Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy Note?

So Samsung has started accepting online reservations of the Galaxy Note earlier today. Samsung is only releasing 300 units for its first shipments (you can make the online pre-order here).


The Galaxy Note is Samsung attempt to introduce a hybrid device, a market that Dell tried and failed to penetrate with its earlier Dell Streak 5. You can read out first impressions of the Galaxy Note here. Read the complete details of the pre-order mechanics here.

So our question is — are you getting the Samsung Galaxy Note?

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59 Responses

  1. oryon81 says:

    I’ll get it but I’ll wait for the price to go down..

  2. javalite says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to reach the Philippines since the IFA in Germany, but I’ll just wait for the white 32GB version, perhaps in a month or two when it’s made available. ;^)

  3. rene says:

    I want a bite of the ice cream sandwich first which is sweeter than the ginger bread…

  4. cxn says:

    No. 5″ size is too shy for being a tablet and too outrageous for being a phone.

  5. Jethro says:

    Hey Mr. Yuga will you please review the Galaxy S Wifi 5.0? I am kinda more interested in that one since I wan’t smartphone Capabilities and already have a phone that is not one, won’t the 5.0 be a very good compromise? rather than buying a smartphone?

  6. Johny says:

    Just want to know if this initial online offer is for the first batch of release for advanced buyers, when do you think the release of this phone will be the general customers in various samsung retailers?

  7. Mac says:

    nope… bad experience with their Galaxy Tab 10.1… poor after sales also

  8. NotAgain says:

    No. No more android. No, no, no…

  9. Sherwin says:

    didn’t get a confirmation message. badtrip.

  10. Edwin says:

    yes.. just did my reservation this 12 MN.. got a confirmation message already. Print na lang and yun, punta sa podium on saturday…

    @Sherwin, try mo ulet, using gmail acount. kasi una rin sa akin dalawang yahoomail accnts ginamit ko pero walang confirmation.. pero nung gmail account ginamit ko, nagsend agad :)

  11. KraM says:

    Yes i’ll getting one. . :D but ala rin ako natanggap na confirmation.

  12. Joseph says:

    I would get one but already have my playbook, just bought a netbook.. :| but if I had extra cash. I won’t hesitate.

  13. john says:

    no android please

    • john says:

      lalo na samsung.. worst manufacturer ever

    • Papapau says:

      “lalo na samsung.. worst manufacturer ever”
      – Now where did that come from? Can’t find a topic like that in google.. In fact.. this links are spread all over the web..

      “Samsung No 1 Manufacturer Overtaking Apple in Smartphone Sales”

  14. H says:

    ganda sana kaya lang nasa mindanao ako eh. BTW, nakalagay at first free at Plan 2000 pero pagclick sa Smart Read and Agree First: free at Plan 2000 plus. me “plus” na.

    anyway, i called smart, triny ko lang, they mentioned meron ding online reservation for htc sensation xe. wala pa sila ng note.

  15. ochie says:

    i saw a store at MOA last night selling this for 39,999php — nalula ako

  16. Steve Jobs says:

    Iphone 4S is the Best!!!!

    • Papapau says:

      Sino may sabi? tatay mo? classic fanboi.. go find some apple fanboi thread.. dami namang ganyan eh..

  17. cebuboy says:

    NO! not another device from a company that discriminate consumers outside Metro Manila.

  18. Marco says:

    Yes! If my budget is enough to purchase that! :D

  19. Ed says:

    Also available for Smart Plan 2000. ano kaya condition nila sa wifi hotspot?

  20. poobear says:

    the galaxy note cost not getting it coz tegra 3 is already coming out next year soo better wait for the HTC Edge.

  21. glen says:

    no and no way! A phone is small and pocketable. A tablet is big for easier reading. This is not in both criteria and for a ridiculous price. Dual core smartphone + 10 inch dual core tablet price = galaxy note price.

    Another why not: Smartphones and tablets are already quad core and running ice cream sandwich.

  22. Noob says:

    Naka reserve ako but the problem is nasa davao city area ako sa mandaluyong pala ang event. Pano kaya to?

  23. me says:

    Dapat YES or NO lang sagut nyo, wala na mang WHY sa tanong si Sir Abe.

  24. wengweng2003 says:

    Konting pilit na lng at YES n din ako :-)

  25. JRS says:

    Exactly what I need. Cross between the power of SII and the capabilities of a tablet.

  26. Esbee says:

    No, I would wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and I hope it will be available soon

  27. cc says:

    meron na nga yan sa mas mura pa

  28. raymond says:

    No, not this time.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  29. msaber says:

    not at this time.. I hate SMART! Kung GLOBE yan pwede pa!

  30. marke says:

    im selling brand new sealed samsung note, 1 year warranty. 30k.


  31. Name: jpL says:

    i reserved a unit last Nov.18, tinawagan ako ng smart service rep. Nov. 28, (i thot after 2 working days sila tatawag after the reservation) anyhoo, still i’m excited to get my new unit sa Dec.1, sana di xa umiinit like galaxy s2…

  32. jpL says:

    pumunta ako ng smart nawindang ako kasi nung tinawagan ako ng Smart Rep ala naman na mention na cash out, yun pala eh may cash out na P 7,000.00 for plan2000… hmmm, and yung isang babae sa Smart Wireless Center di alam ang Samsung galaxy note na model (bale mga more than 5mins. sya nag tanong tanong/ halungkay ng papers just ot ahve an idea of what i’m referring to)… gahhh!! Globe should have carried this instead!

  33. jpL says:

    pumunta ako ng smart nawindang ako kasi nung tinawagan ako ng Smart Rep ala naman na mention na cash out, yun pala eh may cash out na P 7,000.00 for plan2000… hmmm, and yung isang babae sa Smart Wireless Center di alam ang Samsung galaxy note na model (bale mga more than 5mins. sya nag tanong tanong/ halungkay ng papers just to have an idea of what model i’m referring to, di ba dapat updated sila?)… gahhh!! Globe should have carried this instead!

  34. pay says:

    @jpl..yes me too.. sobrang shocked ako ng sinabe saakin ng Smart Rep that they don’t have that kind of postpaid offer tapos sabe ko “are you sure?” sabe nia “yes po wala pong product ang samsung na galaxy note…” and again i was shocked! for the 2nd DAW mismo ang walang product nun ah sa pagkakaalam nia..she thinks that i might only making some stories…
    and also ur right sana globe nalang ang carrier ng S-GN…

    • jpL says:

      @pay grabe aside from that, di pa nila alam ang mechanics, di sila aware na free 1 month na subscription, asarrr talaga :(

    • cris says:

      anung plan po pede mkuha ung g-note sa smart? at mag kano po ung cash out?? help po pls.. thnx

    • pay says:

      @cris: its free for plan 3000
      and 7000PHP ang cashout for plan 2000.
      just ask nalang ang smart branch you want ask them if they have this S-GN postpaid plan. i asked about this to the SMART Customer service via email and they replied me that not all place in the philippines offered this S-GN..

    • cris says:

      @pay – un din alm ko sir.. pay 7k for the smart 2000 plan.. BTW thnx tsong. i’m still interested on this..

      anyone who tried checking Gnote sa SM north edsa??

  35. villain says:

    @jpl, @pay, question is… will globe be carrying S-GN as well?????

    • jpL says:

      sana nga…hehe

    • pay says:

      @ villain: nope..but hope soo.. na globe nalang ang carrier
      @jpl: san place ka pala? ako kc CDO. i asked the customer service via email.. why does CDO does not have S-GN..they say sooner or later SMART-CDO will also going to have this postpaid..but it’s plan 3000 not in plan sad…

  36. jpL says:

    luckily i reserved a unit (yung sa promo ng Samsung at Smart) plan 2000, a customer service rep called me free daw yung 1 month subscription and i get a freebie daw worth 1,450 (dunno, must be a protective case of some sort)… its nice and all but i think the local smart centers doesn’t have any idea watsoever of what i’m talking about) btw, i’m from Legazpi City

    • jifaw says:

      Smart reps called me twice that I can get ung pinareserve ko na galaxy note last Nov 26 and starting Dec 1-15 daw (went last dec 2 to smart sm cebu), on my 2 visits sales rep told me that they have not receive any galaxy note as per checking their inventory. My application has been approved daw already but ung unit na lang ang kulang. I’ll just cancel my application if wala pa rin this saturday, I’ve been waiting since Nov 26 and I can see the galaxy note on display in almost all cp shops in ayala and sm cebu but its forever for smart to get the units to their centers in the country, sila pa naman ang official telecom carrier tsk tsk tsk!!! Too bad.

  37. cris says:

    mga ser.. help nmn po.. san pong smart store pwede ma avail ung Gnote?? help pls..

  38. cris says:

    i talked to a rep from smart.. sabi nya under plan 2500 daw tong note and cash out ng 11k.. anggulo..

  39. Khayyin says:

    I think, I am. Insted of buying of Galaxy Nexus and a Kindle, I’d go for this. Besides, this toy’s goin’ to get ICS soon…

  40. Michael says:

    is there a monthly cap for the unlimited data plan P2000? thanks

  41. Paul says:

    Hi MAGkAkAron po ba kaya sa GLOBESTORE ng PLAN nito? Just in case alam nio lang?

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