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Revisiting Amazon Associates

About a year ago, I started playing with Amazon Associates plugin for WordPress to add affiliate links to several posts that I have. These affiliates would be mostly about gadgets like iPods and digital cameras.

Back then, I thought that most of my traffic were local or coming from the Philippines so running Amazon affiliate ads wouldn’t do much good. Besides, your site or blog should be product-centric to be able to attract the buying kind of surfers.

Amazon Associates

Nevertheless, I’m a bit amazed to learn that during the course of the entire year, some of the affiliate links I’ve added managed to close a couple of sales from Amazon. One of them is for a Canon Ixus 30 camera.

Was talking to Connie the other week when she pointed me to a nice script called Associate-o-matic which you can add to your blog to feature affiliate products from Amazon. She mentioned that the feature was a bit of a success and she’s able to cash in on a couple hundred bucks already. Obviously, a cooking blog does really well with affiliates like these.

The challenge here now actually is to run Amazon Associates alongside pre-existing ads like Adsense, TLA, etc. without affecting them, esp. the ones that relies on CTR. Will need to do some more experiment on these and find ways how to monetize them effectively on your blog. Anyone here successfully monetizing their blogs or websites via Amazon Associates?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. SELaplana says:

    manalang’s Associates plugin does really help me with my amazon associates marketing. I started using the plugin last year with my previous blog (‘KA WEBSPY’), and i already received 1 check from AMAZON and hopefully the 2nd check will be out this December 2006.

  2. nice! [IMG]http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif[/IMG]

  3. Larc says:

    Yes the Associates-O-Matic software has done wonders for me. I’ve used it over a year and have done pretty well considering. http://www.bigertoons.com/ is an example of such a store. It’s easy to integrate Google ads into it with custom boxes in various locations. There is even a new wordpress plugin. Let me know if you are interested and zip me an email. Thanks.

  4. Jamie says:

    I like the structure of the posts. Basic and straight to the point. I bet you are able to even do better. Write a lengthy article and show us what you are able to do. I have no doubt you’ll create even better information. I have subscribed to a lot of blogs but this one is really a keeper!

  5. Ian shoes says:

    Me, I started my Shoes review site this may, and it just started having some organic traffic 3 days ago, around 20 targeted visitors yet, iv made 2 sales for shoes. my site is http://www.reviewshoes.info

    Now i am wishing good for my new websites, digital cameras and softwares..

    first sales you have, its 4% commission, after you gain 8 sales, all will rise to 6%, until you go up to 15% in commission.

  6. ian omictin says:

    hello my amazon check is now being sent, my porblem now i don’t know how many weeks it will arrive here in the philippines and how many days can i get the money from the bank and which bank? somebody help please. I have heard it will take about a month for the check to arrive, and a month before i can have the money incashed.

    thank you..

    yugatech, i wich you can reply.. thanks

  7. Jen says:

    Nice blog, last year I’ve also received my amazon check.
    @ ian omictin – my check arrives 2-3 weeks.
    To enchash it, it usually take a month, because it’s on $$ currency.
    Hope that helps :)

  8. reanald says:

    What are the ways to receive amazon associate commissions here in the Philippines? How did you guys get yours? I am planning to be an associate. I’m a Filipino.

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