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Ajay sent me the link to her recent article on Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama entitled
Podcasting in RP: will it click?.

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She quoted me in an earlier YM chat we had. Before it came out, I posted a more lengthy entry here two weeks ago just to expound on what I mentioned to her. Manuel Villoria had something to say as well… “While Pinoys love to talk and share their opinions on the air, not that many are willing to make the time to record their voice and upload it. There’s also the issue of sustainability. It takes a lot of time to produce a podcast.

Props to Manuel for his research on the first pinoy podcast. And my apologies to BatJay fro not being up to speed with his podcast. Let me subscribe to that feed. ;)

Let me add to that quote though — local podcast listeners may pick up exponentially but the podcasters may take quite a while to catch up in terms of number. There are less than 50 Pinoy podcasts right now (and I wouldn’t even use the word ‘local’ as about half of them are based outside the country.)

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  1. i started a song blog in feb of 2003. ginawa kong podcast recently. i’ve also been recording some poems and bogus breaking news in my main site for quite some time.

    it’s not that difficult if you’re not overly concerned with the quality of the sound because it’s really the content that counts.

    madali lang naman – all you need is a microphone, maybe some music and the right software.

    i now use audacity to record (recommendation ni don manuel villoria).

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