Watch out for AdBrite's Interstitial Ads

Watch out for AdBrite’s Interstitial Ads

Just a quick notice to the regular readers here that I’ve just approved an Active Interstitial Ad from AdBrite.

The Active Interstitial is a full-page ad. The name of your site, and a prominent link that allows your visitors to easily skip the ad, are displayed at the top of the screen. Active Interstitials are never shown to a user on their first visit to your site, and are never shown to the same user more than once per 24-hours. We think it’s pretty cool, pays well, and users find it less intrusive than a traditional “interstitial” ad.

More on it here.


I very rarely get AdBrite sales and I think this is just the second one, ever. The one that I just approved has a $10 CPM (max) with a daily spending limit of $1,000.

Lemme know if you’ve encountered one of ’em and tell me if they’re too annoying so I can just stop the campaign right away.

This is just an early warning pos so you won’t get surprised if you see one of them ads here.

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7 Responses

  1. Kiven says:

    i usually get whole page adverts about poker related stuff from adbrite since 2-3 months ago..kakagulat lang pero given the frequency that a user will possibly view it, its ok.

  2. Connie says:

    Is that a new format? Cause I had Interstitial Ad before and it redirects your site to the ad’s page where there’s a text link back to your index page. People accessing your site lands on the ad page and they need to click the link to get to yours. Bummer.

  3. SELaplana says:

    i am already earning from this interstitial ad since august. My blog receives lesser traffic but they’re still interested to buy some interstitial adpage of my blog.

  4. yuga says:

    Good to know you guys have had experience with it. Care to share the effective CPM or if it affected the CTR of other ads?

    Connie, same old news.

  5. Ang-ang says:

    Maybe Adsense is better!

  6. Jerry says:

    I have not tried it but it seems better than paying for thousands of impressions – and you receive just a dozens of clicks.

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