Poll: Where do you access the Internet from?

Poll: Where do you access the Internet from?


We have a new poll I just put up — Where do you access the Internet from?. You can have as many as 3 options to pick. Choose the top 3 ways you access the internet in our poll. Choices are home, school, workplace, cellphone, public wifi and others.

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8 Responses

  1. i never thought that there’s multiple answers feature of wp-poll. or there’s really not?

  2. Mabs says:

    I access the web from home and office. =)

  3. youngmaze says:

    i access the web from my cellphone, home, and “internet cafe” oopss! i forgot wala pala internet cafe… lol! dapat pala other! hehehee!

  4. paolo says:

    I access my internet from the comfort of my college dorm

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