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Results: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6 Camera Blind Test

We received over 7,000 votes from over 1,000 voters in our last Camera Blind Test between the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S6. Here are the results.

For reference, the Galaxy S6 is B and the iPhone 6S is A. We summarize below the top choices in different scenarios.

Close-up Shot: iPhone 6S wins over the Galaxy S6 by a very small margin of just 4%.

Typical outdoor in daylight: Galaxy S6 wins at 76% of the votes.

Dynamic Range: Galaxy S6 wins by a landslide 81% of the votes.

Indoor Low Light Shot: iPhone 6S wins slightly at 55% over the Galaxy S6 at 45%.

Night Shot: Galaxy S6 wins at 55% over the iPhone 6S at 45%.

Low-light with Flash: iPhone 6S wins slightly at 55% over the Galaxy S6 at 45%.

Video Recording: Galaxy S6 wins an overwhelming 82% of the votes.

Over-all winner: Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S are statistically tied when it comes to low-light performance with variance just hovering at 10% between the two.

Where the Galaxy S6 won by huge margins is with dynamic range and video recording. Check back the sample shots here.

Next blind test: Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs. iPhone 6S Plus.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. PMR says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would vote A for low light with flash. It’s definitely washed out and out of focus. B on the other hand has lots of details.

  2. What a joke photo comparison… Most people choose the fake high saturation colors of galaxy. of course, the more richer colours, the better on our eyes. so people will choose most likely what looks better even if iphone actually had truer colors. Lowlight photo on galaxy had soft haze-like glows while iphone had none. You can actually use post processing techniques by using photo editors to enhance contrast and brightness of photos. So iphone photos appear to have raw and real colors compare to galaxy.

    • PMR says:

      You can always use the RAW output of S6 (.dng format) if you don’t want its “fake high saturation colors.”

    • asdlajlakdja says:

      “iPhone Fan Boy na walang Iphone Alert”

    • Pete says:

      Tagalugin mo na lang, pare. Medyo masakit sa mata yun Grammar mo. You’re the joke.

    • AndrewBoniPassion says:

      hindi masamang magtagalog at magmumukha ka lang katawa-tawa kung ipipilit mo ang “kahusayan” mo sa pagsulat sa wikang ingles. punyeta!

    • Dwight says:

      I don’t need to be gramatically perfect to voice-out my opinion… people who think they’re smart because they look at grammar make them the bigger foundation and institution of idiocracy…

    • Dwight says:

      It is better to create something that others criticize than create nothing and criticize others…. Somebody said…

  3. Pat says:

    But android is for peasants said the iphone fangay

  4. Nt says:

    Lmao look at all these immature android users. You don’t see a single iOS user on the comment bashing but 2-3 android users are. Show that the age group of android are between 5-10 years old insecure kids.

  5. Dwight says:

    If you can’t understand my english, may be your brain is the bigger joke… Haha – was expecting…

  6. Dwight says:

    This photo comparsion is as best as my grammar from my last post…. Haha..

  7. Dwight says:

    Another thing, why compare a 16 mp camera resolution versus a 12 mp camera?

    • DG says:

      Resolution doesn’t matter as photos appear clearer or dull base on the senaor, if you know what I mean, mr/ms genius?

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