Firefox, coming to a Tablet near you..

Firefox, coming to a Tablet near you..

The Mozilla Mobile Team seems to be doing something interesting with Firefox for tablets. Just look at what they’re working on now.

A tablet-optimized Firefox browser, along with some of the juicy goodness that we always loved about FF.


The current crop of browsers on tablets are still stripped-down versions of the original one so I’m hoping the Firefox team can do something about that and bring it to as many tablets as they can. So far, Android has been mentioned as the primary target but I’m sure the iPad will be next.

Details of the work are posted here.

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3 Responses

  1. archfiend says:

    i hope this version of firefox works as well as it does on the PC

  2. Doods says:

    No it will not be available on IOS.

  3. Name: says:

    Unknown message

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