Video: Nokia thinks DSLR should retire

Video: Nokia thinks DSLR should retire

It is true that Nokia creates the best camera smartphone but saying that DSLR should say goodbye? That is indeed very debatable.

Since the PureView 808, Nokia made a stand regarding the megapixel race. A 41-megapixel in a phone chassis, even though fat, is a great achievement. Even until now, the PureView 808 is a very capable camera phone despite running on an obsolete software.


Incorporating Windows Phone 8 and Optical Image Stabilization plus newer hardware made the Nokia Lumia 1020 a worthy successor. Don’t forget the Lumia Black update that makes its image algorithms better. So can it replace your DLSR when travelling?


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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33 Responses

  1. Johnny Daniels says:

    Mobile phone replacing my DSLR? I don’t think so.

  2. Adam Carte says:

    The Nokia ad is misleading. Just because it’s 41mp doesn’t mean it has the full capability of a DSLR.

  3. natsu says:

    walang sinabi yang 41 megapixel ng lumia 1020 sa 10 megapixel ng panasonic lumix lx7.

  4. dj0502 says:

    The ad is misleading. Nokia is targeting the people who purchases DSLR cameras but do not know how to use them properly, where they end up having nearly the same results as a point and shoot, but it’s not as obvious in this video.

    However, as most photographers will agree, the best camera is the camera with you. And that is where the value of the Lumia 1020 comes in, as you do not always bring a camera but you almost always bring your smartphone with you.

  5. jake says:

    Ang target ng nokia dito is yung mass people. Karamihan naman sa gumagamit ng dslr wala naman pakilam sa mga features nito.

  6. wew says:

    maganda ang lumia 1020 sa mga nakadslr pero parang bling bling lng naman kung isuot sa leeg hahaha

  7. hi says:

    Isipin nyo nga idea lang yan ng nokia bobo nyo pakialam ko ba sa bulky na dslr nyo yan gamitin nyo kung gusto nyo ang babaw ng utak nyo kasi sa totoo lang kung kayang i match naman talaga ang puc quality sa dlsr eh dapat talaga iretire na ang dslr lalo na pag pwede pa lagyan ng ext lens ang mga phones.

    • wew says:

      “sa totoo lang kung kayang i match naman talaga ang puc quality sa dlsr eh dapat talaga iretire na ang dslr” ang tanong, kaya ba talaga?hahaha

    • natsu says:

      patingin nyo po muna yang mata nyo sa espesyalista baka may komplikasyon.

    • john says:

      siguro medyo comparable ang kuha ng lumia 1020 at sa mga DSLR kapag sa daylight. pero sa lowlight mas maraming advantage and DSLRs. sobrang laki ng sensors nila kaya pwede kang gumamit ng high ISO’s kaya mas maliwanag at sharp parin ang results ng pictures nila. madami ring lens choices available kapa mas magiging creative ka sa pagkuha ng litrato :) di nga kayang palitan ng mga professional point n shoot cameras ang DSLRs, yung smartphone pa kaya?

    • Carlo says:

      Tell me when your Lumia can shoot at f/1.4 and produce creamy bokeh.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    Anybody who thinks that the Lumia 1020 is a good-enough DSLR replacement is a total noob

    Focus Acquisition on fast moving subjects – Not even close

    Detail to Noise Ratio @ EVERY ISO level – Not even close

    On-The-Fly Quick access buttons – Not Even close

    Lens choices, Lens choices, lens choices – huh?

    MEGAPIXEL is just a tiny part of the equation

    • titi says:

      titi mo.

      hoy tangina mong barbero ka.

      pano mo nalaman na ganyan nga ang 1020 ha?

      edi ba sinusumpa mo ang wp8 na platform?

      pano mo nasabi e e nakagamit ka na ba ha. e kung sasabhin mo na nakagamit ka meaning user ka pala ng wp8.


      ulol ka.

    • Carlo says:

      I’ve used a 1020, and my full frame DSLR shits on it.

  9. wew says:

    pede cguro pamalit sa entrylevel point-and-shoot cameras…pero dslr?hahaha

    • haha says:

      funny, kasi most people who has DSLR doesn’t even know how to properly use it. i think what nokia is doing is just to show the people na instead buying professional cameras (na di mo naman namamaximize ung capabilities) eh mag nokia lumia 1020 ka nlng. which is far better that the other cameras out there..

    • wew says:

      yup i know…d naman kita cinocontradict ah misleading lng kase ung commercial para xempre sa marketing purposes pero kung yan ang pinaparating ng commercial eh tama ka naman talaga.

  10. Tadah says:

    It’s about time normal people abbandon the DSLR fad and just use their smartphones (not tablets) for “point and shoot”. Leave the DSLR to the professionals (people who make a living out of photography).

  11. 1020 says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020’s target market is for people who wants best photos that are “DSLR-like”, in short, NOT PROFESSIONAL photographers.

    “Hello Nokia Lumia 1020”: It addresses the issue that people would have to buy costly DSLR’s just for the sake of getting that great picture when you can just buy it for less and at the same time embedded on a phone.

    “Goodbye SLR”: Does an SLR have the capability of being a mobile phone, connect to the internet and run apps? NO. So for persons that are on the go, what would you choose to have? I’d say I’ll go of course with the phone.

  12. abuzalzal says:

    Wawa naman ang Nokia, Couldn’t they offer something else to the consumers?

    Camera this , camera that, Megapixel this, Megapixel that… letse

    Well-rounded package na ang hanap ng tao sa mga premium smartphones ngayon, and that is :

    1. Good Specs
    2. App Choices
    3. Update / Aftersales Support
    4. Aesthetics/design
    5. Camera
    6. Good Integration of software features

    Eh iisa lang pinanga-ngalandakan ng Nokia eh, yung Samsung at Apple halos lahat na..They have to ask themselves this : ”WHY THE FUCK ARE WE FAILING IN THE HIGH-END SEGMENT”?

    In the early to mid 2000’s, NOKIA got away with almost everything as long as maganda yung camera, binibili ng tao dahil..uhm NOKIA….

    Makes me wonder why they keep on employing the same marketing gimmickry when camera-centric phones are just reduced to niches right now.

    People want more out of their smartphones!

    • jp says:

      They are just capitalizing on their market established strength, which is the camera. Otherwise, hindi nila kayang lumaban sa ibang aspects ng smartphone. Mabuti nga buhay pa ang Nokia. Unlike the Blackberry, nilalangaw ang booth nila sa SM Megamall Cyberzone.

    • abuzalzal says:

      And By doing that, mukhang na-infect na rin ang kamalasan ni Steve Ballmer sa MS mobile division.

      it’s definitely high time for them to offer something ”mind-blowingly diferent” to the electronic consumers.

      The camera/Megapixel card is getting old. A photographer will take his best cam with him (no matter how bulky it is) if wants to take photos.

      There’s no such thing as a GREAT 2 in 1 device, horses for courses.

    • wew says:

      @abuzalzal alam mo naman ung lumia 1520 diba?sa tingin ko naman eh nakuha nya lahat ng mga nilista mo maliban sa app choices kasi nasa windows na un…pero di naman permanent ang lack of apps eh mawawala din yang problema na yan in the next years.

  13. Anina says:


    Nag yayabang nanaman Nokia…Nagyabang na nga sila noon masyado kaya ayun bumagsak..

    Then came another mayabang player “microsoft” then acquired Nokia…LLuamalabas nanaman totoong kulay ni Nokia…

    I have to admit na maganda functions ng camera ni 1020…DSLR like functions ika nga..

    But quality? way off parin comapred to modern aged DSLRs…

    Lense at Sensor palang di na sila magkatapat eh…

    Point and shoot baka pede na i replace nito…but DSLR? I dont think sooo…

  14. damarkcus says:

    C’mon Nokia dont dream too much a 41 megapixel camera is not enough to say goodbye to a DSLR sa Lens and Sensor wala pa kayo eh .. you might have the best camera on the smartphone category but pleaaasseeeee dnt compare your self on the DSLR segment… even PRO’s will not agree pwede pa siguro doon sa mga di marurunong gumamit ng DSLR

  15. cranium says:

    Go home Nokia. Ur fuckin drunk.

  16. Dazed_32 says:

    DSLR pa rin.

  17. Nokia says:

    Really Nokia? Nakakatawa na Nokia pa nagsabe nito hehe. Epic Fail with Giant Hand Face Palm.. x_x

  18. cunning linguist says:

    Too many ignorant comments here hurting their DSLR pride. If I only know, you guys haven’t used a Nokia Lumia 1020 at all.

    The 41mp camera in a 1020 has been readily available for YEARS since the last full blown Symbian smartphone by Nokia. If Nokia’s R&D is steady, what killer shit must they have in their sleeves right now? Prolly an APS-C sized sensor on a smartphone!

    Megapixels isn’t everything, but Nokia has set the bar on what the standards a smartphone should have later, imagine where Nokia would be when the rest of the brands have just put in a killer camera on their phones like the 1020 has. The sad shit is that, the 1020 is gaining ground on every consumer level DSLRs. The DSLR will still be there, it’s barely innovating, but it will be for the professionals. It is daft to think that a smartphone will suffice for a mag photoshoot.

    Disclaimer: I own a full frame camera with an array of lens, an Xperia Z1 and a Nokia Lumia 1020. Let go of your pride, come on.

    • Nokia says:

      Hmmm… I also own a DSLR but not a professional photographer. I’m just a hobbyist who loves to take macro shots of wildlife.

      I’m using a macro lense adaptor, I need a very fast shutter speed because im shooting at very near distance of my subject and i dont want my pic to be blurry because of mild movement(my hand or my subject).

      Then I need a high aperture so that i can have a reasonable DOF. I need a special flash for this because with the above settings sure na madilim na ang shot. I can choose to have a slight higher ISO to compensate with this.

      Hmmmm, I dont think the nokia so called camera can give me a decent shit unlike the DSLR..

      Sir, not all owners of DSLR knows what they’re doinh with a DSLR. I hope you’re not one of them.

      So olease tell me if I can do that kind of shot using a Nokia camera, and Im happy to try it out. Peace…

    • Nokia says:

      And Im not talking of normal macro shots. Im talking about a very tiny ant or mosquito in a pic where you can see their tiny hair and eyes. Macro shots like in 500px..

      Im really curious if a so called nokia camera can do this

      Or maybe lets try a more simple portrait shot but with good Bokeh background. Can it do that?

      If not…

  19. memes says:

    I was intrigue with the tile of you blog that’s why I did watched but when it goes further my right eyebrow keep raising.. hahah.. I would say no no no.. DSLR still the best of all! Nokia its okay.. keep dreaming..

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