Poll: How many iSteve gadgets do you own?

Poll: How many iSteve gadgets do you own?

In commemoration with the passing away of Steve Jobs, I’d like to run this little poll as some sort of offering for The Man — how many iSteve gadgets do you have now?

Many people have been touched by Steve’s genius and innovation thru the products produced by Apple.


Here’s my list:

Macbook Air 2010 & 2011
Apple TV 2nd & 4th generation
iPhone 3G, iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4G
iPod Nano 6G
iPod Shuffle 3G
iPad 1 & 2 + Dock
Apple Superdrive
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Magic Mouse

(Got a couple more iPods around but seem to have lost 3 or 4 of them in the past few months.)

Go and hit the comments and share how much of your life has been affected by Steve.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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116 Responses

  1. Cricket says:

    Among the ones that are still working, I have:

    MacBook Pro 2009
    MacBook White 2006
    iPod Touch 1G
    iPhone 4
    iPad 1
    Magic Mouse
    Time Capsule 500GB

  2. bryan_mmx says:

    only 1, iPod nano 5th gen. the other one is an artificial iDevice (no, not China fake iDevice).:P

  3. nameless says:

    I’ve only got Apple Ipod Shuffle 1G and 4G.

  4. hello says:

    ipod touch 2g, iphone 4

  5. Pipo says:

    Just one. iPod Touch 4th gen. But I’m keen on getting an iPhone 4S. Or some say in Google+, iPhone 4 Steve.

  6. TRIZZONE says:

    I got iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch 1st Gen. :)

  7. camhiliciouz says:

    i got an iphone 4 and a macbook pro 2011.. :D

  8. Gene says:

    Macbook Pro Mid 2010
    iPhone 3G

  9. Arnold says:

    Here’s my list

    iPhone 4
    iPod Nano 5th gen
    iPod Nano 6th gen
    2 iPad 1
    2 iPad 2
    iMac 2011
    MacBook Air 2011
    Apple TV 4th Gen
    Magic Mouse
    Magic Trackpad

  10. Marckie says:

    Ipod touch 2nd gen
    Ipod touch 4th gen
    Ipod Mini
    Ipod Nano 3rd gen
    Ipod Shuffle 2nd gen

    Thanks for these wonderful creations steve jobs!

  11. Rossissurfing says:

    iPod Touch 2G
    iPod Nano 1G
    iPod Nano 4G

    It’s a revolutionary experience with Steve Jobs’ works. Kudos!

  12. August says:

    Just one, my iPod Classic 80GB.

  13. MeldaMae says:

    Just one, Ipod Nano 4G..
    but planning on buying iTouch by the end of the month….

  14. Mc003 says:

    I only have iPod 4G and iPod Touch 2G

  15. Eighteen says:

    iPod Video 5.5G
    iPod Shuffle 3G
    iPhone 4
    iPad 2

    Thank you Steve Jobs.

  16. koki_motok says:

    i never owned one but still thankful for pushing thru with his visions, cuz gadgets nowadays may still be in beige and gray, and in plastic.. i owned devices that were somehow inspired by Mr Jobs, like my faves my creative zen, and a sony-ericsson android phone. without his innovations, omg, i could still be using a stylus to text in my touchscreen phone. :-)

  17. shim says:

    MBP 2008
    iPhone 4 32GB
    iPhone 2G 8GB
    iPod Touch 32GB 4G
    iPod Touch 32 GB 3G
    iPod Nano 6G
    iPod Video 30GB

  18. brent says:

    I have 3:

    MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2010
    iPhone 4 16GB
    iPad 2 32GB

  19. Gjgwyn says:

    Macbook Pro
    iPhone 2G
    iPad 1
    iPod Nano 2nd gen
    iPod Nano 4th gen
    iPod Nano 5th gen

  20. manaka_junpei says:

    my sister owns an ipod nano and my brother owns an ipod touch.

  21. benchmark says:

    I only got it free from a credit card, I pod touch 4G…

    I had it C peeled… :)

  22. boy topax says:

    ipod touch 4g sanla lan hehehe

  23. Bubbles says:

    iPod Mini 2nd Gen
    iMac 21.5″
    iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen
    iPod Touch 4th Gen
    iPad 2

  24. Mark says:

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 3Gs

  25. gie says:

    macbook white
    macbook aluminum
    ipod touch 3rd gen
    ipad 2
    iphone 4

  26. garz says:


    Not much of a 24/7 online geek.
    Hardcore Windows PC fan.
    Android user.

    But I was really affected by Steve’s death because every gadget I am a fan of were inspired by Apple products. I feel I just lost a great teacher..

  27. Migs says:

    iPhone 2g
    iPhone 3gs
    iPhone 4
    iPad 1st Gen
    iPad 2
    iPod Nano 5th Gen
    Macbook Pro 17″

  28. wow, nice to know that there are many fanatics and follower.

  29. J says:

    none. never had apple products, but i follow his keynotes.

  30. tet says:

    Macbook Pro
    Ipod touch 6th Gen

  31. Nick says:

    An early 2008 white MacBook
    An early 2011 MacBook Pro
    A 4th generation iPod Touch

    SJ will be missed!

  32. ADRL says:

    MacBook Air
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 3G
    iBook G4
    iPod Video

  33. Miggs says:

    Ipod Touch 4th gen.hehe Apple is too expensive for me.

  34. Rex says:

    I have an iPod touch and a MacBook.

  35. Bing Kimpo says:

    iPhone 4

  36. JJ Tolentino says:

    Ipod U2.
    Ipod Touch 1st Gen & 3rd Gen
    IPAD 1st Gen.
    Iphone 3GS.

  37. koks says:

    iPod shuffle 2nd gen
    iPod shuffle 4th gen
    iPod Video 1st gen
    iPod Touch 1st gen
    iPad 2
    2x iPhone 3g
    iPhone 4
    2009 MacBook White
    2010 MacBook Pro 15″

  38. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    iPhone 1st gen
    iPod Touch 1st gen
    iPod shuffle 1st gen
    iPod shuffle 2nd gen
    iPod shuffle 4th gen

  39. Iyan Sommerset says:


    :P Just glad that his iNnovations brought formerly-geek-tech to the masses. Also glad that iStuff inadvertently brought non-Apple products’ prices down.

  40. migz says:

    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 4
    iPod Nano 5
    iPod Nano 6

  41. carl says:

    iPod Shuffle 2ndG

  42. Jameson says:

    IPad Touch 3G
    IPad 2
    IPod Classic Gen 4 b/w
    IPod Classic Gen 6

  43. cxn says:

    ipod touch

  44. Jameson says:

    IPad Touch 3G
    IPad 2
    IPod Classic Gen 4 b/w
    IPod Classic Gen 6
    IPod Shuffle

  45. PMZ says:

    i have 3gs and iphone4, im considering to buy SGS 2 as my third phone for my sun network…kaso pangit tlaga itsura ng SGS, ganda sana ng specs, tapos plastic pa..mukang cheapo..musta nman itsura ng plastic after a couple of years? kahit na anong ingat gawin mo!

  46. cxn says:

    @pmz – just answer the poll.. dami pa sinasabi eh.. hehe

    • PMZ says:

      he he, sinadya ko talaga nuh, trip ko lng mang asar, eh nag-react ka ibig sabihin naasar ka..bakit, naka SGS ka? he he

  47. alain says:

    touch 1st/ 2nd gen
    iPad2 for my GF
    MBP 2010

  48. me mero says:


  49. Nikko says:

    Macbook Pro ’10 13-in
    iPhone 3GS
    iPad 1

  50. erick says:

    Ipod Touch 2Gen
    Ipod Nano 6Gen

  51. Roy says:

    Iphone 3g
    Iphone 4
    Ipad 2

  52. ryan bautista says:

    iphone 2g
    iphone 3g
    iphone 3gs
    iphone 4
    ipod shuffle
    ipod touch 3rd and 4th
    ipad 1
    ipad 2

  53. damo says:

    ipod touch 3rd gen.

  54. Tek says:

    iPod 20GB
    iPod Touch

    iCry. iMourn. iThank.

    RIP Steve Jobs. You will be missed.

  55. Ron says:

    iPod Touch 1G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPod Nano 6G
    iPhone 4
    iPad 2

  56. H says:

    iphone 3gs (nanakaw pa)

  57. kumagpoko says:

    iphone 2g
    ipod nano 4th gen
    macbook air 13″ 2011

  58. scoobydoo says:

    powerbook 15 (2005)
    macbook air (1st gen)
    macbook 13 white (2007)
    macbook pro 15 aluminum (2008)
    macbook pro 13 unibody (2011)
    mac mini (2010)
    ipod touch 16gb (2009)
    imac 23in (2011)
    apple airport express
    apple airport extreme

  59. jeyem says:

    iPod Nano

  60. Kim Roa Endaya says:

    iPhone 3Gs (32 gb)
    iPad 2 Wi-Fi (32 gb)

    Great job. Steve Jobs.

    You really brought the magic of technology at our fingertips… and for that, we thank you. You shall always be remembered.

  61. Jahzon says:

    Ipod 20gb
    Ipod touch 1st gen
    Ipod touch 2nd gen
    Iphone 1st gen
    Iphone 4 16gb
    Ipad 1 16gb
    Ipad 2 64gb
    Macbook pro 13″
    Macbook air 13″

  62. Je says:

    mbp 2011
    iPhone 3GS – soon :D

  63. cosmic says:

    iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    iPhone 4

  64. supertoblerone says:

    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 3rd Gen
    iPod Nano 2nd Gen
    MacBook Pro

  65. supertoblerone says:

    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 3rd Gen
    iPod Nano 2nd Gen
    MacBook Pro 13

  66. Peacenik says:

    iMac (2008)
    Time capsule 500gb
    iPod touch 16 gb (2008)
    IPod touch 32gb (2010)
    iPod 3G
    iPod shuffle 1G
    IPod nano 8gb (2008)
    iPad 2 32gb

  67. Brickz says:

    iPhone 3GS
    iPod Nano 2nd Gen
    Mom has iPhone 4

  68. Tim Cook says:

    Iphone 4s

  69. Arvin says:

    iPad 1
    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 2
    Magic Mouse

  70. Jologs says:

    Ipod Video (30 GB)
    Ipod Mini (4GB, PINK!!!!)
    Iphone 3GS
    Ipad 1
    Iphone 4

  71. kapitan says:

    pitty of me i can’t afford any =(

  72. Kevinitto says:

    mine are:
    iphone 2g
    iphone 3gs
    iphone 4
    ipod touch 3rd gen

  73. Eugene says:

    imac (2010)

  74. Ivy says:

    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 4
    Macbook white
    Macbook air 2011
    iPad 2

  75. Paul says:

    iphone 4
    iphone 1st gen
    iphone 3G
    iphone 3GS

    ipod nano
    ipod nano 1st gen

    ipod 2nd gen
    ipod video
    ipod classic

    macbook 13”
    macbook pro 13”
    macbook pro 15”

    ipad 3G+Wi-Fi
    ipad 2 Wi-fi

  76. Erm… None of the above. I couldn’t afford any of them.

  77. Jack says:

    Nil, Nada, Zero, Itlog.

  78. ithons26 says:

    iPod shuffle 1st gen, iPod nano 4th gen and iPod touch 4g… yung iba di na kaya ng budget ko! hehhe. :D

  79. AppleMac says:

    ipod classic 16gb
    ipod shuffle
    ipod nano 4th gen
    ipod nano 6th gen
    ipod touch 2nd gen
    ipod touch 3rd gen
    ipad 2
    iphone 2g
    iphone 3g
    iphone 3gs
    iphone 4
    macbook pro 13
    macbook aluminum body

  80. Chuck says:

    Iphone 4
    Ipod touch 3g
    Ipod shuffle

    I guess i really love apples products :)

  81. rod says:

    iPhone 3gs
    iPod Nano
    iPod touch First Gen
    iPod touch 4G

  82. Jack says:

    Currently 5 Apple products. iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPad 2, Macbook Pro, Apple TV.

  83. jayman says:

    ipod nano 4th/5th gen
    ipod touch 3rd/4th gen
    iphone 4
    mac mini

  84. anton rossini says:

    iphone 3gs
    ipod nano 5th gen

  85. jacenjared29 says:

    iPod touch 2G
    iPhonne 4
    iPad 2
    Mac Mini 2011

  86. Lui says:

    iPhone 3GS
    iPod touch 4
    iPad 2

  87. puhgeh says:

    iPad paper :D

  88. mine:

    1) MacBook Pro
    2) iPhone 3GS
    3) iPhone 4
    4) iPod Touch 4Gen
    5) iPod Nano 5Gen
    6) does the Apple Care count? :)

  89. Jane says:

    iPod shuffle
    iPod Touch 3g
    iPhone 4
    iPad 2
    Macbook Pro

  90. iPhone 3GS
    Macbook Pro
    Mac Mini (previously)
    iPod (2nd gen, previously)

  91. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Conclusion: a great majority of the readers of this blog (or at least those who cared to comment above) have a lot more disposable income than the standard Filipino. :P

  92. rcsaint says:

    utang mga yan bro…

  93. jayo says:

    classic iPod mini (broken, can’t use it unless plugged)
    iPod Shuffle 2G (Pretty handy)
    iPod touch 3g
    mac mini(broken) replaced with
    iMac g5 (2004, slow… really slow)

    that’s all… yep! no phone!

  94. jayo says:

    Now you see how old my iGadgets are.

  95. cristal says:

    I only had the 1st gen ipod shuffle (the long one) and ipod shuffle 4g. was planning to have the iphone this christmas…

  96. RJ says:

    i only have iPod touch which i got way back in November 2007. it is still working til now. after that i never had any Apple product. i am just merely contented that i can listen to my favorite music while travelling.

  97. sakura says:

    iPod shuffle
    iPhone 3GS

  98. who cares? says:

    Meron din akong mga apple products pero hindi ko ililista dito.

    Who gives a rat’s ass anyway?

  99. Name: says:

    ok, payabangan time! he!he! im just a poor boy and I dont have any apple products, I do eat apples though. its good for the health

  100. daddyjoey says:

    ay, meron pala isa, ung ipod nano na napanalunan ko sa contest, ndekwat pa. hehe

  101. Magnanakaw says:

    Pakilista din address nyo para mapuntahan ng magnanakaw hehehe

  102. who cares? says:

    Paalala lang

    Walang pakialam ang ibang tao kung gaano man karami ang apple products na meron kayo.

    Marami pang mas mahalagang gawin sa mga buhay ninyo kagaya ng pagtulong sa mga binaha sa Bulacan.

  103. Ajjie says:

    iPhone 4 + MacBook Pro = ^_^

  104. Starman says:

    At present just the first generation ipod touch 8 gb..

  105. Jake says:

    I have the following:

    Macbook Pro 2010
    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 4th Gen
    Macbook Air 2011
    iPod Nano 2010
    Mac Pro

  106. Jugz says:

    i have Lisa :)

  107. Word Of The Lourd says:

    kung walang apple products, wag nalang magcomment.

  108. Allan p says:

    iPhone 4(2)
    iPhone 3GS white

    IPod 4th gen (2)
    iPod mini (2)
    iPod shuffle (2)
    iPod nano(new)
    iPod classic 80G / 160G

    This is how Steve Jobs change my life.

    iPad (2)

    MacBook white
    MacBook air 11(old)
    air (new)
    MacBook Pro 13 (2)
    MacBook Pro 17

    iMac 21in
    iMac 27in

  109. Nero says:

    i have none. but hope for one.

  110. Katrina says:

    I own the following:

    Macbook 2010
    iPod Touch
    iPod Nano
    iPod Shuffle
    iPad 2

    Currently gonna get a Macbook Air/Pro :)

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