Last minute shopping at Changi Airport

Last minute shopping at Changi Airport

Yup, I’m homeward bound. Just got off a one hour plane trip from Jakarta and we’re hanging out shopping at the Changi Airport in Singapore.

Changi Airport Singapore


This is prolly one of the nicest airports I’ve ever been and shops are all over! It’s also the first airport that has free wifi everywhere, which allowed me to do some email checking and a little blogging. They also have PC terminals where passengers can use to surf the net or play games though the sign says to limit usage at 15 minutes per person.

We won’t be boarding until around 6PM so we have several hours ’til we fly again. Will be in Manila just before midnight, I guess.

It’s also good to talk to people who are good in speaking English. So, ok, I’m off to do more gadget shopping here.

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13 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    Good in English, or Singlish?

  2. The Ca t says:

    Clean and big. They have dayrooms and checked-in for carry-on so you can roam around without carrying the heavy luggage.

    You could have taken advantage of the City tour.
    Free snacks. meron pa ba yon?

  3. Alpesh says:

    Free wifi? Last year I had to pay for it!
    Good for you.
    You must be on board now :-)

  4. vespinoy says:

    Changi is the best! well the best ive been to so far, the new HK airport is really really nice as well.

  5. ajay says:

    You should go to Singa more often then;) and you should have tried the airport’s swimming pool too?!

  6. kutitots says:

    La ba tayo dyang pasalubong? Hehe :D

  7. Kiven says:

    Ingat, Sir Abe. Xmas BlogMeet!

  8. lemuel says:

    beautiful airport. will be checking out vietnam’s airport this week

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