Poll: Which Android phone are you?

Poll: Which Android phone are you?

Android phones have finally become a staple option for a lot of consumers. There are many affordable entry-level ones up to the high-end flagship handsets available in the market — and it looks like everyone’s got an Android nowadays.


So let’s put this as a poll — which Android phone are you using right now? And how long have you been using it?

Go hit the comments for your answers. Let’s see how pervasive Android is in the Philippines.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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230 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    “and it looks like everyone’s got an Android nowadays”

    hhmm… I don’t quite agree with this. I know a lot of people who still stick with nokia. One can get a decent nokia phone kasi for like 5k while androids are around 8k and above

  2. Mat says:

    Desire HD for 4 months.

    • Mat says:

      Just to add; my wife is using a Desire for around a year and I’m planning on getting my 6 year old a Desire S.

    • Allan says:

      envy the 6 year old..=D

    • Mat says:

      Kids are amazing with technology. My daughters been using all our devices with minimal supervision when she was 2. Soon, she will be teaching me about all these things.

  3. Been using my Wildfire for 4 months now

  4. Th0m5k says:

    Samsung Spica then Motorola Milestone then HTC Desire.

  5. Nomnom says:

    @Frank – but are you aware that android is a smartphone’s OS?

    • Non-Techie says:

      Regardless if he is aware or not, his point is still valid. Android phones are not as cheap as the ones with the basic proprietary operating systems – which in his example are Nokia budget phones.

      He is just saying that not “everyone’s got an Android nowadays”. This is true. I don’t know anyone who’s using an Android phone. It’s either iOS, Blackberry OS, or Nokia-based operating systems.

      Sa mata kasi naming mga pasosyal at social-climbers, mas maganda ang Apple at Blackberry. Pwede ka magpanggap na mayaman pag may iPhone or Blackberry ka, sa Android (Samsung, HTC, Cherry, etc.) medyo kelangan pa ng onting effort. :) Haha joke lang.

  6. jomar says:

    SGS Gingerbread since October 2010

  7. mel galima says:

    samdsung galaxy spica for 8months now :)

  8. Bing Kimpo says:

    Had a Huawei Ideos for a month, then “upgraded” to a second-hand HTC Google Nexus 1, now running Gingerbread. Love it, except that I still have to better manage my battery usage.

    Admittedly though, I am currently lusting for a Dell Streak.

  9. Ces says:

    N1 since Feb 2010

  10. Makee says:

    Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo. :p

  11. roiji says:

    My first Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy Spica (Samdroid Mod) last Apr 2010 and switched to Motorola Milestone (The FroyoMOD 2.5.0) since Oct 2010 and planning to switch to the LG Optimus 3D or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer in the future :)

  12. HTC Wildfire – almost a year

  13. jm says:

    sonyericsson x10, later sony ericsson arc

  14. whatif says:

    n1 – 9months ( nawala)
    sgs – 4 months

  15. Taleweaver says:

    LG Optimus 1 on Android 2.2 Froyo…best midrange Android right now…

    Planning on getting an Xperia Arc or an LG Optimus X2

  16. mAdden says:

    been using samsung spica since first release and still loving it. good thing about android is we have a lot of developers now.

  17. Þasaway says:

    SGS running froyo. 3 months. it can pretty much do anything.

  18. e30ernest says:

    N1 9 months then it got stolen. Replaced it with a Nexus S, just under a month using it now. :)

  19. 'drin says:

    Galaxy 5 running 2.2. 6 months.

  20. anson says:

    been using a galaxy tab for 6 months now as my main tool for accomplishing my work , love the features and loaded it w tons of apps , very useful specially “sygic aura” , i don’t need to carry another PND when travelling . translator and those measurements apps

  21. chinitoguy says:

    I have been using an Android phone for 6 months now. My first Android phone is a Samsung Galaxy S. I am now using a Samsung Galaxy Ace and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. My Galaxy Ace looks like the iPhone but its a far better device than that device. Apple Sucks! Google RULES!

  22. e30ernest says:

    How good is the Philippine coverage for Sygic Aura? 70 euros is a pretty steep price….

  23. Harley Son says:

    Never tried an android but surely be my next gadget after this blackberry.

    keep them posting sir abe! i love reading it everyday!

  24. ABH2 says:

    HTC Magic for 11 months -> HTC HD2 running MIUI android for 4 months now. It’s Android or nothing!

  25. Christian says:

    HTC DESIRE HD :) awesome phone and looks great! Has a huge huge screen. :) I love Android :)

  26. eric says:

    I have an optimus one. Besides the processor at 600MHz, everythins great. Best value for money. I am now saving for an optimus 2X.

  27. Wreek888 says:

    Samsung galaxy spica i like it very fast for browsing, back to back with galaxy tab.

  28. /m says:

    Nexus One since Feb 2010…

  29. wengweng2003 says:

    htc desire hd for about 3 months now

  30. Varn says:

    1 week old Motorola Defy, and i’m loving it!!! rooted but still too chicken to put in a modded rom…

  31. Jumbo says:

    Samsung Galaxy SL. 3 Weeks! Can’t get my hands off it! :)

  32. Xallisto says:

    Thinking of getting Desire S. By the way, I read somewhere that it is not possible to root it, can anyone confirm? Thanks!

    • Allan says:

      i believe htc has done something to prevent rooting..by NAND or something like that..i forgot the exact thing they’ve done..so as of now new htc phones can’t be rooted or can’t be rooted yet..

    • Xallisto says:

      Thanks Allan! Saw your post saying you bought an Incredible S. By any chance, did you get it locally? Also, what’s stopping me from getting the Desire S would be the dual cores. They seem like they’d be some kind of breakthrough but up to now, there’s no proven use for their processing power.

    • Allan says:

      as far as i know HTC incredible S wont be available locally..so you need to buy it on other asian countries..

      i didn’t go for the dual cores since it would be my first android phone and i dont want to spend alot of money just to regret it in the future because i dont like the android OS or many apps wont be needing dual cores..

      plus like ernest said..many of the apps here are free..so i shouldn’t expect much from the apps..unlike iOS which has “cracked” apps..(i own a ipod touch bec. i feel iphones are over-rated but i need the iOS apps for medical purposes)..

      i believe FREE apps might not use the full potential of your phone so it might not use dual cores..and lastly, i could wait for a time that majority of apps that utilizes dual cores before buying one..let the apps catch up first..that’s just my opinion…

      *i’d rather spend large amount of money buying a tablet than buying above 25K phones..easier to read ebooks, watch movies or edit photos..

    • Xallisto says:

      These are good points that you brought up, and I agree on the actual ‘need’ for dual cores. Thanks again.

  33. Allan says:

    Just bought a htc incredible S. Still finding the android way. Anyone kind enough to recommend good apps? especially in the medical field. and i believe this phone cant be rooted yet as of now.

  34. e30ernest says:

    Most people don’t need root to be honest. I don’t know much about medical apps but the desktop version of the Android market is way easier to browse than the mobile version:


    • Allan says:

      if i’m not mistaken..some apps needs to be rooted or just the “MOD”s??..i agree that the desktop version is easier but finding/screening a USEFUL one is my problem..

    • Allan says:

      and are all of them really FREE???..too good to be true??..

    • oktnxbai says:

      Some apps which require ‘root’ permission obviously requires the phone to be rooted. Root apps push Android to its limit by changing or altering several things in the Android core to suit the user’s need.

      Not everyone is required to be rooted.

      Most apps are free. Maybe around 70% of the time.
      Btw, you will not be able to view paid apps here in the Philippines because our country is not activated by Google to make purchases.

      So yeah, only free apps here. (With the exception of Amazon AppStore)

    • Allan says:

      now i get it..free to INSTALL but NOT free to use..nice marketing strategy..and is there an “apptrakr” for android??

    • e30ernest says:

      Rooting isn’t really needed since chances are, you can already do what you want or need the device to do:


      It’s not like iOS. You can even install non-market (apps not from the Android Market) without the need to root your device.

      Sorry I couldn’t help you find cracked apps. I usually download my apps straight from the Android Market.

      If you really want access to paid apps, an old U.S. SIM card will do the trick. I have a T-Mobile prepaid SIM handy just to download paid applications. They are cheap anyway averaging at 60 pesos or so per application and updates are free.

      As for screening medical apps, Google might be your best friend. Also, reading user reviews and ratings help a lot. Or you can download and try them. They are free afterall and if you don’t like it, it doesn’t take much to uninstall it.

      I hope this helps. :)

    • Allan says:

      thanks..but how come i need a US sim card? i don’t get the point..

    • Allan says:

      even if the US sim is not in ROAMING??

    • e30ernest says:

      Yes. I download things via WiFi since my US SIM has no signal here.

      Google hasn’t officially supported the Philippines so you cannot make purchases using SIM cards from the Philippines. See the link below for a list of supported countries:


      The Android Market reads what SIM you have on, and if your SIM is not in the list of officially supported countries, you can only access SOME free apps (you can’t get Google Buzz or the latest version of Maps for example). Even using proxies won’t work.

    • e30ernest says:

      Yes. I download things via WiFi since my US SIM has no signal here. In fact, my SIM is already expired but I can still use it.

      Google hasn’t officially supported the Philippines so you cannot make purchases using our SIM cards. See the link below for a list of supported countries:


      The Android Market reads what SIM you have on, and if your SIM is not in the list of officially supported countries, you can only access SOME free apps (you can’t get Google Buzz or the latest version of Maps for example). Even using proxies won’t work.

  35. intersectRaven says:

    Nexus One

  36. oktnxbai says:

    Nexus S since January.

  37. Anticipated the Samsung Galaxy Ace since it was announced, researched its specs if it will fit my needs and bought it a week after it was released here in the Phils. :D

    Aside from the design (iphone look-alike), yung specs talaga ang nag “close” ng deal sa akin; a midrange 800mhz android smartphone that can do what the iphone can do (and more). :D
    I dont need the HD vid/ vid recording because we have a player and HD tv for that at home.I don’t use my phone for movie viewing anyway. High fidelity mp4 is good enough for me :D
    Samsung Galaxy Ace can do word-processing,browsing(wi-fi),gaming,downloading,picture-taking(although the less stellar zoom feature was a little frustrating),music smoothly at a price way cheaper than the iphone. (around 13500Php) :D
    So far, wala pa akong naiisip na ipalit dito, but the Samsung Galaxy S II is a possibility. :D

    Ayun, haba ng comment ah LOL

  38. pabs says:

    just bought a samsung galaxy s last week and I’m loving it.

  39. agvu says:

    htc legend android 2.2 froyo with htc sense. using it for 6 months now

  40. xuaedeaux says:

    I’ve been using my HTC Desire for 8 months.

  41. go15 says:

    I am using a sony ericsson x10 mini pro while my father and sister are using ZTE San Francisco. We bought it in switzerland with a very very cheap price of 4500 pesos each (100 swiss francs). It was locked in orange mobile. When the Filipinos in switz learned that it can be unlocked, it was sold out very quick that it was hard to find! today it is now sold at around 5000 pesos at Kiosk stand (where they sell newspaper and drinks)

  42. arj says:

    archos tab running on gingerbread

  43. Marvin says:

    Just bought my SE Xperia Arc last week, and so far im liking it. aside from the superb reality display, its actually user friendly….

  44. Hi says:

    Ive been using a 4 month old galaxy tab line from smart & happy w/ it.Planning to dispose it once Asus EEE Memo arrives and also get a galaxy S II to change my 4 month old samsung HD 8910i.Awaiting for next yr’s 2ghz quadcore from samsung.

  45. fr0stbyte says:

    HTC Desire HD. Lovin’ it.

  46. Jeff says:

    Im using SE Xperia X10 since last year, still waiting for a SE dual-core. i love SE designs.

    • Marvin says:

      SE should’ve made Xperia Arc dual core but accdg to reviews, u dont really need dual cores if ur using ur phone for basic needs like tx, call, apps. its actually pretty fast for a single core

    • jeff says:

      Kaya nga sayang yung design. Pro s performance ok naman. Di ko nmn mhhalata ung difrens compared to dualcore when ur using the basic functions. Pro sa games net. Tsaka capable din ng 1080 ung mga dual. Upgrade n lng ung naging weakness ng arc. Same design with alumnum case pra premium look din. Panalo tlga.

  47. Toni says:

    Had my HTC Desire for 6 months now, and I’m still delighted with it.

    As said earlier, rooting isn’t really necessary if you’re just a casual user. You can have a very satisfying experience with an unrooted phone – I only rooted my phone after a month of using Sense. I wanted to explore what my phone could do, hence I rooted and first tried out LeeDroid, then Oxygen, then Cyanogen, and finally MIUI (this is now my ROM of choice). My friends are usually daunted by the UI, but really, it’s not that hard to get into.

  48. someone says:

    Motorola Defy

    – 512mb ram
    – 3.7″ multitouch / capacitive, wvga screen
    – processor is enough to play divx/xvid encoded videos (SD quality)
    – can also play hd games
    – can take decent pics under proper lighting conditons

  49. Jerick says:

    I have a Motorola Milestone for about a year now and I’m just as happy as the first day I bought it :-)

  50. jobeck says:

    been using HTC Desire since June of last year.
    Planning to get a dual core android for an upgrade. I’ll stick with HTC though. I love their product build.


  51. Brian says:

    HTC Desire HD since March this year and the Original Desire before that which I bought last July.

  52. Jhay says:

    iPhone is still the best. Android phones are sub-par

    • eheh says:

      What a stupid post! He didn’t asked about iphones? Magbasa ka naman!

    • peacekeeper05 says:

      Currently uses an optimus one for 4 months now. And will be ready for an upgrade this coming week. But i’ll probably wait for an optimus 2x or a samsung galaxy s 2.
      Android made me feel smart and complete. The opennes and freedom it gives is absolutely great

    • pepot says:


    • santa_claus says:

      I had an iphone and it pissed me off so much after a year of use i threw it up against a brick wall. Got great satifaction watching is break into bits. Did some research and bought the HTC Desire. Best phone I’ve ever had. Can’t see any reason for going back to apple rubbish!

    • Eingild says:

      So much for trolling huh?

    • Pseudopenggy says:


    • Jologs says:

      Obviously a troll. Dapat di na pinapatulan to e.

  53. Christian says:

    “Which Android phone are you?”

    and then…

    “Iphone is still the best.”

    WOW! Simply W O W !

    • Jologs says:

      I agree and yes I get your sarcasm on your response to Jhay. This is an Android thread. Although I am currently an iPhone user, nakakaasar ung mga ganyang comments. Spam the iPhone threads, no!

      Anyway on a related note, used the HTC Desire last year for around 3 months, then sold it.

      If I were to choose another Android device, I’d probably get the Galaxy S. Or one of those dual core LG phones.

  54. vince says:

    Im using HTC Desire…love it.


    say that if your iPhone has a Flash Player already ok!… now which OS is sub-par?

  55. Been using the Xperia X8 for 2 months now…It’s been great and reliable…

  56. Paolo says:

    Samsung Galaxy S flashed with Darky’s ROM. I’ve been using it for almost 9 months now.

    Rooting and flashing and lag fixing has been the best decisions I’ve made with it. Nerdgasm. :)

    Re iPhone vs Android: I hope people grow up already. To each his own! The iPhone has its merits, Android phones have their own. Aren’t you happy consumers have choices now? Good vibes lang! :)

  57. Alright I had enough of this Gay Jhay M****F***R
    hey Ima start trollin on you now F****R!
    you and your Linux ass should be lurking @ gsmarena.com and do your trolling there you B***H and quit commenting in this site!

    your a weak ass wannabe techy but I know where you live maybe in the slums..

    Let Jobs F**K u in the Ass and give him the “Job” k? and please away with your false hopes on your B**H Ass OS linux aight??

    More power yuga and ban Gay Jhay

  58. Seph says:

    Currently on Nexus S – still less than a month’s use.

    Previously owned a Nexus One – a year and 2 months.

    LOL @ the i-Troll.

  59. leemar says:

    motorola milestone, been using this for 7 months. so far ok naman. dont have plans to upgrade this year, since pare-pareho lang naman ang software and features.

  60. Mikhail says:

    Nexus one for almost a year now. So many ROM to choose from and endless support from devs. Dnt feed the troll lol.

  61. Apache says:

    For now i only use Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ But waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S II Got to have one of those. But hey first Android Phone or Tab. :D still loving the SGT.

  62. dan says:

    I would probably go for the SE Xperia X2 or the Samsung Galaxy S II.

    Xperia Arc: best-looking phone to date IMHO. Only “letdown” is the single-core CPU which isn’t really much of a letdown since I’m not in for hardcore games. Just how “future-proof” this phone is in terms of updates begs to be asked.

    Galaxy S II: second best-looking Android phone IMHO. Dual-core CPU is a plus making it “future-proof” for apps and updates to come. I’m not sure if I really like the Touchwiz customization but the built-in multi-codec support is definitely a bonus in my book.

    Off-topic: planning to get an iPad in addition to a smartphone. Larger screen is good for reading ebooks and running DICOM files of CT&MRI plates. Will wait for Android to catch-up in the realm of medical apps. Again, to each his own. :)

  63. Got an
    HTC HD2 Android 2.3.3/ Dec. 2010
    Cherry Mobile Superion Oct.2010
    Huawei Ideos April 2011 (Smart Locked)
    and Motorola Xoom wifi Only Honeycomb last March 27, 2011.

  64. tonio says:

    lg optimus one – dec 2010

  65. ke says:

    HTC desire since June or July 2010.
    Burnt my old main board, had it replaced last month. Working fine, so far.

  66. dementedkid says:

    HTC Wildfire since October

  67. papao6 says:

    LG optimus one – one month na sa akin…
    pero dami na agad magaganda na lumalabas kaya mag ipon ulit ako para mabili ng dual core android phone…

  68. supernaut says:

    Been using Huawei IDEOS U8500 for almost 6 months now. Very affordable and so far still satisfied and keeps up with my needs. I think its not yet available locally but the U8150 (offered by smart) is good too.

  69. zer0ice says:

    Which Android phone are you using right now?
    Samsung Galaxy S

    And how long have you been using it?
    Bought it July 2010, so that’s 10 months already.

  70. Cliff Rosario says:

    bought HTC Desire HD last March.. but I’m thinking really hard if I should buy the SGS II or wait it out till Q4..

    *also I have an iP4 at the same time… in response to Jhay’s post.. yes it was not that smart of you to do so… iOS4 and Android both have Strong and Weak points.. it’s just a matter of preference.

  71. billy says:

    LG Optimus one since November 2010

  72. scandid says:

    Android is for Jologs! ewwww!

    • lolipown says:

      so how’s symbian working out for you?

    • Epstein says:

      how did you know that he/she is using symbian?

    • dan says:

      Off-topic: Symbian’s fine with me. In fact, I’m using the N8. Quite disappointed that Nokia’s ditching Symbian in favor of Windows Phone OS. If you ask me, Symbian is an “okay” platform: the core features are already there but needs polishing of UI and developer support to be competitive with the new and flashier OSes. With Nokia’s plan for WP, users are left with Android, iOS, and WP as future devices.

    • arj says:

      expect PR 2 update or symbian anna coming soon as an upgrade to nokia symbian 3

  73. Dennis Orge says:

    I’m using Samsung Galaxy Ace since February this year. So far, I’m very satisfied with it.

  74. Mikhail says:

    @scandid, please explain to me how would “jologs” root their android devices, flashing custom ROMs, kernel and radio?

    • Pseudopenggy says:

      Let me add on that. Please explain how we create programs on our android phones. :)

  75. Martin says:

    I’m still using the good old Samsung Spica. Upgraded to 2.2. :)

  76. Al says:

    Same here! Still using galaxy spica on 2.2 :)

  77. name says:

    HTC Desire HD is the awesomest Android in the Philippines now, I wanna downgrade to an HTC Desire S (downgrade like downgrade the camera), I just want the Desire S’ design, it’s awesomely awesome! But, I’ve heard about the new BB Curve Apollo, maybe I’d get that instead of gettin an Android. Ugh, I dunno what I’m gonna choose, I don’t want my post to be irrelevant about the topic that’s why I answered HTC Desire HD. But, can anyone help me, I have an Android phone already and buying another one would be a bit impractical, it’s like I’m gettin two things of the same thing (you get what I mean? :D) and I wanna experience the BBOS for a change, whacha think people? sorry for saying some stuff that have nothing to do with the post of Yuga, but I just wanna ask. But, I AM AN HTCDESIRE HD .. :D

  78. Prosopagnosia11 says:

    LG Optimus One since Dec 2010

  79. jojo says:

    I have been using an htc wildfire for 4 months now, thou i feel that i should have bought an htc desire for a much better texting experience for i find the virtual numeric keypad of the wildfire too small. now i am waiting for an android phone with dual sim with at least the size of desire, so that i don’t need to carry another phone for my roaming sim.

  80. Name: says:

    been using sony x10 mini pro for 4 months already. i chose it because of the small size, i use it mainly for text, phone and facebook. for other needs, i use a laptop

  81. Charmaine says:

    I’ve been using SGS for almost 9 months now.. And I’d say it’s the only phone that lasted with me so far, even though I liked the iPhone more. :)

  82. Sam says:

    I’m currently using Samsung Galaxy S for 4 months now. It’s Super AMOLED display is just so beautiful, exquisite, and perfect for watching videos. Capturing videos on 720p HD just gives me more love for the phone.

    Planning on upgrading to SGS2 soon, I believe that it’s a gift like no other. Especially the 1.2GHz Dual-Core Exynos-SAMOLED+ version. :)

  83. I have Galaxy Tab as my Tablet :)

  84. scandid says:

    Android Phones??? Looks cheap.

    • Eingild says:

      Imma troll here for a second guys. If you don’t want it then don’t buy it. No one’s forcing you. Besides, your simple brain cannot comprehend modifying Android to use its full potential.

  85. Toni says:

    Looks like we have a troll here.

  86. Julie says:

    LG P500 still the best for me…yahooooooooooooooo

  87. I have a HTC Wildfire. I’ve been using it for 2 months now (February 2011) – it works wonders for me.

  88. jb says:

    Used to own iPhone. Now I have Galaxy S. Would not exchange it for any other brand/model; except perhaps Galaxy SII.

  89. Carlo says:

    Trolls / link baiters on Yugatech comments? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

  90. riki says:


  91. MiGz15 says:

    LG Optimus one. since Nov 30 2k10. :D Wants LG optimus 2x. :/

  92. Lezuric says:

    Got Samsung Galaxy S GT-9000.. I am actually amazed with this android.. and now waiting for SGS-II! :D

  93. Pseudopenggy says:

    Galaxy S. AMOLED for the WIN.

  94. Jisondla says:

    Samsung nexus S for me since Jan 2011

  95. Cloyds says:

    im using HTC Wildfire since october 2010 until now….great phone im happy to use it everyday…

  96. villa says:

    LG Optimus One P500 since Feb 2011. I’m not that tech- savvy but I appreciate how I am able to control which apps work for me best :)

  97. Arnel says:

    I had a Galaxy Ace 2 months ago but my good friend loved it…now I’m using a Galaxy Fit for 2 weeks…

  98. Ron says:

    I’m using Samsung GT-S5570. cheap but worth my money than iphone =p.

  99. JuanMarco says:

    Hi, i know this is off-topic, but i just saw 2 android phones being debuted by Torque at Robinson’s Galleria. Both have froyo 2.2 under the hood. One retailed for about 7k+ while the other one was listed at 9k+. I didn’t catch the specs on the 9k droid (coz my gf yanked my arm towards a boutique shop) but i did a quick glance at the 7k version and it didn’t appear to have 3g. probably on the 9k version.

    I could be wrong about the specs, but it’s certainly interesting how androids are becoming more affordable for the masses.

    The samsung galaxy ace is my target phone though, at the moment.

    • Sonny says:

      correct, walang 3g, and mtk processor sya – same processor used in china phones

  100. Doc Harry says:

    Using an IP4 but seriously looking at getting an Android phone to replace my Nokia work phone. Of course, I’d really want something running Gingerbread on a dual-core, but for practical purposes, the Galaxy Ace seems to fit the bill for me. Any other mid-level options out there?

    • papa says:

      ok na yang ACE for mid-range secondary phone. but you may also want to consider galaxy SL. just add 4k. :-)

  101. zaffy says:

    Been using HTC Desire HD for almost 2 months. I was absolutely blown away by this gadget! One of the best android phones in the market right now. Speed and performance wise, this phone is surely a front runner. I also like the big screen. It defies the boundary between the mobile phones and tablets. I just wish internal memory was larger.

    I have friends in the office who use Iphone4. And when they saw my DHD, they just wanted to thrash theirs. Iphone is a good phone, I just don’t think they’re being fair to consumers. With all the high end phones in the market right now, they should snap out of this inkling of giving prestige to those who buys their device. Owning an iphone does not make you an elite class. It’s crazy that you have to pay for each application you download. And to those android haters who keep on telling how cheap the OS is, then don’t you find jailbreaking of your iphone even worse? Android phones are fast paced. And I don’t think it’s something that iphone can keep up with. Substance over form my friends.

    • Jologs says:

      I am an iphone 4 user, previously an HTC Desire user. I was not impressed, that’s why I switched.

      Funny thing is, what turned me off from the Android OS in general is the lack of good apps in the Android Market. And just to correct you, you do NOT have to pay for every application that you download. My phone isn’t jailbroken but I have about 90 out of 100 apps free. And the ten that I paid for were about 99 cents each. Not bad, considering that the superior quality of these apps.

      And Android is fast paced compared to the iPhone? I hope you can tell that to the other device owners who are still waiting for their eclair/froyo/gingerbread update. :)

      Anyway, like some of the other sensible readers who commented here, it’s a matter of preference. Wanting my iPhone over Android devices does not make me stupid nor people preferring Android to iOS does not make them jologs.

    • e30ernest says:

      I agree to this somewhat. Android is lagging in terms of applications. While functionally, they may be the same (or even be better) than some iOS apps, they generally lack the polish iOS apps have.

      It’s a changing trend though. With the explosion of Android sales the past year, more and more developers are joining the Android band-wagon, and some iOS apps are being ported to Android.

      Pretty soon, both app stores will be populated by similar quality apps, and the choice between either OS will purely come down to preference.

    • scandid says:

      the “popular” Angry Bird was released by

      AppStore – December 2009,
      Android Market – October 2010….

      And so the trend continues….

    • Jologs says:

      If that happens then winner pa rin ang consumers for having more choices. :)

    • zaffy says:

      I don’t understand why iphone users keep on bragging about their phones in this thread. Do they even understand what this poll is for? Give this one to the android users and just wait for your turn. i hope that you respect that. you’re the ones causing the downfall of your so called iphone community. sports lang tayo mga tol. i know democracy. but it doesn’t mean pede mo na sabihin lahat ng gusto lalo pa hindi naman yon ang topic dito. mga inggeterong to. hehe :P

    • Jologs says:

      Dude, did you even look at the comments that you made. I agree that this is an Android thread so why bring the ip4 in the conversation. Remember, you are the one who started it, and people responded. Had you not mentioned the ip4 in your obviously uneducated rant (and when I say that, I mean you are clueless about the device itself being a non-user), then people wouldn’t have responded. You get what you give. See if the others get responses na mentioned and ip4? Hindi diba? Kse di sila katulad mo. They answered the survey question straight away. Oh well… there goes another one… Another epitome of the ANdroid fanboy who disses the ip4 para lang maiangat ang preferred OS nya.

    • zaffy says:

      i didn’t start it. do u know how to scroll down? kung babasahin mo yung previous posts. makikita mo na your iphone fellow users ang nagstart nito. this poll is exclusive for android users. so kapag may nang okray ng android, it’s just normal that we react and respond. plus may sinabi ba kong pangit ang iphone? sinabi ko lang na for me mas maganda ang anrdroid. i have friends who switched from iphone to android. sa kanila nanggaling na it was a big waste buying that device. plus not owning an iphone makes me ignorant of what it does. yes i’m an android fanboy and that’s why i’m here. eh ikaw? bat ka nandito? again. i have nothing against iphone. nagkataon lang n mas bet ko tlg ang android, especially my DHD. think before you write. this is an android domain. epal.

    • Jologs says:

      Hindi na kita papatulan kse your background is very clear on the way you post and your name-calling. Twagin mo akong epal? Who cares? Call me all the names you want:it does not reflect on my character, but on yours. :)

      On your last post, marami pang points na kapatol patol but I think I already wasted enough time on you. So have a good day na lang.

      And again, kudos to all those who can express their opinions ng hindi napipikon. You’re obviously not one of them. :)

    • zaffy says:

      wow. bakit inaaway ba kita? i’m just responding. tinawag kitang epal kc wala k nmn sa iphone poll. see? i’m sure natanggap mo n rin ang mistake mo that’s why you’re leaving this poll. ako ay nagcocomment lang din. epal is not harsh a word if it perfectly describes the person it’s pertaining to. ayaw din kitang patulan. going back to my original post. wala naman akong masamang sinabi don. why don’t you condemn your fellow iphone users na bigla na lang sumulpot dito at nagsasabi ng kung ano2 about android. kaya lang nmn ako nagcomment ng ganun because of them. kung may pikon d2 ikaw yun. kc kung sport ka dapat di ka nagreact sa simula pa lang. again. epal.

    • Jologs says:

      As I’ve said, di na kita papatulan. Walang kwenta ang usapan na to.

      I’m gonna be the bigger person and be patient with those na hindi marunong umintindi. After all, kakatapos lang ng Holy Week. :)

      Also, I do not condemn people who express their opinions. I condemn trolls, at mga taong bastos makitungo. I am just wondering what type of upbringing you have if you think name-calling is ok. :)

      Oh, speaking of trolls, have you seen this thread?


      Looking at this thread, e napaka-tame pa nga ng ip4 users compared to the hardcore Android fanboys. :)

    • Jologs says:

      Di na kita papatulan dahil walang kwenta ang usapang to. Call me epal all you want. Like what I said, it does not reflect on my character but on yours. :)

      Just a piece of advice, look back on your original post. Don’t tell mo di mo nabanggit ang ip4? Don’t tell me if the situation were reversed and if I were on an iphone thread and started comparing it to Android, walang sasagot? Yun lang.

      And anyway, I believe the conversation between the two of us is a reflection of both our characters and I am proud to say na wala akong dapat ikahiya. :)

    • zaffy says:

      weh? ocge na ikaw ng bida ikaw ng may breeding. galing no? sabi mo di ka magrereply eh nagreply ka pa rin nmn. epal k tlg. dun ka nga sa forum ng iphone hindi yung umeeksena ka dito. bakla ka. hehe

  102. vhins says:

    HTCwildfire for 2 mons then i bought Samsung galaxy ace. so far i love my samsung Galaxy ACE.

  103. jojo says:

    me -> HTC Desire HD –
    my brother -> Sony Xperia
    Parehong sulit..

    Samsung and LG — maker’s of plasticky gadgets
    haha.. try before you buy, para wag magsisi

    • e30ernest says:

      It depends. Plastic vs metal is a very subjective matter and really depends on the implementation. Personally I have come to like the plastic builds of the Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus S. It feels good to hold, and the material used are of pretty high-quality.

      One advantage I can really see on plastics is that they are light! My Nexus S feels better on my pocket than my Nexus One was. The combination of the material and the shape also makes the Nexus S easier to hold. My Nexus One always felt like it wanted to jump off my hand so I always found myself using it with two hands.

  104. Anjo says:

    I’m currently enjoying my SE x10 running on official Android 2.1. Got it last December 2010. No plans yet of changing this phone. Can’t wait for the gingerbread update! :)

  105. Jun says:

    Motorola Milestone, upgraded to 2.2. Great! No problems.

  106. fireball says:

    i’ve been using alcatel ot-980 since march. cheap yet reliable and solid construction.

  107. Guilar says:

    Samsung Galaxy SL user for 2 months now. First time on a Samsung phone AND a smartphone.

    I continue to use it as a note-taking device with its bundled ThinkFree Office App, where creating Office documents are a breeze.

    I know it’s a watered down version of the Galaxy S, but it’s performing up to my expectations. Am on page 9 for all the apps I’ve downloaded so far!

    Big screen, free value apps, document viewer and editor, sketchbook, web browser, multi-media device, casual gaming device. All I need in a mobile world… for now.

  108. Chubilito says:

    I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 for two years now. The phone’s OS was upgraded to Android 2.1. Accidentally dropped it several times already,and still going. Solid built. The best thing is it’s cheap. =]

  109. Providence says:

    Using a Motorola Milestone XT720 (the 1st android phone with Xenon Flash).

    Installed a custom ROM that uses Froyo, so far so good. I haven’t tested the HDMI port yet since I dont have a TV with HDMI. Camera shots are good, but video recording lags. Other than that its good.

  110. amao says:

    Ako. LG Optimus One,p500… worth the price plus all the custom Rom/tweaks/kernels…. but I also want to try samsung’s amoled/plus phones, HTC desire z, and all the latest xperia android phone…

  111. Stephen says:

    I’m using a LG GT540 Optimus and it’s going it’s first year with me this August. Even though it is stuck on Eclair and only packs a resistive screen, it’s responsiveness is very good.
    it’s a solid phone and I think I’ll be sticking longer with this one until I can buy myself a better phone.

  112. Dean says:

    4 months on my Samsung Galaxy S.. :)

  113. technomonarch says:

    I had a Samsung Galaxy S. It’s all about the Super AMOLED. Me and the people who had seen the screen had been astonished by the quality of the display. The number 1 Android phone of 2010 according to gsmarena.

  114. Wacko says:

    I’m using xperia x8 updated to 2.2 froyo (Un official update after rooting and etc) . I prefer iOS ( my 3GS and iPad) over android I terms of responsiveness, apps

  115. dnomder says:

    Weeksary of my Motorola Atrix and I.

  116. brown says:

    HTC desire Z…. been using this since december. Great phone exept for the hinge problem…..

  117. haha. okey lang ba na sabihin kong GALAXY TAB..OO MALAKI talaga. hehe. lahat andun na. dinadala ko siya sa school araw araw. partida, ang laki talaga.

  118. Ronskie says:

    Dell Streak/Dell Mini 5 on Froyo(android 2.2.1) been using for almost 3 months, so far so good, not that big and not that small really lovin it… hoping and waiting for the gingerbread upgrade/update…

  119. aika says:

    using galaxy 5. does lots of stuff high-end phones can do… has a few limitations but considering the price, definitely worth buying especially if you’re new to android. too bad can’t upgrade it to froyo via kies, here in the phil.

  120. winwin22 says:

    I am using LG Optimus One since november last year. This phone is fantastic and I was amazed with the display. But the applications are not that great, games are somehow boring compared to iOS apps. That’s why I’ll buy iPhone 3gs next week since android doesn’t seems to satisfy my needs.

  121. tebenets says:

    user of LG Optimus Gt540. kind of disappointed because of it’s constant rebooting… been looking around for a dual sim android with a 4.3 inch screen or bigger in the market for my work phone. for the LG, i’ll just trade it for a iphone 3gs or iphone 4 2nd hand for my wife. coz I’ll be waiting for the iphone 5 from globe (if it launches this year)

  122. Nike Nelson says:

    Ive been using sgs 2.2 froyo for 9 mos and still loving it… 1 of the best android fone ever!… still waiting for the official release of gingerbread… using otter box as a protective its shield… SWABE!!!…

  123. logan024 says:

    I’ve been dabbling in the Android SDK for months and been using the Samsung Galaxy 5 as a test phone. So far so good.

  124. Cooksterrific says:

    I’ve had my Motorola Defy (my first smartphone ever) since March 19, 2011 and so far, I’m a devotee. :-)

    Smooth and crisp UI and I absolutely enjoy the convenience of getting my apps from the Android Market. I’m crossing my fingers for the availability of the OFFICIAL Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies and Cooking Mama. Then, I’ll be the total Android (phone) fan girl. XD

    PS. Whether or not my Defy gets the Froyo update this year doesn’t even matter to me. :-) I’ll be a loyal Android user for a loong time yet. I can’t wait to get my Motorola Xoom someday! ^__~

  125. roca says:

    Im running a Deisre HD, been with me since early Feb. i also have an HTC hero for Sun, and before my DHD i had a Galaxy s, but it got stolen. haha

  126. bennet says:

    got myself a LG optimus GT540… i felt a bit disappointed with the performance. i’m looking for dual sim capable android phones for my work phone.

    i’ll trade this lg for a 2nd hand Iphone.

  127. Mills says:

    an LG P500 since Feb — its been so nice having an android phone! will probably upgrade once higher android OS are released :D

  128. Michael Silva says:

    I got mine last year of April. I have an HTC Magic from Smart and up to now i still like it. Being able to hack and upgrade it from android 1.5 to 2.3 makes it like a computer that can be updated to the current OS but of course hardware would be a problem. Never the less i love my Magic. :)

  129. slabster says:

    samsung nexus s…
    i want to have that sgs2 >_>

  130. grace says:

    i have an HTC HD2 running on android gingerbread 2.3. i’ve been using android on my phone since i bought it, and i never looked back. piece of advice, throw away your iphones and switch to android!

  131. GrewSober says:

    I used to have Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 that I’ve used for 5 months but replaced it with the uber awesome Samsung Galaxy Ace (I bought it last April 4, 2011). I was pretty much disaapointed with Sony Ericsson since I used to be a big fan of their phones but since they’re not providing any software update to X8, I better move on to something better. I purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace with no regrets unlike when I bought Xperia X8 that i was haivng these second thought if I did really made a good buy. I am now looking forward to have the samsung Galaxy S II.

    • Jologs says:

      I think yung SE is focusing more on the newer phones that they launched kaya mejo nakakalimutan yung mga nauna. Kita ko nga, the newer ones were shipping out with Gingerbread. And grabe, when I saw the Experia ARC, nakakapanlaway sya. In fairness, maganda sya talaga.

  132. cliffrosario says:

    @Grace … Another stupid advice. As stated before people.. iOS4 and Android have its strengths and weaknesses..It’s just a matter of preference.

    I have an HTC Desire HD and an iPhone 4… and what I can say is… both are great especially when it has unlimited internet since I have a postpaid plan through Globe… now that’s where the true test is.. being able to fully utilize whatever the manufacturer’s are claiming.

    It’s all in your preference.. that’s all there is.. so please.. to everyone out there who’s about to post something.. be considerate enough to choose your words carefully and try not to be so bashful about it.. and do not emulate those people that were not so Smart about their post.

    • Jologs says:

      What a sensible person you are. I guess we need more of people who are like you here. :)

  133. aby says:

    HTC Desire. 3 months. =)

  134. bobet says:

    samsung galaxy ace – a delight to use, a breather after using nokia symbian phones for a decade. there’s one thing though that i hope android considered improving – when using a custom mp3 tone for message notification, the tone has a very faint sound, you can’t barely hear your phone sounding off incoming sms. and character counter when composing sms must be pre-installed with the OS, i have to download Handcent to make use of this functionality.

  135. Gamedok says:

    I use HTC Desire, so far I am very contented especially with the custom ROM like the MIUI.

  136. James says:

    X10, am thinking of getting the SGS2

  137. archos says:

    Archos70! not a phone actually. hehehe

    I prefer android pa rin. ios is not that bad, though madaming limitations..
    IMHO, at sa aking napapansin, mga kakilala kong may iphone ay makapag-angas lang, at mga walang savings! They chose to have an iphone, rather than ipon. hehehe
    Kaya hindi na ako naaamaze sa mga nakikitaan ko ng iphone, sigurado mas madami pa akong pera dun. hahaha
    —ooops, personal opinion at experience at mga personal na kakilala ko ang tinutukoy ko ha? peace!

    btw, planning to buy my android phone this may/june. SE arc or optimus black for single core.
    sana affordable ang sgs2 or optimus 2x (dual core).
    depende pa sa magiging presyo nila sa june kung anong kahahantungan ko. :-)

    • arj says:

      I’m using archos101IT running on android version 2.3.xx. the update has improved the tablet’s performance.

  138. Ryan Sanico says:

    I just bought my HTC Desire S. Such a powerful phone. That’s why i love your planet Earth, lots of fancy gadgets. ^_^

  139. Samui says:

    HTC Desire for the past 7 months. I still love it. I just get annoyed with the small internal memory.

    Will upgrade in 2 years pa. I’ll let this depreciate first hehe.

  140. John says:

    Wildfire since Jan of this year. Just right for my needs and I’m very happy with it :)

  141. gorio says:

    im using samsung galaxy mini. its really cool and cheap android phone. i can view all my excel, powerpoint, pdf files of my company.

  142. wilbrent says:

    for now optimus one, just waiting for the optimus 2x….hmmmm

  143. teryoki says:

    Optimus 1 since december. up to now walang modifications. palit palit lang ng mga applications at games. works well kasi ginagamit kong tuner, navigation tool, browser, music and movie player, and everything.

    Been waiting for upgrade to Froyo. Tagal

  144. chaos says:

    htc sensation or samsung galaxy s II? Anu kulunin nio kung sakali? at bakit:)

  145. newo says:

    my x10 mini eclair!! super cute and fast.

  146. I has a cat says:

    Got myself an HTC Desire recently. Rooted it on day 1 thanks to a friend of mine (she commented here too earlier). Enjoying it so far.

  147. Marco says:

    I’m a LG Optimus One user, overall I’m happy with my phone. I can hardly wait for the Gingerbread update, hopefully this May..

  148. lawrence27 says:

    Got a Desire HD rooted with android 2.3.3 aka Gingerbread :D

  149. tbor says:

    Sorry guys, I have the King of all Android phones. The HD2 Beast running CM7 Custom Rom made a Pinoy! Go Droid!

    • AWI says:

      O ANU YUN?

    • tbor says:

      HTC HD2. It can run almost any known android devices(HTC incredible,desire HD/Z,MOTO Blur,MIUI,Honeycomb 3.0) and WP7. +meego+ubuntu. dami…

      I wrote a blog about it. visit my site and check myy HD2 vids. you can also check it on youtube. :)

    • tbor says:

      to add. Pinoy developer ng rom. from QC ata. really great!

  150. hybridstar says:

    I use HTC Hero… soon I will get HTC Sensation here in Singapore.

  151. diyords says:

    HTC Desire HD user here! Coolness!

  152. harold says:

    Proud user of Optimus One! :))

  153. Buffy says:

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. got it last April 2011.

  154. Greg says:

    Sony Ericsson X10 mini. Had it for a month. But I owned an Ericsson X8 previously for about 5 months.

  155. Alwin says:

    HTC Magic owner with CM Rom for over a year already.

  156. mr.Orange says:

    HTC Desire Z, been using it since December 2010

  157. nico says:

    lg gt540 optimus…been using since oct 2010…my 1st and only android..hehe..

  158. Kean says:

    Soon to be an Optimus One owner!

  159. marx says:

    for me x8. entry level lang pero after installan ng cyanogen rom panalo… :D

  160. Dewsdude says:

    xperia x10… from android 1.6 to 2.2 now waiting for gingerbread update by the end of june or first week of july.. so exited with the newest update… Sony Ericsson Rocks!

  161. joey bayani says:

    I had a Galaxy Mini… all I can say is a found a new friend. her name is An, surname Droid. Angry Birds… LOve it!!!

  162. g5 says:

    I’m using the now “forgotten” galaxy 5 (forgotten due to the fact that samsung didn’t seem to care about the little guy at all just a few months after release)… hopefully I could switch to AT LEAST the first galaxy S or some HTC phone under 1ghz with a decent cam

  163. jason's desire says:

    The HTC Desire. It wasn’t my first (nor second) Android choice but when I saw I loved it instantly. It is a beautiful phone. I love it!

  164. Jp says:

    I am using Huawei p9 since feb this year

  165. Mi says:

    I still use my xiaomi Mi 3 for 3 years already

  166. Edwin ebias says:

    Asus max 2016. 5 months palang sa akin. Hulugan pa ito true financing

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