Poll: Do you favor Prepaid SIM registration?

Poll: Do you favor Prepaid SIM registration?

Been having lengthy conversations/debates in Twitter, FB and Google+ this afternoon regarding prepaid SIM registration in the Philippines. So I thought I’d post a poll for everyone else here to join in.

Been talking about SIM registration and number portability as far back as 2005 (here) and also wrote the benefits and disadvantages of doing SIM registration earlier this year as well as a proposed bill by Sen. Manny Villar (Senate Bill No. 2644).

Just this afternoon, I was made aware of a life-threatening incident that involved use of SMS so I forwarded the case to telco friends (can’t share the details since privacy/anonymity was explicitly requested).

This also reminded me of the issue in SIM card registration. The talks over at Twitter, FB and Google+ were enlightening so I thought it would be better to put it to a vote here so everyone else can chime in.


Do you favor Prepaid SIM Registration?

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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67 Responses

  1. Sir Yuga, ano pong incident yung sinasabi nyo?

  2. luis says:

    why can’t i vote?

  3. hehe says:

    hindi makaboto

  4. benchmark says:

    I voted for YES.

    Sa opinion ko, para mapababa lang yung mga manloloko sa SMS. Alam ko din naman na hinde ito matatanggal, atleast bumaba lang.

    Also, para malaman talaga yung mga active SIM na ginagamit. Kasi mga Telco’s dito, they advertise the number of users in their Company pero sa pagkaalam ko those numbers includes inactive SIM na I think dapat hinde na kasama sa counting…its like false advertising na din.

    And para ma-maintain ko din yung number ko kahit prepaid user lang ako. :)

  5. Welsh says:

    +1 more vote for YES.

    -To get rid of text scam that has been robbing hardworking people of their hard earn money,
    -To get rid of spam text,
    -To catch criminals using prepaid services to coordinate / communicate their criminal activities.

  6. Gerard says:

    – always good in theory.
    reality :

    the bad :
    – anyone with malicious intent will always find ways to register under a false identity

    more bad :
    – now it’s extra hassle for subscribers, extra expense for the whole process.

    i really like the idea, but it just doesn’t work ( at least, not in the philippines ) .

    • lulu says:

      at bakit it won’t work? kahit saan naman may masamang tao. it’s consumer rights na wag maloko, maistorbo ng mga text fraud. makareceive lang na messages na ganun, nakakairita na, patulan mo man o hindi so we should be protected.

  7. deuts says:

    I voted for yes. And may I also suggest a more stringent spam-fighting system by the telcos, just like emails. There should be a hotline or a special number where we could report spamming mobile numbers, and telcos should act accordingly to block or disable their sims.

  8. quake says:

    …for me this is useless….criminals would always find ways and if the main concern is text scam…spam mails etc…and besides hindi ba’t provider/telco company ang number one na gumagawa nito…like un mga nawawalang load…walang katapusan na text alert na kumkain ng load kahit di k nmn nag register…it’s all waste of time!

  9. Boffill says:

    I think it is indeed necessary to register prepaid sim cards because you don’t really wanna get malicious calls or texts from anonymous people.

  10. Donskie says:

    In the country where I am working all prepaid sims are being registered. This is one way of stopping those who uses unregistered sim in fraud and other illegal things (e.g. those who keeps texting you that you win this and that.. even when I am outside the country I still receive such text). In a way what is there to be afraid of. The Telecommunication companies does keep the record of the phone calls we have, the only thing in pre paid sims is that they could not locate the sender or the caller. If this would be done then it would be easy to locate those people and eventually put an end to their scams.

  11. Mat says:

    Im Undecided.

    I do not know enough to say one or the other, but I am skeptical. It was mentioned earlier that criminals will find a way to make fake ID’s and easily get around this therefore making the proposal nothing but a hindrance to everyday folk. Then again, it might be able to reduce the actual number of criminals, but I doubt it will be significant.

    My suggestion is to get rid of pre-paid unlimited texts. This idea may be unpopular with the general public, however I think all scam texts are thriving because of it. Scammers can text all day if they wanted and all they need is for 1 person to fall for their scams to make it worthwhile, especially if they only spent 20 or 30 pesos (i dont know the going rate for unlimited texts so I’m working with what i remember seeing on ads) to get the ball rolling. Their chances of success increases with the number of scam texts sent out (and at no additional cost to them) so removing unlimited text may be what we need.

    Texts at 10 centvos a pop should be good enough to make scammers think twice while still cheap enough for the average user.

    Or, we make the majority of the population smarter. I think this will be unrealistic.

    • quzaqi says:

      ako rin, undecided. natawa ako sa last paragraph ng sinulat mo. but i agree. ang dami naloloko sa text scam kasi marami ang hindi nag-iisip. halimbawa lng, kung lahat ng text na natanggap ko informing me that i won a certain handsome amount, i would be very rich by now. and i mean, VERY rich. then again, given my enough-to-understand-that-it-is-just-a-scam intellect, i never fall for any of it. scammers abound kasi alam nila na meron talagang maloloko. but to hope for all the people to wisen up is, again, just about next to impossible. ten cents per SMS is also very good. baka siguro dahil dyan sa unlimited texting kaya bumababa ang IQ ng maraming pinoy.

  12. MCast says:

    As with any piece of Philippine legislation, the question I ask is always on the implementation. This is a very good measure, as I am personally a victim of cellphone theft. But how do they plan to implement this EFFECTIVELY? It’s always that question. I just feel that this will be one of those laws that will never really translate into anything…tangible.

  13. grail0375 says:

    +1 YES vote.

    Sooner or later, your SIM number will be similar to your SSS, TIN, or Driver’s license. It will happen, eventually. Give it a few more years, even the landline will be phased out in favor of mobile numbers.

  14. wreek888 says:

    i voted NO. for protection against my human rights. kc baka gamitin lang yan ng scammer .

    • booboo says:

      So do you think all postpaid subscribers’ human rights are being violated? So do you think these postpaid account holders’ privacy is being invaded?

      Sobrang dali makabili ng prepaid SIM card ngayon. Why not limit it a bit para maging responsible ang paggamit ng telepono. If telecommunications industry is heavily regulated, it is enough to say that usage of telecommunication services – postpaid or prepaid – should also be regulated.

    • TMNT says:

      sablay ka sir +1!!! bwuahahaha

  15. zer0ice says:


    I think it is unnecessary. What is it for? To locate would-be spammers?

    Yes, I agree that security is very important, but we must treasure our privacy as well.

    What happens if you register? Guaranteed na ba na hindi ka ma-spam? Walang mag-te-text or call sa iyo unnecessarily? It offers no guarantee.

    It MAY offer additional security, but for the case that Sir Abe cited, do you think someone who’d want to inflict harm would register under his/her name? I don’t think so.

    What about creating a dummy account in GMAIL, then text to that person? Where’s the ‘solution’ there? Require all users in the Philippines to register their email accounts as well?

    I don’t think so.

    • booboo says:

      So do you think yung privacy ng postpaid users nawala kasi registered yung SIM cards nila? Oh cmon, invasion of privacy my @$$. The rich and the famous in this land uses postpaid accounts. Ikaw pang simpleng mamamayang Pilipino ang magdedemand ng privacy just because your prepaid SIM card needs to be registered?

  16. Baidu says:

    ok yung picture sa taas china mobile sim at china unicom sim at ang national ID ng china.

    okey sana kung nakaregister lahat ng SIM sa pinas para maiwasan ang sandamakmak na scam at in case na may death threat sayo using cellphone madaling matrace. ang mga di pabor lang dito yung maraming kalokohan kaya ayaw nila ng SIM registration.

  17. Doesn’t really bother me if they’ll require me to register my SIM, what bothers me though is if they will require me to PAY just to register. I don’t even bother if my load credits gets eaten up, the company spends for it anyways. :)

  18. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    imagine having a national ID system that ties your phone, sim, and other utilities. In the event of an investigation, information gathering will be automated (with filters inplace to prevent the investigator from gathering irrelevant information pertaining to the subject) as long as the process to investigate has been evaluated and approved by an overseeing body. In addition queries are logged in realtime.

    Nat’l ID System Number:
    -link(s) to relative’s Nat’l ID (for correlation)
    -registered utilities (includes SIM cards and internet provider)
    -registered devices (includes MAC Address registered and IMEI of devices and hopefully GPS tracking access)
    -medical records (includes bloodtype, updated medrecords, and dental records)
    -financial (includes employment records and loans)

  19. booboo says:

    Definitely YES!

    1. No matter how the government would use the registration for, they have the right to do so. We have given the government the power to regulate industries, it is enshrined on our constitution. We’ve given it to them, so deal with it.

    2. You give your name and address to banks before opening an account. You give your personal info for your car registration. You show your birth certificate to get a passport to be able to travel. You do the same to get cable services, broadband internet, electricity, and water. So why bother if the government wants to get your info when buying a new prepaid SIM card?

    3. Telecommunication industry is heavily regulated by the government, so the use of its services should also be regulated by registration of SIM cards – prepaid or postpaid.

    4. If the rich and famous don’t bother having registered postpaid accounts, why not the common people who uses prepaid accounts. Please, don’t invoke human rights and privacy concerns, no one wants to follow you, not even on Twitter. Feeling ka ah!

    5. Wag matakot kung alam mo naman na wala kang gagawin na masama. Yung mga may binabalak lang ang palaging takot.

    6. And also YES to National ID.

    • anti-booboo says:

      Oh please!!!! Protecting our human rights is the PARAMOUNT IMPORTANT in all debates!!! [email protected]$$…

      1.) The government, yes, has the right to regulate industries, etc. but is our government that effective in regulating industries in their own jurisdiction??!!! I don’t think so… More so in protecting whatever private matters that we have… SIM cards are just nothing in comparison with other matters that the government needs to regulate, and you would like to add very important information in connection with the sim cards??? NO WAY!!!! If all our info will leek, that is more dangerous than receiving spam message…

      2.) We give our infos to institutions protected by law… Bank by Bank Secrecy Act… National agencies through their own charters (coupled with law)and telcos with their postpaid users through consumer protection laws…

      And you may ask, and what is the difference between us prepaid users than the postpaid users.. Now I’ll go to your 3rd and 4th contentions…

      Those who are postpaid users are very minimal in numbers compared to the prepaid users and by that, the telcos company can protect their postpaid users even if they will just do the job in protecting those users even without the hep of the National government… Now imagine the numbers of prepaid users to be protected… That woud entail so much money, time and effort for both the telcos and the National Government to regulate…. More than half of the population here in the Philippines have SIM cards!!! And what would expect, a full blast protection for all the prepaid users??? Oh c’mon, WAKE UP!!!! The Philippine government is not even effective in their simple services, more so regulating and protecting yet another half of the populations information!!!

      And you mention about the rich and the famous, oh please, even your statement contradicts to the whole point… We are SHOUTING to protect our HUMAN RIGHTS in a less effort that would involve money and now you are comparing the pstpaid users to the prepaid users… Think about it, if our infos leek to these criminals, do you think these “can-afford” prepaid users will be in shambles??? Of course NOT because they have ALL THE MONEY to protect whatever human rights that they have… Now what about the ordinary prepaid users??? THERE WILL BE A CHAOS!!!!!! Postpaid users are not even a quarter of the prepaid users in terms of population!!!! DUUUHHH!!!!!

      5.) I am not making all these statements or refutations because I am an afraid criminal/spammer or whatever, but because I am an ordinary citizen and I don’t my life to be not so secure because of all these unintelligent law making….

      6.) Please read about all the debates regarding NATIONAL ID and the case, which was decided by the Supreme Court, so that you will be enlightened!!!!

      And don’t use the constitution in your writing if you don’t have a single idea about its wisdom and purpose!!!! You’re even brushing aside the idea of protecting our human rights and now you’re using the constitution… OH PLEASE!!!!!

      I am not totally against about this but the law making bodies, or the government for that matter, should be more skeptic in making laws… They have to weigh everything… The CONS and the PROS… If the CONS are more that the PROS then I don’t think this will be effective in its very purpose….

      I am also wishing that all sims will be regulated but there are certain sensitive matters that should be considered first before anything else…

      Hoping for all the best though… And please booboo, if you would like your OPINION to be heard, don’t bash other people… I am doing this to you because you are very irritating without even weighing things out…

      And I agree with your no to SIMS to be sold in bangketas… The telcos should be the one selling them if they want sims to be regulated… :)

    • zer0ice says:

      I have to react on what you said:

      “So do you think yung privacy ng postpaid users nawala kasi registered yung SIM cards nila? Oh cmon, invasion of privacy my @$$. The rich and the famous in this land uses postpaid accounts. Ikaw pang simpleng mamamayang Pilipino ang magdedemand ng privacy just because your prepaid SIM card needs to be registered?”

      Who says about “invasion of privacy”? I didn’t say that. All I said was it is important to secure one’s privacy. Just because I want to buy and use a SIM card, I should give out all my details? There are times when some people need to buy a prepaid SIM for special cases. Cite for example, areas where there are weak or no-signal on your own telco (if you’re on postpaid), so bibili ka ng prepaid for that. There can be other reasons why, but all I’m saying is why NEED/REQUIRE it?

      “simplement mamayang Pilipino” accounts to far greater than half of the market ng cellphone users. Only a small percentage of cellphone users are on postpaid.

      “Please, don’t invoke human rights and privacy concerns, no one wants to follow you, not even on Twitter. Feeling ka ah!” That’s your opinion. You can’t simply represent your opinions as the same as the general population. Ikaw ata ang “feeling”.

  20. booboo says:

    …And, I hope the right to sell prepaid SIM cards should only be given to duly licensed businesses to prevent scams. Obviously, registration requires a secured system. So it’s like only Globe, Smart, and Sun would only be the ones allowed to sell prepaid cards along with the respective authorized dealers.

    No to SIM card being sold in bangketas and tiangges anymore. Hopefully.

    • nameless says:

      with all due respect, I kinda disagree with the privacy issues you were talking about. You really don’t know what criminals can do using your identity. Yes, you may register a SIM number with your name legally, but are you aware that it is really possible to send text spams using different simulated numbers?

      The rich and the famous are not only the possible victims here. You may not noticed already, but most fakers, or most identities used by criminals are from ordinary people unaware that their personal info were stolen.

      I just think that this is not the ultimate solution for crimes involved with text messaging and etc. It may lessen crimes for a while, but hackers and criminals will always find a way to do their evil jobs.

  21. booboo says:

    Nameless, I don’t want to start a debate. But your point is stolen identity. Siyempre serious case yan. Kaya nga suggestion ko is major telecom players and their authorized dealers lang sana ang pwedeng magbenta ng prepaid SIM cards just like how postpaid accounts are sold na sa shops/stores/outlets lang ng telecom companies pwedeng mag-subscribe.

    Kaya kapag may case of stolen identities, alam natin kagad kung sino dapat ihabla sa korte, at yun ang telecom company. Magiging professional and formal lang ang pagbili ng prepaid SIM cards kung may registration na. Kaya I strongly disagree na through internet lang ang registration at yung buyer ang magaadminister ng registration. I hope you get my point.

    • nameless says:

      I get your point..But based on the business model of these telcos, and the system of our government, I think that would not be possible.

      Oh how I wish that sim cards would be bought for as much as 1500 just like the old days. By that, I believe we would really value our simcards and cheap text scammers wouldn’t risk their 1,500 worth simcard for a pasaload worth 150 pesos.

  22. dan says:

    count me in for YES

  23. Fleeb says:

    Why criminalize murder if people will still find a way to kill?

  24. Angelo says:

    I think the positive outweigh the negative, if there is no motive to commit misdeed, then there is no reason not to register your sim.

  25. daniel says:

    YES nlng.

    ang boboto ng NO dito ay mga scammer naman eh. kung hindi ka naman manloloko ay hindi ka matatakoy na ipa-register ung SIM card mo eh. kaya lng ayaw nung iba kasi mahal daw… hassle. pero kung safety ang usapan… walang mali d2. pagkanagkaroon ng registration… makikilala na agad ung gumagamit ng cellphone para magpasabog ng bomba at nagse-send ng scams.

  26. booboo says:

    Lahat tayo walang tiwala sa pamahalaan. Pero bakit tayo natatakot sa pagpaparehistro ng SIM cards kung ang lahat personal information natin ay may access na ang gobyerno? Ano ba naman na idagdag ang impormasyon sa pagpaparehistro ng SIM card?

    Siguro eh isa ako sa magrarally kung pati address at bank account ko eh hihingin sa pagpaparegister lang ng SIM card.

    Eto lang naman ang kailangan, sa pananaw ko sa SIM card registration:

    1. Name
    2. Birthdate
    3. Valid ID number (SSS/GSIS, Passport, Company ID)

  27. Yikes... says:

    Yes, here.
    Baby steps. Unless anyone here can suggest a move that we can consider really significant.

  28. duanearmix007 says:

    i am in favor of SIM registration, so as long as we will not pay EXTRA costs; just imagine falling in line just to register a SIM card, or maybe even having blood tests which costs so much; dont laugh, our government is capable of unleashing the stupidest procedures and regulations.

  29. marvin says:

    YES: Para din sa kaligtasan natin yan!

  30. tmcr says:

    That will not work here in the Philippines. Sobrang laking abala. 40 million Filipinos na walang kasalanan ang pipilitin mong magparehistro. Dagdag gastos na naman yan para sa atin. Mas malala pa sa eleksyon o pila sa NBI Clearance ang pila kapag nangyari ito kasi kasamang magpaparehistro ang mga taong below 18. Pero hindi mo mapipilit ang mga criminal magparehistro ng number. Ang mga holdaper nga ng bangko at mga Abu Sayyaf hindi gumagamit ng rehistradong baril.

    • zer0ice says:


      Bakit kailangang maging requirement yon? Pati mga batang nag-ce-cellphone, mag-re-register din? Pano kapag meron kang 3 prepaid accounts, register mo isa-isa?

      Ang lakas ng loob ng iba dito magsabi ng “bobo” ang mga nag-“NO”.

      Isa pa, hindi porke’t mas marami ang PRO versus CONS e dapat yun na ang ipatupad. Hindi ganon yon.

      Dinadaan ang lahat sa masusing pag-a-aral. Mahirap mag-decide kung i-ba-base lamang sa mga bagay na naiintindihan mo lang. Pano ang mga ibang bagay na hindi naiintindihan dahil hindi mo pa napag-isipan? Pano ang mga bagay na maaaring maka-apekto sa ibang tao?

      Hindi lahat ng cellphone ay pag-a-ari ng isang tao. Karamihan din sa mga prepaid users ay ginagamit ng mga maliliit na kumpanya. Pano sa mga ganitong sitwasyon.

      Sa totoo lang, napakarami pang mga bagay na dapat pag-aralan at bigyan ng masusing pa-a-aral. Sino ang gagawa nito? Dapat lang ba mag-YES na tayong lahat dahil lamang sa naisip nating “good” points? Pano ang mga “bad” points? Anu-ano ba ito? Alam na ba natin lahat?

      Kaya “NO” (or even undecided) ang sagot ko dahil isa itong batas na ninanais ipatupad. Madaling magsabi ng “undecided”, but given the gravity of issue involved, it is, in my opinion, right and enough for me to say “NO” to something I don’t understand kaysa mag-“YES” ako with something I partly understood.

  31. noi says:

    pano naman po magiging malaking abala yun??? magbibigay ka lng ng kopya ng id mo.
    dito sa ME, matagal ng ganyan.di na isyu yan.

  32. zeratul says:


  33. wala lang says:

    hehe. parang RH Bill lang pala ito eh. walang katapusang debate :p

  34. Yes for me. The telco company’s should unite and create a good system for this. Children’s sim card should be registered through their parents.

  35. Benchmark says:

    There are a lot of means naman sa opinion ko para iparegister ang sim.

    Some of my ideas:

    Meron nga pa-contest sa mga Telcos na you have to register your real name and other info by SMS. (Imagine, your mobile number won 1 million pesos pero bogus name ang inilagay mo).

    By email, then you have to verify your info some institution to make it valid.

    By Phone, (same with email verification stated above).

    By internet, (my gulay, yung iba nga dyan nilalagay nila true info nila sa FB nila. Sa sim registration pa.)

    By Over the counter.

    Etc. etc.

    Its not I am being yes eh wala akong idea sa No.
    Well yep, we have some katutubo na I know gumagamit din sila ng mobile phone. Or some below 18 kids. Yes, we have hundreds of reasons to say YES or NO. Yet, sana naman wag na umiral yung katamaran, walang patience, walang pakialam, makasarili na pinapakita ng iba.

    My gulay, ticket nga sa bus hinde mo maitapon sa tamang lugar, kelangan mo pang ipit dyan sa upuan ng bus o tapon kung san san…my point here eh maliit na bagay na lang nga yan, hinde mo pa magawa ng ayos. Sa sim registration pa, hinde natin masimulan. Ika nga sa isang commenter, “BABY STEPS”.

    • Benchmark says:

      I read the previous commenter…na sim card will cost 1500…Agree ako dyan…sana its the same as old days na you value the sim card you have…I remember, I bought my sim I think around 450…and until now gamit ko pa din yun… :) Maybe isa yun sa paraan para bumaba yung mga manloloko. hehehehe

  36. jmr says:

    There’s nothing wrong and nothing even complicated about it. A system like SMART Web Connect can be the start of this “SIM Registration.”

  37. emzarate says:

    like i said before, taasan nalang ang price ng mga prepaid sim card. to somewhat of a range of 1200 pesos non transferable load valid for 12 months.

  38. rene says:

    Another waste of resources and time, crooks with enough motive and determination would not be deterred by this, it would just be a hassle to a majority of the people much like TSA to Americans are.

    Disclaimer: I am on postpaid and they got my details anyway. Just my 2 cents.

  39. robby101 says:

    yes, para sa akin, ito ay isang maliit na paraan na magagawa natin, para tulungan ang gobyerno. para magkaroon din ng commitment telcos sa publiko at sa gobyerno.

    sana, nasimulan ito dati, bago pa na boom ang prepaid sims. anyways, its no to late.

    sun post paid subscriber ako…..

  40. metal1369 says:

    i voted yes. madaming krimen ang nagagawa kasi anonymous na un prepaid card user. unlike when registered they would think twice or thrice before scamming or using it in a malicious way. this can even make the telcos save money and the environment by not producing thousands of sims that will just be thrown away kasi nga disposable at mura na sya, parang laruan na lang kung tratuhin ng mga tao, unlike years before na it would cost you hundreds of pesos just for a single sim. and i think this would decongest their system kapag na weed out yun mga ayaw mag paregister dahil gamit nila sa mga maling gawain.

  41. Tanong Lang says:

    Tanong lang?

    Sinong hahawak ng records kung saka-sakaling may registration na nga? Yung telcos ba o yung gobyerno?

    Kasi kung yung telcos, eh di siguradong ipakakargo na naman nila sa consumers yung gastos niyan. Hindi lang yung acquiring of records ang gastos diyan, pati yung keeping of records na sa palagay ko ay mas magiging magastos pa.

    Kung yung gobyerno naman, eh di panibagong ahensya na naman yan? Ang dami na ngang “under funded” na ahensiya ng gobyerno ngayon tapos nagdadagdag pa ng ganito.

    Walang problema sa rehistro, ang problema ay yung sa process at pagmaintain nito.

    Tsaka sa palagay nyo ba, hindi madaling magforge ng documents para magkaroon ka ng bagong identity maliban sa tunay na ikaw?

    Sim Card Registration is not a solution to celphone related crimes. Baka nga mas lalo pang gumulo ang usapin dahil sa mga Identity Theft na madalas nangyayari ngayon. Eh di nyo naman ipagbabawal na magkaroon ng more than one sim per name di ba? paano kung may magrehistro ng SIM sa pangalan ko na wala naman akong kinalaman dun at saka niya gamitin sa kalokohan? Anong solusyon meron kayo sa ganyang problema?

    Isip isip muna bago magyes… Di na baleng BOBO huwag lang maging TANGA.

  42. dvc says:

    This was implemented in japan, ostensibly to keep anonymous prepaids out of gangster/fraudster hands.

    Years later, they still have their anonymous phones, and tourists now find it impossible to get local phone service other than temporary sim rentals at the equivalent of P500 PER DAY.

    And I don’t want to think about the logistics of initial registration of 40 million existing SIMs.

  43. Sha says:

    It’s okay with me to come and register my prepaid SIM card (I already have a postpaid so registering is not really a big deal.)

    But here’s the thing, I’m okay with it because I know I’ll have easy access to modes of registration. Thru the internet, go. Thru a Globe/Smart branch, go. But how about my relatives in the province who doesn’t even know the concept of a “miscall”?

    SIM card registration is the dream. It has a good purpose, but we don’t have the means to properly execute it. Getting your NBI clearance is like hell already.

  44. robby101 says:

    hmmmm, pede bang hulihan na lang ang nabebenta ng simcard sa bangketa. at i-limit na lang ang bebenta sa mga authorized shops ang pag tinda ng sim cards.

    mas magastos ba pagkatulad sa US na walang simcard ang phone.CDMA ata yun. para lahat ma register….

  45. Julie says:

    Cebu Pacific passengers/customers out there. Favor, kindly answer this super short survey. It’s for my Marketing Research class. Your help will be much appreciated. Thaaaanks! :)


  46. Jorlan says:

    Pros of SIM Reg :
    -Each sim has an identity
    -Lesser scam
    -lesser text/call related crimes

    -What if you’ve accidentally sent an important /sensitive message to a wrong number?
    -Fake ID during registration would create Fake-Valid Sim identity. (ie I could register as Atty. Dela Cruz of PCSO, hence, my scam would be more believable)

    I think,they should study this issue.
    Kung Facebook nga may registration? However, registration is not merely a counter-measure against fraud / crime / scam, but rather, Dissemination of QUALITY INFORMATION to others.

    though alam naman natin na pwedeng fake ang identity ng mga taong nasa text/call madami pa ding naloloko….

  47. Tech84 says:

    NO. Just leave the sim-registration to the post paid subscribers and I hope that Idea goes away.

  48. Seek3r says:

    I vote yes. Postpaid sims are registered what will be the hassle if prepaids are to be registered.

  49. matt0-kun says:

    330 are LOAD SCAMMERS, who disagree with this! :))

  50. Meg says:

    I think implementing prepaid registration is best to increase security from scams and frauds.

  51. spidey says:

    Yes,I agree w/ Meg for security reason.

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