Poll: What brand of earphones are you?

Poll: What brand of earphones are you?

I noticed a significane surge in the number of earphone brands being introduced in the Philippines this year. Which so many models to choose from, we’re curious as to which brands still tops them all.

Some two or three years ago, whenever people recommend a good set of earphones, it’s the Senn brand that pops much more often.


Even the knock-offs are getting some good following.

So, let’s go back to our question — what brand of earphones are you? We’ve got the Sennheiser of course, the Philips, Sony, Monster/Beats, Jays, TDK, AKG, Shure, Audio Technika, Bose, Klipsch, etc.

Go hit the comments and share your vote.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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120 Responses

  1. RaGe says:

    I go for Sennheiser and Audio Technika as I’m on a tight budget but if I’ll spend more, I’ll go for Shure, Ultimate Ears or Klipsch

  2. zer0ice says:

    I’ve only tried Senn. But I’m willing to try Philips (seems most affordable in the batch), Klipsch, and Shure (for good reviews).

  3. Wakocoke says:

    Logitech UE 600 :)

  4. JC says:

    I have a Philips and a Panasonic sets but I’ve been pining for Shures or Klipsch in-ears.

  5. Jin says:

    back then CDR-King, now Philips. Never tried Senn :(

  6. thepaper says:


  7. monds says:

    I want to try senn but dont have the budget right now.

    Currently my ears indulge on creative ep-630. its a bang for the buck in ears i might say.

  8. Erick says:


  9. Nokia Stereo WH-205 Headset
    CD-R King ü

  10. Dan says:

    Sennheiser and Ultimate Ears :) Also have other brands (i collect earphones), but nothing comes close to these two.

  11. Eric Bangug says:

    UrbanEars Medis ;)

  12. shadowears says:

    I’ll go for Brarinwavz, UE, Shure, Hifiman, Westone, Ortofon and Vsonic. Each brand has its own House sound or Signature so its very difficult to pick.

  13. logan024 says:

    I have both Sennheiser and a TDK.

  14. Nico says:

    Currently using an entry level Shure IEM. Its heavy duty cables, short length(as it’s bundled with an extension cable) and snug-fit form is perfect for me as using it with Jabra BT3030. Tried those Sennheiser CS series and Denon’s yet nothing beats Shure’s regarding its soundstage quality.

    I’m also an avid reader of http://www.head-fi.org/ which led me to a nice discovery: anyone knows where to find a Head-Direct/HiFiMan RE0?

  15. Kikokix says:

    Koss Porta Pro

  16. franco says:

    Hi Abe, it would definitely klipsch for me. Klipsch s4i in particular. All klipsch have this very unique ear bud which is a bit oval. Just plug and you instantly get a good seal, no twisting needed. Take note, it can control your iphone via the remote with mic. (play,stop,next,previous,ff,rew)

    I have tried some creative ep630 which can be bassy, but the highs are too harsh and mids are quite soft.

    The ever famous cx300 is also a good bet, but still harsh on the highs.

  17. Flippy says:

    Sennheiser and skullcandy

  18. xxx999 says:

    Kicker hd541 almost the same level with beats pro.
    for only 2,999 :)

  19. Leo alejandro says:

    Buds … Skullcandy

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  20. stormtrooper says:

    I use senn also pero I want to buy the Yuin PK2. the sound is awesome! may alam ba kayong nagbebenta nito dito?

  21. bOkz says:

    default iPhone headset :p

  22. havagut says:

    Sennheiser. has been distortion-free for five years. started with philips but the left earphone always gave out after only a year of use.

  23. ron says:

    Entry level senn & philips. Though these days been using the buds that came w/ my phone a lot. Am planning to get good buds when i get cash, but i think 5k for earphones is too much for me.

  24. nix says:

    a4tech in earphones, comfortable and great sound quality @ 290! beat that!parang orig beats tour yan!:) clear highs and low frequency. a must!

    • Rizza says:

      I agree! A4Tech! My BF and I doesn’t want anything but A4Tech. Crisp, clear, and it is not volume-limiting. We even give this as gifts to friends na wala kami maisip na ipang regalo, and so far we are receiving very good response from friends.

    • lawrence says:

      wow very cheap ha, I’m looking for a piece na hindi lalagpas sa 500php with decent quality. Sikat ba yung brand na to, like madali ba siya mahanap sa malls?? how about yung durability, di naman sirain with heavy-use? (heavy-user kasi ako hehe)

    • Rizza says:

      @lawrence. Yup! You’ll find it sa malls. However, 350Php is the usual price. Try Villman, they sell it for 290 kaya madali maubos stocks sa kanila. Sa electroworld, dami stocks pero 350. Hehe. I always check them out sa stores kaya alam ko. I am always craving for other colors eh. It’s a good find!

  25. Rmil Chua says:

    i have creative and phillips, but im using creative ep-630.

  26. Mine is phillips, great sounds!

  27. deuts says:

    I have an a-Jays Four because it’s compatible with the iPhone complete with the mic and volume controls.

  28. johnniee says:

    mine is Sony, bigay ng sister ko, can’t afford eh

  29. WinnieB. says:

    I like Sennheiser earphones. I’ve tried JBL and BOSS at stores like PowerMac but am reluctant to buy because i don’t know if i’ll like using them for long periods of time. If I want to buy cheap earphones I buy Samsung. They’re relatively cheap but the sound quality is good, at least for me. my preference is for a more balanced sound from the lows, mids to highs.

  30. roiji says:

    I currently own Beats by Dr. Dre Studio but I’d love to try out Audio-Technica and Steel Series

  31. Don Balanhi says:

    Apple headset. Durable. Quality sound.

  32. Marvin says:

    Just 3days ago i bought Memorex…. accdg to the sales guy its an affiliate of TDK… so far its good

  33. BertSingson says:

    I have pair of Sony. But I usually use the earphones that came with the device (phone or mp3 player) I am using.

  34. jerjer says:

    Hifiman RE0, Meelectronics M6(3 pairs)

  35. xxxxx says:

    Grado + peachtree DAC/headamp :)

    hoping to get a Hifiman soon

  36. r3JAM says:

    I’m a cellphone guy so its a must for me that the headset has an integrated mic. I use Coloud C19M. It got an in-ear buds plus an integrated mic, perfect for cellphones.

  37. notafanboy says:

    I have the following: AKG, Sennheiser, and Creative.

  38. corleonene says:

    Been an Creative EP-630 for about 4 years now :)

  39. iqosmiox says:

    Mine is Klipsch and bose Ie.

  40. audio-engineer says:

    Audio-Technica… when i first listen to my Audio-Technica ATH-M50.. it felt like magic :) m50… the only headphone certified by The Music Engineering & Technology Alliance (METAlliance) and loved by many in audiophile world. you better review this one abe. Beats is nothing compared to this.

  41. Teks says:

    I have 2 Sennheiser. I love the quality.

  42. pabs says:

    A4tech for me…ganda ng sound at mura pa

  43. jonas says:

    sony makes a good quality for me for rich audio including altec lansing

  44. jhepoyski says:

    philips in ear. way better than the original beats.

  45. calvs says:

    i want to have a moshi vortex, great sound and bass but i can’t find any store that has it. :(

  46. xtianG says:

    stock LG optimus one earphones \m/

  47. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Not sure what I’d actually prefer but I was fine with Philips extra-bass 300-buck ones for the longest time until my mom got me my current Altec Lansing ones for a birthday.

  48. been a philips user for the past year ;))

  49. Benchmark says:

    Previously, I always bought cheap earphones but the sound quality is so “CANNY” so I bought Philips…it cost me alot but due to wire tangles I decided to buy a Php2,500 Motorola Bluetooth Ht820 Headset way back 2007…

    Now on its 4 years, it didn’t let me down. :-) (Ala rexona ad)

  50. myet says:

    for $175

  51. jm says:

    Sony Earphones are the best!!!

  52. Rj says:

    Beats By Dr. Dre!

  53. FU says:

    beats tour na fake :)

  54. whatif says:

    Creative earphones that came with my laptop.. 4yrs and counting..

  55. Gregory says:

    Philips SHE-9620 Crystal Sound in-ear earphones which I got last 7/25/2009 for P1800. Worth every penny. Still using them up to now. I compared it with my uncle’s Schure buds and they sounded exactly the same.

  56. Gregory says:

    Sorry, it’s Shure.

  57. boy topax says:

    beats tour at beats studio.both fakes,bwahahaha.peace.hindi kasing mahal pero hindi rin kasing tunog hahahaha

  58. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    CD-R King

  59. mrkwuzhir says:


  60. ad says:

    klipsch custom 3

    • Ian says:

      Klipsch S4i user here. I’m pretty surprised that only a few people are using Klipsch knowing the kind of quality it can deliver for a very reasonable price. You guys might want to give it a try.

  61. drew says:


  62. kiel says:

    Philips SHE9800. Amazing sound quality and comfortable.

  63. popohat says:

    Skull Candy :)

  64. Toni says:

    Got my Sennheiser last year. Still prefer it above the rest.

  65. oyo says:

    bose MIE2i.

  66. t-tard says:

    Creative and Sennheiser

  67. rmg says:

    Bose IE2 user here. You can never go wrong with Bose. A bit expensive pero sulit naman talaga. :)

  68. Joenel says:

    A4tech in-ear earphone.
    good value for money and good quality of sound.

  69. allen says:

    Marshall Minor – nice mesh cord, great sound quality

  70. NeedTextMate says:

    09353128228 Need to be textmate.

  71. duanearmix007 says:

    i use Phillips bluetooth headset. it costs a lot but the sound quality is superb, with real bass. im froun a sound studio industry so i know what IS a good set of headphones.

  72. SoundMagic says:

    Wow, only one person uses SoundMagic here…

    im also a SoundMagic PL11 user… its for 800 pesos but it sounds better than my philips 1.8k iem before…

    and the PL11 has great reviews all over the HiFi world… try it ;)

  73. Digest says:

    Shure, Ultimate Ears.

  74. chibabs says:

    My 2 year old Sennheiser MX500 still works great!

  75. Sneakypete says:

    Colouds or B&W

  76. xtrader says:

    Sennheiser 218

  77. Ram says:

    I used UrbanEars Plattan.

  78. SDB says:

    Sennheiser (IE8) and Ultimate Ears (TF10)

  79. Kyle says:

    I’ve used many earphones over the years and even used to own one in the 4-digit price range, a Shure e2c. Sold it eventually since I didn’t actually like its sound signature, even if it produced technically good sounds. It’s like saying you don’t like Mariah Carey’s songs, even though you know she’s a technically excellent singer.

    Since then, I’ve went on to purchase cheaper ones since my earphones lasted only anywhere from 3 months to 1 1/2 years. Also, cheaper earphones actually provide the masses with the stuff they like: bass (sometimes muddy, sometimes tight), noise isolation and decent mid-range.

    For the cheap earphones I’ve tried, I’ve come to love the old A4Tech MK-650. Loved it so much that I bought it 4 times since it kept breaking in around half a year, as early as 3 months. One earpiece tends to stop working by that time. Note that I said old, by old, I meant the ones without the pinpole and isn’t darkish chrome. The newer ones with the pinhole and darkish chrome have relatively bad highs and ear-piercing treble. The old one was just right to introduce anyone to in-ear earphones.

    As for my current budget pick, G-Cube’s iB-1300 is 400 Php at most Wellcom branches. I’m currently using this one and it delivers a very decent mid-range after 20 hours of burn-in. It also has a relatively tight base, not overpowering. The highs could be a bit better, but it’s already better than the old A4Tech MK-650. You could listen to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” without absolutely no crackling noises at high volume with high power output sources. Soundstage isn’t that good but what other earphones under Php 1000 have a good soundstage? It’s an even better version of the old MK-450 and at a similar price.

    As for non-in-ear earphones, I’d simply recommend the Sennheiser MX500 for under a grand.

  80. Benson says:

    I got a Sennheiser CX 300 and PX 100. And a pair of Beats Tour earphones. Although the CX 300 really is a beter one actually

  81. Van says:

    Sennheiser CX310 adidas

  82. Jayson Moy says:

    Only ONE earphone BEATS THEM ALL:

    SONY MDR E818
    Only 300 pesos
    One of the BEST SONY had created!
    Better than high-priced Sony earphones.
    Used those high-priced Philips but still my ears loved Sony MDR E818.
    Even Sony salespersons attested to that earphones “great quality sound” output.

    Bad news: it’s extinct! I can’t find any store offering that model.

    For now, I’m using Sennheiser and Pioneer earphones, but still missing that Sony (I used it for about a year) kasama ko sa biyahe to office papasok at pauwi. :-)

  83. jun says:

    I love JAYS!! especially my a-jays 3!!!

  84. madshock says:

    I use Audio Technika CK303M… nice price for a decent earphone

  85. RJ says:

    Audio Technica
    Cheaper than other brands..
    Decent sounds..

  86. Lezure2010 says:

    Koss for me!!!!
    Ultimate Ears and Sennheiser follow. My dream phones are Shure 535 though.

  87. JB says:

    I recommend shure earphones – high quality though expensive; I got the 425 and 535 models – totally worth it – durable too

  88. Edward says:

    If ur looking for something not too expensive but worth the money i suggest u buy a4 earphones… Has nice base…

  89. RON says:

    i using my Dr. dre solo hd for about 3yrs now, im so amazed by the performance of this headset though its a bit expensive but worth for such price

  90. koki_motok says:

    i have creative ep-630 , and i had it for 3yrs. i got tired buying the a4tech one so i bought this earphones for 1.8k. never had any regret with my purchase. the bass does not make your ear bleed. was a perfect complement to my creative zen. only bummer is the rubber casing is starting to get worn off. i can’t let go of this though kahit dugyot na tignan with all the tapes around it, kasi my ears loved it so much. i would only replace it if it stopped working.

  91. soduhwhatever says:

    Hed kandi pure kandi cause it’s so stylish. Period. Haha.

  92. jdlc says:

    Etymotic Research ER-6i. One of the best bang-for-buck earphones I’ve had the pleasure to own.

  93. Jeric says:

    Got Sennheiser cx-300-II and cx-475.

  94. geogetski666 says:

    ep-630 and ep-635 nice earphones :) great sound signature almost the same as cx-300 but cheaper and soundmagic pl-50 bang for buck earphone :)

  95. QueerSilver says:

    I’m the most convenient and multi-functional earphones. I love my Sennheiser MX680i but I so want the Jaybird JF3. Anyone knows where I can find those here?

  96. Azathoth says:

    Full-size: Beyerdynamic DT 150 – Built like a tank, dry and detailed midrange, analog-like sound signature. My favorite headphone not for sheer technical capabilities, but for its unique way of portraying accuracy in guitar-based recordings.

    Portable: Creative Aurvana Live! – Foster 399317 bio-cellulose drivers, deep and satisfying bass, rich and thick signature. They’re a steal for $60 on Amazon, compared to the steep Php 8,000 local price.

    IEM: VSONIC GR07 – Detail retrieval on par with $300-400 IEMs, clean and neutral without being boring due to a splash of warmth.

  97. WESC – We Are the Superlative Conspiracy (Headphones), default HTC DHD earphones and Sony in ear earphones (for running).

  98. jayps says:

    etymotic hf-3

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