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Apple not happy Smart spilled the beans on the iPhone 4S

It’s not a surprise that Apple wasn’t happy that Manny Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT-Smart, spilled the beans on the upcoming launch of the iPhone 4S in the Philippines. The recent story that Smart will also release the iPhone 4S by December was certainly prematurely announced.

Having known Apple thru the years of covering the beat, the company is very strict when it comes to announcements.

From previous experience when Globe still had exclusive distribution of the iPhone in the country, Apple doesn’t even reveal anything until one or two weeks before the release date. Apple is very secretive and very controlling.

The first time they introduced the iPhone in the country, only 5 local journalists were able to see it before the launch and they were briefed separately, one by one.

MVP must have been too eager to tell the press that they finally got rights to carry the iPhone 4S he forgot about the non-disclosure. Don’t think he’ll even get a slap on the hand. But that’s how Apple rolls.

Via Dax Lucas of Inquirer. Hat tip to PJ Reyes.

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66 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Cant blame him. First time lol

  2. mcometa says:

    Parang yung mga nag-co-comment sa blogs.


    Hahahaha! Booo yeah on MVP!

  3. iamdoods says:


  4. rene says:

    so apple back out from smart… ???

  5. whogivesacrap says:

    Of course u say can’t blame him. flips are never wrong

  6. Sani G says:

    Maybe a fine will be charged to MVP. https://spn.sr/4xf

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    Hindi talaga matahimik ang Baklang MYP!!!

  8. Steve Jobs says:

    Hindi talaga matahimik ang Baklang MVP!!!

  9. skwater smart says:

    Oras na para magbackout Apple! Smart don’t deserve this. Walang kakwenta kwenta.

  10. Steve Jobs says:

    Hindi talaga matahimik ang Baklang MVP!!!!!!

  11. iPhone 4S, where S means SPOILER! :P

    Kidding! :)

  12. dan_md says:

    Here’s to hoping that the Iphone’s price will decrease because of the competition. Right now, Globe is actually earning more instead of actually subsidizing the phone’s cost. What would be really beneficial is for the iPhone to be sold unlocked just like in the US. Even the ones sold in the black market are overpriced when the 16GB and 32GB versions just cost 28K and 32K respectively.

    • JKisaragi says:

      Well, if Smart offers the 4S unlocked (like carriers in HK and SG), I think Globe will be in a heap of trouble. XD

      I do hope that happens. That, or at least they start to offer factory unlocked iPhones in the PH Apple Store.

    • jarina says:

      Both Smart and Globe would have to be stupid to subsidize more of the phone’s cost than they already do. You have to remember they sell plans, not the phones. The phone is but an accessory to sell the plan.

  13. Ken says:

    Same question here: Who’s your source? Or is this an assumption?

  14. JKisaragi says:

    It’s from Inquirer Business


    “Speaking of which…
    Regional Apple officials were reportedly peeved by MVP’s announcement of Smart’s impending tie-up with the Silicon Valley giant for the distribution of the new iPhone 4S in the Philippines. The telecom executive made the revelation last week much to the chagrin of Apple officials known for their strict publicity guidelines.
    Rival Globe Telecom—which is so far Apple’s exclusive carrier for its iPhone 4 and iPad 2—has so far kept mum about MVP’s announcement about the Ayala-controlled telco’s impending loss of exclusivity for distributing the popular device (although one can surely expect a “retaliatory” move, given the rising level of competition in the industry).
    Word in IT circles now is that Apple officials are debating how to handle the premature revelation about negotiations to offer the iPhone through Smart’s network.
    “If you want to play with Apple, you play by its rules,” one industry official said. “Otherwise, it’s a ‘no go.’” Uh oh.—Daxim L. Lucas”

  15. Ian says:

    LOL. Di daw happy oh. Tuloy pa din ang pagcarry ng SMART sa iPhone 4S. Hindi magbaback out si Apple.

  16. Ian says:

    LOL. Di daw happy oh. Tuloy ang pagcarry ng SMART sa iPhone 4S. Hindi na magbaback out ang Apple.

  17. Tiger says:

    There should be legislation in Congress that requires telcos to unlock the mobile phone which was bought under a locked-in plan after the contract of the consumer expires with the telco.

  18. karen32 says:

    huh?! open-line na ang iPhone sa buong mundo kaya kahit sinong telco pwede na. Kaya excited na laht sila pra sabihin. Next na ang Sun Cellular, kagagaling ko lang sa payment center at isang agent doon sabi soon may iphone na din sila.

  19. karen32 says:

    Apple’s US online store begins selling unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S: $649 and up


  20. justin says:

    ok lang yan as if mag babackout pa apple sa deal nila ng smart.


  21. ice says:

    apple is overrated. as if naman yung 4S wala pa nakakaalam. nalaunch na sya sa ibang bansa so definitely aware na ang tao what 4S is. gusto pa nila isurprise ang public hehe.

  22. pabs says:

    Kung ako si MVP, tapon ko yang apple na yan, as if naman utimate phone, e mas magaling nga ang Samsung Galaxy S2 at yung HTC diyan?
    Apple darating din ang araw na magiging KALABASA ka, hamunin mo pa ang Smart ha!

  23. PJ says:

    MVP couldn’t hold his tongue… i mean couldn’t contain his excitement.

    he had to brag it.

    nb – you’re welcome!

  24. cosmic says:

    Palubog na rin kasi ang Globe kaya siguro Smart-PLDT-Sun na ang pinili ng Apple.

  25. cosmic says:

    Palubog na rin kasi ang Globe kaya siguro Smart-PLDT-Sun na ang pinili ng Apple…

    • tosh says:

      @cosmic FYI non-exclusive ang iPhone 4S sa Smart, the iPhone 4S may also sell in Globe. hindi pinili ng Apple ang Smart. yun kasing dating ng comment mo aggressive. you should also be noted that Apple today, is not after the “exclusivity” anymore..

    • Smart ang palubog! Wala ngang christmas party this year e!

  26. Ani_Kimchi says:

    Where are the 29 comments?

  27. rcerlpic says:

    Oh COME-ON!!!!! What’s the big deal, Apple?! In the US, C-spire and other small networks announced that they’d be carrying the iPhone, so WTF if MVP announced it too? Just make the deal happen so we consumers can have a choice albeit not a great choice between Smart and Globe but still a choice.

  28. wites says:

    Baka first time magkaroon ng iPhone kaya naexcite. ^^

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  29. entoyini says:

    may nilabas ba na statement ang apple tungkol dito?

  30. paolo says:

    Sabay magbabago ang isip nila sa pag-release ng iPhone sa Smart, no? (Wag naman sana.)

    Thank you, Sir MVP, for potentially wrecking the hopes and dreams of a new device for a small but significant demographic of iPhone users running Smart. :(

    Kung sakaling ayaw na ibigay ng Apple sa inyo ang iPhone, there’s always Windows Phone, na mas maganda sa iPhone (Debatable, but as an HTC HD7 owner, I can attest to that.)

  31. Htc Sensation says:

    Guys dont get this IP4s halos walang pinagkaiba sa IP4 parang hnd sya dual core trust me my sister told me she have one of this 3 beses na nya binalik 3 hrs ubos agad bat. laging nag hahang. and kunwari tapos na mag load makikita mo agad ung page sa browser pero di pa pala tapos mag load (strategy 4 dual core) not like other android phones na super bilis like the reigning Most Valuable Phone Samsung galaxy s2 sobrang bilis talaga nya. long battery life

    some thoughts lang para di kayo mag sisi dont take it as a negative way. pero baka manghinayang kayo sa babayaran nyo try to search

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 VS Iphone 4S sa youtube
    and also
    Galaxy s2 vs Iphone 4s Drop Test
    (wasak na wasak ung Iphone 4s ung Galaxy s2 Scratches lang. Thats GORILLA GLASS!!)

    • Yeah Right says:

      Yeah right…

    • retard droid fanboy says:

      sino ba kinukumbinsi mo? kame o sarili mo? ano connection ng dual core sa pag load ng browser? internet connection po nagpapaload ng browser. wag tatanga tanga. and wala ka naman talaga experience gumamit ng iphone. super bilis talaga ng android? patawa ka ba? at kelan naging efficient ang battery ng android? wala ka rin ata experience sa pag gamit ng android eh. baka corby 2 lang ung cellphone mo or champ 2. naloko ka ata ng nagbenta sayo ng cellphone. baka galing pa yan sa magnanakaw. puro ka research wala ka naman hands on experience. enjoyin mo na lang yan corby2/champ2 mo.

  32. jc says:

    comment to smart better go with android premium phones than this 4s crap. statistics shows that android dominates the smartphone race. wp7 can’t even match the android os features. wp7 don’t have support for flash, dual core processor and mass storage. wp7 is a waste for cash. 4s is just to expensive for a phone, might consider buying a i7 laptop than this.

    • jayb says:

      so waht if android dominates the smartphone race? that crappy OS that needs high specs yet still hanging!

      i prefer WP7. .

    • paolo says:

      I am a Windows Phone user, and I LOL at your comment that “WP7 is a waste of cash.”

      Sa ANDROID kasi…

      Sure, pwede kang gumawa ng Dual-core processors (Meron na nga Quad-core processors, eh!) “para maganda ang End User’s Experience” sa mga Android devices.

      The problem is, kailangan pa nilang gawan ang mga Android devices ng ganun, dahil alam nilang program-intensive ang OS, kaya pag hindi sila nagamitan ng multi-core processors, (Or even ang mga single-core processors na matataas ang processor speeds) LAGGY, SLOW, AT NEAR TO USELESS ang Android OS. Hell, kahit nga ang Optimus 2X na may Dual-Core processor, ma-lag pa rin, eh! (I suppose dahil hindi naman na-take advantage ang Dual-core processor ng OS) Alam ko yan, dahil may matagal rin akong experience sa Android OS. :O

      (reference: http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/09/adobe-confirms-flash-player-is-dead-for-mobile-devices/ )


      HINDI MO NA KAILANGAN PA NG MULTI-CORE PROCESSORS PARA SA ISANG NAKAPABILIS AT NAPAKAGANDANG OS. Single-core *LANG* ang lahat ng WP devices na available ngayon, pero sobrang fluid at “natural” ang mga processes sa OS, kaya kahit Single-core *LANG* ang mga WP7 devices, sobrang bilis. Daig pa ang mga Dual-core Android devices. Seryoso.

      Sure, wala kaming Flash support (HTML5 meron,) pero meron ba kayong flawless support sa Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, XBOX Live, Microsoft Office, at Zune? Wala kayo nun (Or, at least, maayos at malalim na integration ng mga yan, gaya sa amin.)

      Gusto ko lang sabihin na HINDI dapat main comparison point between Androids, Windows Phones, at iPhones ang Mass Storage capability. Kahit nga mga China Phone at China “iPod” meron nun. Hindi yan unique sa Android lang, kaya hindi dapat pinagmamalaki ang feature na ito.

      Siguro, takot ang mga tao na i-back ang Windows Phone dahil sobrang “Mainstream” na ang Android (even iPhone’s and Blackberry’s, for that matter) (Enter the ” “Safety in Numbers” Mentality”), pero once na-experience mo na ang Windows Phone,… Well, There’s No Turning Back. :D

    • kilabot says:

      WP7 was created by EXPERIENCED Microsoft programmers and engineers, not with just ADS and Search engine company.

  33. Ady says:

    since you know the trend, apple being secretive, is it also partly your fault by posting MVP’s announcement in your blog?

  34. flamebait says:

    Baka naman wala talagang nangyaring usapan at kasunduan sa pagitan ng Smart at Apple at gawa-gawa lang ng Smart ang balita na sila ang maglalabas ng iPhone 4S dito. O kaya naman gawa lahat ito ng isang blogger na gustong Smart ang maglabas ng iPhone 4S dahil isa ito sa mga sponsor nito at baka mabigyan ng libreng iPhone 4S.

  35. Jairus Monillas says:

    Mas prefer ko pa din Samsung Galaxy S2.

  36. So does this mean iPhone 4s’ distribution in the Philippines will be delayed?

  37. Gary says:


    • gary tanga says:

      lulubog ung apple? ung dyaryo kasi binabasa hindi puro pictures lang tinitingnan mo. napaghahalata tuloy walang laman utak mo.

    • mckgunus says:

      lulubog ang apple? palibhasa kasi hindi nagbabasa, basta nalang kukumento.

  38. Edwin C says:

    Beeeeh, ateeee…

  39. unknown says:

    ANDROID SUCKS !! laggers !!

    WAG NA YANG SMART NA YAN !! Bulok yan!

    Smartest phone on a worst network !!

    way to go Globe ! Sun nalang sana magooffer ng iPhone 4S !! Globe at Sun !!

    • junulrik says:

      baka naman ang nagamit mong android phone ay yun few years back pa na model o yun mga cheap na model na android phone. bakit di mo itry ang samsung galaxy s II, htc sensation XE, samsung galaxy note, samsung galaxy nexus, motorola droid razr, at marami pang iba na high end na android phone, baka tangapin mong mali ang idea mo..

    • mas unkown says:

      Mas ok ang android kaysa IOS. Yung gumagamit lang ng iphone yung mga galing probinsya at mga feeling sosyal.

  40. dami jejemon dito says:

    daming nyong alam. karamihan ng nagsasabi basura ang iphone di pa nakahawak ng iphone. regarding sa drop test. glass po kasi ung iphone and plastic lang ung s2. at dahil marami kayong alam. gumawa na lang kayo ng sarili niyong blog. hindi gaganda ang OS nyo kahit ano pa sabihin nyo masama sa ibang OS. dami talaga matatalino at magagaling sa pilipinas. lahat na kayo techie.

  41. jm says:

    android os is fragmented and eat too much battery. kailangan pa gamitan ng multicore para maging smooth ang user experience.. look at nokia and windows phone os as of now wala pa sila nirerelease na dual core model dahil alam nila sa smooth ang os nila at kakailanganin lang nila ang multi core kapag may application na nirerequired talaga ang multicore processor. sa nagsasabi na bulok ang iphone wala kayong taste at mga cehap samsung phones lang ang alam nyo. at sa drop test compare ba naman ang glass sa plastic kapag nabagsak mo? common sense naman.

  42. brutus says:

    bulok ang iphone at IOS, android rules



    Pinagtatalunan nyo ang mga bagay na hindi naman inyo… So what kung gusto ng iba ang Android, so waht kung gusto ng iba ang iOS, so what kung gusto ng iba ang Windows Phone 7… may buti bang idudulot sa inyo kung makumbinsi nyo ang bawat isa na magpalit ng phone at magpalit ng OS?

    Isa pa, hindi naman tungkol sa OS ang topic ng blogger, tungkol sa SMART at APPLE.

    Sana naman baguhin na nating mga pinoy ang ganitong siraan at pulaan. Simpleng bagay lang kelangan pa natin ipamuka sa internet kung gano kayo kababaw.

    Hindi ba puedeng sabihin nyo nalang kung ano ang gusto nyo sa OS ng phone nyo at wag ng siraan ang OS ng iba?

    Hindi ba puedeng wag nalang patulan ang masamang kumento ng iba?

    I’m not against healthy discussion, pero kung magmumurahan lang kayo dahil hindi nyo matanggap na sinisiraan ang nabili nyong mamahaling cellphone wag nalang sana kayong magpost, at pinamumukha nyo lang sa buong mundo kung gano kayo kababaw.

    Hindi naman kayo binabayara ng mga kumpanyang yan para ipagtanggol sila.

    Malamang din namang hindi kayo makakakuha ng discount sa bawat taong marerefer nyo na lumipat ng OS.

    So please grow up people!!!

    RESPETO SA KAPWA, kahit konti lang.

  44. MANOELSTER says:

    basta masaya ako sa HTC SENSATION XE ko, walang wala sa IPHONE. :)

  45. magnus says:

    i love my nokia 3310

  46. jay says:

    Apple: We’ll sue you, MVP!

    And please people, stop with the OS wars already. :/

  47. Cody says:

    Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

    Dito makikita ang natural na ugaling Pinoy!
    1. Payabangan
    2. Pataasan
    3. Pagandahan
    4. Nagsisiraan

    Ito lang masasabi ko..
    1. If you got the money and you like iPhone, then BUY it.
    2. Sa mga Android diehards na sinisiraan ang ibang brands, wag ipilit na mas maganda ang phone mo. Nagmumukha ka kasing tanga sa kapipilit.
    3. Sa mga mamimili, nasa inyo ang huling desisyon. Wag makinig sa mga bugok na sinisiraan ang ibang brands. Makinig sa mga neutral na post.

    Happy Shopping!!!

  48. Carlthirdy says:

    If you can afford then why dnt try all the smartphones running in
    Different OS. Basta ako solve na ako sa 5110 ko pasok sa banga!

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