How much do you spend on cellphone bills?

How much do you spend on cellphone bills?

Ever since I got a postpaid account for my iPhone 3G, my monthly cellphone bills have doubled (maybe even tripled) in the last couple of months. It used to be less than Php300 for each of my 2 mobile phones.

Our poll for the week surveys the amount spend for cellphone bills by our readers here. I’ll be using the data as part of the demographic profile report for the blog.

Here are the choices:


Less than Php300
Less than Php500
Less than Php1,000
Between Php1,000 – Php2,000
Between Php2,000 – Php3,000
Between Php3,000 – Php5,000
Over Php5,000

Please send in your feedback in the poll section on the sidebar.

Likewise, do leave a comment if you’re more of a texter than a caller or which type of mobile service takes the bulk of your bill.

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33 Responses

  1. paul says:

    here’s one thing: Globe charges less than Smart. With my Globe postpaid, my bill ranges from P2,000 to P3,500. With my Smart, it’s P1,000-P1,500. The thing is, I seldom use my Smart number because of their rates. Even though my Globe bill is higher, I make longer calls from them. I hate those who reply late, especially at time when it’s urgent to get their replies. That’s also the reason I always end up calling them instead. Toink!

  2. Kenneth says:

    I usually spend between Php300.00 but not more than Php500.00 – BTW, I already voted at the poll.

  3. Obed says:

    My postpaid bill are only 500php, but I usually end up paying 1.5k+ the reason behind are the text and voice calles :)

  4. Richie says:

    My girlfriend and I are subscribed to Sun Cellulars postpaid plan P899. But our bill last month reached P1000.00

  5. jamie says:

    my plan is worth 500 pero di ko nagagamit yung maximum number of text. pati yung free 20 minutes of call ko, ayos lang. minsan magastos kapag i have to make an international call. saka nahihilig akong gumamit ng 3g so umaabot ng 1000. kung di ako gagamit ng 3g, less than 1000 lang, pero since adik ako ngayon, i chose between 1k to 2k.

  6. frozenpyro says:

    less than 500, sun cellular postpaid plan 350. enrolled in sun cel text unlimited only. may prepaid naman kasi ako sa ibang network..

  7. Im not really a text person so I often call people. My primary line costs around 1.2k – 1.5k and the other one costs me around 800++ a month

  8. Eric says:

    my plan is 800 pesos monthly but i reach an average of 2,500 pesos per month due to calls and texts abroad

  9. PinoyDIgg says:

    i am a seldom texter/caller but i should maximize the use of my 1800 gflex.. when i started using iphone, i’d rather call than text when replying – raising my bill to 2500.. then my brothers are maximizing the share-a-load in my plan.. so that is almost 3500 a month.. poor me…

  10. Leo says:

    I can barely consume P100/month, I use more often for texting.

  11. me i’m spending at least 500 pesos for 1 month.
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  12. i’m spending 500 pesos for a month.

  13. 1knife says:

    i use my cellphones mostly for call due to my prifession. my other line is at plan 3500 but my bill usually goes up to more than 5k. my other line which is at plan 1200 usually goes up to around 3k. i’d like to try the sun unlimited calls though he he he.

  14. I have a plan 500 from Globe.

  15. ignite says:

    im spending around 800-900 pesos a month on my G-FLEX 800 Plan. I use it almost 50%-30%-20% on text-calls-multimedia. Calls are usually made via 232 so its on per second charging since most of my family and friends use Globe.

  16. pink says:

    less than 500

    mas prefer ko ang calls nakakatamad kasi magtext minsan tagal magreply.

  17. acidcrush says:

    for me between 300 – 500, minsan lang ako mgtext, more on calls,

  18. Men says:

    Php500 to Php600.00…
    Im using a prepaid phone..

    More on texts than calls

  19. sultanjr says:

    Got a Smart postpaid line at Php1,800 per month but I rarely finish all of the free minutes and texts. I talk more than text, btw. Next year, I’m getting off Smart and returning to Globe – Smart’s network is virtually non-existent in the areas i frequent (i.e. the Ayala malls), is inconsistent even in my house and texts frequently arrive late (as in 30 minutes late, minimum).

    Talking about Smart being non-existent in Ayala malls, I wonder if Ayala will still allow Smart to put up cell sites in Fort Bonifacio now that Ayala owns practically the whole place?

  20. CC Lozano says:

    About 2,500 for my Smart prepaid.

  21. Jam says:

    I’m more into texting than calling so I spend less than 500 pesos for my bills. And I don’t text that often.

  22. Jay says:


    talagang siningitan pa ng ads ah, spammer.

    more or less P1000/mo Prepaid.


  23. SoNn says:

    I have a Smart postpaid plan 800 and a Sun postpaid plan 350. Lumalampas din madalas ng 1000 ung bill ko sa smart. So nasa P1000 – P2000 ako.

  24. jepoy says:

    P150 for Sun Cellular (Text Unlimited 30 days)
    P300 for Globe (valid for 2 months, so P150 per month)
    P300 for PLDT LL+ Prepaid

    = P600 per month total :~)

  25. Doodee says:

    My smart plan is 1200 with text costing P0.50 per. I rarely go beyond my monthly bill. I use magic jack to call landline of relatives and friends in the USA and sometimes to Canada (for unlimited free calls) and skype if they are also online. I use email when I don’t need to get instant replies. I also passed that stage of sending forwarded jokes and generic messages.

  26. snow says:

    i’m a frugal gurl. i usually spend 500 pesos for personal use. bahala na yung nortel phone ko sa mga official business calls. :)

  27. marhgil says:

    ako na ata pinakamatipid dito. Php 115 Smart e-load lang for 1 month sa akin. hehe.

  28. xtin says:

    my globe plan is 1,800 but because of the lock-up (i forgot the exact term) i’m paying 750 every month lang. but i’m not much of a texter/caller (none of those crazy forwards except on christmas) and i use up only 100-300 on that. i’m heavy on internet/gprs though (i tether my laptop to my phone) and i usually go 700-1000 for that. lugi nga ako sa plan ko, actually…

  29. I refuse to get a post-paid plan since I really save a lot and get more value in using pre-paid. I use an e-load sim for personal use and I save up to 10% off the face value of pre-paid cards.

    I also save A LOT in IDD, NDD, local calls from my pre-paid Bayan Wirless. (my e-load sim saves me 12% off the face value of reload cards) at 3 pesos per unlimited local call, only a actual landline can match that!

  30. summer says:

    1k plus for both my phones. 1 for business 1 for personal use. for business more on text. ndd and idd for the personal phone.

  31. chloe08 says:

    My average monthly bill is P1000-P1,200. I am on Globe GFlex800.. Tumataas lang dahil sa Share-A-Load sa tatlong brothers ko.Ü

  32. Carlos says:

    On my Globe GFlex 800, a little over 1k+ and on my Sun postpaid it’s 1k since it is the group bundle.

  33. mikka says:

    i have a GFlex 800. i spend 700-800 per month due to texting and some phone calls..

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