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AMD Phenom X4 9950 Benchmark

Been using the Phenom x4 9950 CPU sent to me by AMD for over a month now and I have been doing some simple benchmarks with it. I thought I’d share some of the results I got.

What was originally sent to me was the CPU, a mobo and a video card so I had to build the system from scratch and spent more than Php15,000 in the process. Here are the final specs of the rig:

AMD Phenom X4 9950 2.6GHz
Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H
Palit ATI Radeon HD4870 X2 256-bit GDDR5 512GB RAM
Kingston 2GB 800MHz
640GB Western Digital SATA HDD 16MB
CoolerMaster PSU 550 watts SLI
CoolerMaster 690 Chassis

Ran several performance tests specific to the CPU below:

CPU Integer Math: 322.4 MOps/sec
Floating Point Math: 1816 MOps/sec
Find Prime Number: 563 operations per second
SSE/3DNow: 8130.3 million matrices per second
Compression: 8787 KBytes/sec
Encryption: 75.4 MBytes/sec
Image Rotation: 1414.6 rotations/sec
String Sorting: 5355.4 thousand strings/second
CPU Mark: 2281.8
PassMark Rating: 616.1
FutureMark Score: 4159

phenom x4 9950

We compared the scores of the Phenom X4 9950 with that of the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz and the Intel Code 2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz. The chart is shown above and the X4 9950 showed some significant performance over the Q6600.

amd phenom ati radeon ati radeon

The Phenom X4 9950 is the latest and fastest among AMD’s quad core series. This CPU has been available for some time now and priced at around Php10,430, almost Php4,000 less than the equivalent Core 2 Quad from Intel (Q9400).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. cris says:

    hi yuga! i wonder how much is the total cost of that rig (cpu, mobo, video card, ram, etc.)?

  2. yuga says:

    @cris – around Php47k. The video card itself costs Php15k.

  3. How about the power consumption. How does it fare with intel in terms of energy saving.

  4. vaughn says:

    wow, a 4870×2 for 15k is definitely cheap.

    anyway, i’m afraid that the more than a year old Core2Quad Q6600 @ around 8k pesos would likely beat the X4 9950 in benchmarks, even if you overclock both processors (since the 9950 black edition is supposed to be an overclocking processor).

  5. Kerwin says:

    Hello! How is it compared to Intel in terms of energy efficiency and temperatures?

    Intel had been creating energy efficient proc lately..

  6. leandro says:

    what is the best os for gaming?

  7. v3xat10n says:

    guys, help naman saan po ba pwedi maka bili ng mga ganyang gadgets? I mean yung mga parts, like hydro cooling system, cooler master, SSD, and rampageII asus… wala kasi sa mga ordinary mall yung mga high end gadgets

  8. joed says:


    pag my work na ko i hope i wud be able to buy a phenom x4

    whew very sweet

    AMD cmpre for gaming and the price is good

    nakakalula sa intel mamumulubi k tlga

  9. Yaks says:

    gud pm! ask ko lang po kung anu ang magandang mobo for phenom x4 tnx

  10. mickey says:

    hi Yuga. follow up ko lang yung question ni Kerwin regarding energy efficiency and temperatures. kasi diba since the pentium days, mas madaling talagang mag-init ang amd procs? ngayon ba, nasolve na ba ng AMD yung issue na yun with the phenom?

    @v3xat10n – 3 ang alam kong pinaka murang stores, pc gilmore, pc express at pc options.

  11. ang mahal pala ng video card na yan!
    Gusto ko sanang magkaroon ng ganyan.

  12. Thanks completely, I appreciate you causeing this to be article available, the remainder site is also done well. Have got a great day

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