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BoBCast Episode 6: Barney in Punta Fuego

Band of Bloggers Podcast, Episode 6: Barney in Punta Fuego (Special Travel Edition)
Hosted by: Jose Maria Vicente Fernandez & Abraham Olandres
Guests: Maria Aileen Apolo, Sharon Manuel & Enrique Vicente Mossesgeld
Time: 22 minutes, 23 secs.

Show Notes:

Would you read your blog if you’re just a blog reader?
News today is that journalists are getting killed. Will news in the future include bloggers getting killed too?
Virginia Tech Massacre
Is Technology slowly enslaving us?
Globe 3G & Smart’s upcoming HSDPA USB SIM card dongle
Barney and the last song syndrome
Do you believe in magic (Marcelle’s magic that is)?
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Thanks to our sponsors for this podcast — Marie Chua (our host at Punta Fuego) and Jun Asis of Mabuting Balita for his USB microphone. We were drinking all night so I apologize if we’re incoherent and all (ipagpatawad nyo…).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. Luis says:

    I love the background music – I just have to say that.

    Here’s a question for the next BoBcast: how long is the longest you’ve ever stayed offline?

    Another suggestion: sama ako!! ;)

    Yet another one: get BoB.com or bandofbloggers.com for a team blog! I don’t really know what the topic might be though.

  2. kidlat says:

    The background music is familiar. I think it’s the same as the one being used in the Coffeebreak Spanish podcast.

  3. Jeric says:

    Some of you sound echoey. Maybe you should be near the mic while recording?

  4. Bitekleta says:

    wow really nice episode.

    May singing pa on the side :)

    Great Episode guys!

  5. yuga says:

    Hey Luis, you’re always welcome to guest on the BobCast. Kaw lang naman always busy to join us because of your theatrical endeavors. *heh*

    @ kidlat — came in with Jayvee’s GarageBand

    @ Jeric — I was the one getting the echos. We didn’t notice that part until later na. The mic was positioned on the floor on top of our tsinelas.

    @ bitekleta — our special travel podcast will have singing on the side, kahit sintonado kami. hehehe

  6. Miguel says:

    I’ll listen to this later… but for now:
    Sharon, how did you become Sasha?
    Enrique Vicente, how did you become Ri-co? Why not Ric-e, or Ricky? :)

  7. gilbert says:

    aside from being both hilarious and informative at the same time, i like the quality of the sound. no bugs!
    hmm….a regular episode like this won’t hurt!

  8. Sasha says:

    Migs, I’d recommend you read BLOG O RAMA article. Link to it can be found here. ;)

  9. deuts says:

    ok na sana eh, kaso kumanta pa eh…..hahahahaha
    joke lang hah…. galing nga eh..:)

    keep it up guys!

  10. Aileen Apolo says:

    Full names! Heh!

    Should we start accepting song requests Abe? LOL.

  11. Jeric says:

    Yes! You need a BoBcast site now! hehehe

  12. Raul says:

    I agree with Jeric. BoBCast should have a asap :)

  13. kai says:


    Hi, i’m chika bugtas senior broadcast communication at UPd. i’m doing a thesis about philippine podcasting and i need you help. if you have time po, may i ask you to answer the ff questions po, kahit in bullet points lang po. you can email the answers at [email protected]

    thank you so much for you time. god bless!


    1. Who introduced you to podcasting? How did you discover podcasting?
    2. What are your favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
    3. What are your least favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
    4. How often do you listen to or download podcast sites?
    5. How are you able to access podcasts?
    6. Are you planning to put up your own podcast site? Why yes? Why not?
    7. In what ways do you think can podcasting benefit the Filipino society?
    8. Are there negative effects of podcasting to Filipinos? If yes, what are those?
    9. Are you aware of any issues being thrown at podcasting? What are those? (Ex. Podcasting will kill radio broadcasting)
    10. What’s your personal assessment on the status of podcasting in the Philippines?
    11. Do you think podcasting will click in the Philippines? Why?

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