangdiscreet shooting. hehehe. May 10x optical zoom pa.

  13. jhay says:

    Maybe I should get my own point-and-shoot too? For now, my K800i does the job quite well.

    Besides, I’m a glutton for torture as I always lug around my dSLR whenever possible. I really need to keep on practicing my shooting skills.

  14. JIRO YAN says:

    I Dont have Digital Camera.. i Lost it

  15. Mas okay naman talaga ang maliliit na cam. Portable.

    Hirap kumuha ng vanity pics using an SLR. Tatamaan na ang ilong ng lente.

  16. paul says:

    wow! that’s a real bargain… cheapest i saw @ is 11k.

    recently bought a digicam too. had a budget of only 9k, so i got myself the sony cybershot dsc-w120. got good reviews @ & quite happy with it too. :-)

  17. ZJ Morales says:

    Abe, this is so old, it’s been around Japan for a couple of months now, it takes the name IXY there, but the same looks.

  18. may ganyan me kaso yung japanese version(Canon Ixy digital 20is).

    18000 yen nya nakuha kasi matagal na rin sa japan ito eh.

    salamat sa friend ko na hapon..

  19. koolitz says:

    for me it is closer to the size of two (8×11)short bond paper :-)

  20. wow, you got that camera at a relatively cheap price! naiinggit ako sa na-save mong money! I got that same model, in pink color naman (pa-gurl!), first month of release, so very mahal pa! mga 18K sa SM Makati. My very first digital camera. I still have it til this day. I like the convenience that comes along with it, and very good quality. I also like the digital macro feature, I use it most of the time esp in getting flower images. Itong gadget na to ang bestfriend ko sa aking travel blog :)

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