Poll: Which Mobile 3G do you often use?

Poll: Which Mobile 3G do you often use?

With so many plans and options to get mobile 3G, I wonder which one tops the list for most internet users. I’ve counted over half a dozen ways to hook up on mobile 3G — our next poll asks which one do you often use?

Please go to our poll section on the side bar and take your pick from the ff. 3G services:


  • Smart Mobile 3G (via my 3G Phone)
  • SmartBro Plugit! Postpaid
  • SmartBro Plugit! Prepaid
  • PLDT WeRoam
  • Globe Visibility
  • Globe 3G Per KB
  • Globe 3G Per Minute
  • umobile 3G
  • Sun Cellular 3G

I’ve already included umobile 3G even if there are only a couple thousand users nationwide as well as the still-to-be-launched Sun Cellular 3G.

Come to think of it, PLDT WeRoam and SmartBro Mobile 3G are practically competing products by the same telco. My guess is one of them will soon be phased out.

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12 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Is it me or the poll is not working for me?

    I use Globe 3G per KB (LGKU250).

  2. jhay says:

    My bet is that PLDT WeRoam is the one that will be phased out soon. :P

  3. Andre says:

    isnt weroam targetted more to businesses and has faster speeds?

  4. Bigbird says:

    I it all depends on the manner how you use it. Like for me I use Time based when I enter in to a data intensive site or web application. Thru Time based unlimited for the amount of data I send and I receive to the time duration specified. Ex. Youtube, Google Maps Google Search, Profimail Downloading MP3 and Movies etc. But if you are using an application that uses a low bandwidth usage I rather use a data or per KB charging. Ex. Operamini, Yahoo Go, YehBA Mobile IM, etc. You can stay connected for 24/7 with your IM buddies with out having a PC. Different individuals have different ways of using mobile internet. Is a matter on how they will use it. For me as a mobile internet user 24/7 i choose Globe 3G performance wise but still have an erratic billing system.

  5. Bigbird says:

    @ jamie If you are using Globe prepaid and you are subject to http polling which make the connection to slow down because every 5 sec the system will poll and uses intensive amount of data where many Globe Prepaid users don’t know. Unlike for postpaid it uses a full TCP/IP internet connection that makes it more attractive meaning data will only be used if there is an action. To bad why Globe have different system for each Plan.

  6. It says already voted.

    Voting for Globe Visibility, since my father is subscribed last week (only learned about it this morning). Seems ok, might get my own account ;)

    Abe, try PollDaddy.com or Vizu.com (still can’t decide myself of the two).

  7. Smart Mobile 3G here whenever I’m outside of my batcave… :D …with my 1 1/2 year old Nokia N70 that’s still functioning great inspite it’s age.

  8. noemi says:

    Mine is Smart Mobile 3G (via my 3G Phone)

  9. Reggie says:

    Smart 3G via my HTC Touch Dual.
    Globe 3G per 15 mins. on my Nokia N95 8GB

  10. jennifer apolinar says:

    Smart mobile 3G wid my N95 8GB

  11. Marc says:

    I’m taking this opportunity to vent a bit. I subscribed to Sun Cellular Postpaid Broadband since the store agent gave an assurance that it will give me a fast and reliable internet connection in Muntinlupa. Unang araw na ginamit ko ang product, hnd umaabot ng 100kbps ang signal. Tumawag ako sa customer service, they said magsusubmit sila ng ticket to resolve my issue. They promised na within 24 hours magbibigay cla ng feedback. Naghintay ako pero wala. The next day tumawag ako, on the process pa daw ang concern ko. I asked for a supervisor, the agent transferred me to Miss Alphie, Officer in charge daw sa floor. Sabi nya, ifoforward daw nya ulit ang concern ko and she promised to give me a call back within the day. Guess what? Wala akong nareceive na tawag. Third day, tumawag ako ulit sa kanila, tinanong ko ang agent na nakasagot kung bakit walang callback si Miss Alphie after nyang mag promise. Sabi sakin ng agent after 10 minutes siguro sa call na yun, nakausap daw nya si Miss Alphie at sinabi daw ni Miss Alphie na tumawag sya sa number ko, babae daw ang nakasagot at naliligo ako. E wala naman. Ginawa pa akong sinungaling. I asked to be transferred to Miss Alphie, nung kausap ko na sya, sabi nya ibang customer daw pala yun na tulad lang sa name ko. I then asked for a supervisor, sabi ni Miss Alphie engaged pa daw sa call ang supervisor pero tatawagan daw ako within the day ni Jay Dulap, supervisor nila. Same thing happened; I did not receive a call back from the supervisor. The next day, tumawag ako ulit. Nakausap ko ang isa pang supervisor, sa araw din nay un, I received a callback from a manager. Sabi nya, makakareceive daw ako ng call the next day from a technician for troubleshooting. WALA NA NAMAN AKONG NARECEIVE NA CALL. Fifth day na ngayon at wala pa ring resolution sa concern ko. Ngayon may kausap akong CS agent, 1hr and 33 minutes na kame sa call habang sinusulat ko to dahil hnd pa rin daw available ang supervisor nya.They keep on saying na naforward na ang concern ko sa proper department at maghintay lang daw ako ng callback within the day. Sino pang maniniwala????? In my opinion, Sun Cellular has a very poor customer service. What a shame.

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