Fast Five: Popular Smartphone Case Brands in PH

Fast Five: Popular Smartphone Case Brands in PH

A smartphone case is considered something essential for people who frequently drop their phones as it provides a certain amount of protection against bumps and scratches. In this weekly Fast Five edition, we take a look at some of the most popular smartphone case brands in the country.


To give an ample insight of which case brands are popular, we went all around Metro Manila and surveyed a sample size of 30 stores, each of which carry one or multiple brands of smartphone cases. We then tallied the brands each surveyed store carry, and thus reflect in this list. The five listed in this list are the most carried brands by stores. List is not in any order.



Spigen is a renowned leader in creating top-of-the-line premium smartphone cases for flagship devices. An Irvine, California company, it strives to “innovate and push the boundaries of design, technology, and availability on all frontiers of the industry.” Such are the recently-released cases for Samsung’s newest flagship Galaxy devices which are offered in solid thin-fit or crystal clear variants, to name a few.



Capdase is a device accessory company based in Hong Kong with over a decade of experience in creating cases. I remember seeing a lot of cases for all sorts of devices before, but it seems that the company has reduced its portfolio to only include iPhones and a select few Android and Blackberry flagships.




Nillkin is a Shenzen(China)-based company that not only make cases, but also other digital accessories of sorts such as car chargers, bluetooth speakers, and more. There are smartphone cases for both iPhones and Androids, and offer perhaps one of the most extensive lineups in the market. It’s the only brand I saw that offers an assortment of cases even for entry-level and mid-range devices such as my LG G3 Beat, much to my surprise.



Baseus (which they say means Base on Us) is a Chinese smartphone case brand providing innovative and fashionable products to customers. This iPhone bumper case, for instance, might turn heads as it actually rocks Swarovski crystals embedded onto it.



Also found in Hong Kong, Ahha rounds up our list of smartphone case brands. With products spanning from selfie-centric and dual-faced cases to colored USB cords and collaboration designs, Ahha has provided a wide-range of products and has been selling to more than 25 countries.

Now that we’ve given this list, do you agree with it? Check out our poll below to vote for the smartphone case brand you like the most, or leave a comment down below for a brand that’s not on this week’s list.

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Disclaimer: Due to limitations in metrics to define popularity, we limited our research to store visibility as a direct correlation to that effect — the more stores who want to carry a specific model or brand, the higher the demand for it.

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16 Responses

  1. Erich says:

    I prefer the Rearth brand over Spigen because it’s more eco friendly and stylish at that.

  2. Artline says:

    Ballistic and Speck should be on this list :)

  3. angelo borja says:

    i haven’t seen the nilkin brand in any of the malls. i only see spigen and capdase. where can i find nilkin kiosks/store?

  4. Sean says:

    Otter box ftw

  5. Ephone Plus says:

    Hi to all! highly recommended and must try the NILLKIN brand! :)

  6. Ephone Plus says:

    and You can find the NILLKIN Accessories at Ephone and Ephone Plus Store.

  7. Count_C says:

    I like Moshi

  8. mjg says:

    Where to buy these brands? Spigen looks good

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