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YugaDeals: Sapido DSL+3.5G Router & Torrent Client

Our deal for this week is a DSL and 3.5G WiFi-N router from Sapido that works as Torrent client, Printer Server, FTP Server, Webcam server and network storage — everything you’ll need for in a network at home.

Tried the router last week and been using it as a back-up router at home. You can connect it to your DSL router and plug in a 3G dongle so that when the DSL is down, it will dial up to 3G and connect you back within minutes.

As a torrent client, you can hook up a storage device in one of the 2 USB ports (like a portable HDD) and then upload a torrent tracker (via local web) and the router will then download the torrent file straight to the attached device.

Even if there are only 2 USB ports, you can also connect a USB hub so you can add more devices into the network — a printer, a webcam, a dongle and a storage device.

Check it out at YugaDeals.com.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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30 Responses

  1. darell says:

    which is better, this one? or the previous sapido you reviewed (it’s smaller)?

    • luiboowee says:

      Can I answer?
      1. It depends. If you’ll use it in a bigger house and you want a larger range, this one is better as the previous 3G wifi router doesn’t have an antenna.
      2. Although I’m not sure with the difference, but this one is 3.5G and the previous one is 3G.
      3. If you don’t want something bulky and fancy-looking, the previous one is better.

    • poche says:

      3.75G max nito hindi lang 3.5g accdg to the sapido website.

  2. zaffron says:

    Bat ganyan mukang tambol? Ü san mo yan nabili yuga..

  3. Jeff says:

    Is this wall mountable sir Abe?

  4. Rho says:

    is this dual wan?
    can you download from fileserve? filesonic? or wupload?
    thanks po.

  5. deuts says:

    Hey Abe, can this thing be powered by the computer’s usb port?

  6. jang says:

    tablets naman on yugadeals

  7. Everage says:

    Ano-ano po bang mga ISP yung pwedeng maghost ng server? Sa smartbro kasi di pwede. Within the same router ung isang area kaya same IP.

  8. razorous says:

    A web cam? So this could serve as a cheapo surveillance dvr? Hmmmm… http://bit.ly/jKORoP

  9. flyah says:

    shipping charge: 300
    paypal surcharge: 144

    – P 444.00 Pesos

    701 Discount
    -444 Charges
    257 na lang yung savings mo.

    But yeah, compared to its Belkin counterpart, mga 2-3thou din masesave mo.

  10. JUl says:

    does it support 1TB of hdd?

  11. heatmt11 says:

    kung ganyan na 257 lang pala ang nasave, never mind.. hehe naglolokohan lang pala tayo sa yugadeals//

  12. benchmark says:

    im thinking of availing one pero we use to leave our wifi router 24/7…tatagal kaya yan ng 27/7?

    • Anony-mouse says:

      Yup, you can leave it on 24/7. Mine’s been running for over a year now. The only times that the unit has been turned off is during brownouts ^^

      Paired with a 32GB Flash Disk (For torrents).

      I haven’t tried hooking it up with an external hard drive yet. The flash disk has been working fine for me.

    • Benchmark says:

      Thanks Anony-mouse….I will check my budget if I can avail it…. :) I hope it can have one….

  13. b1t633k says:


    can you recommend an “affordable” wifi/dsl router with CAPTIVE PORTAL capability, I’m planning on using one at the office para sa mga guest users, wherein I want to initially provide our company’s website before authenticating their internet access

  14. leo says:

    just a clarification based from the website, you mentioned two models for the sapido router, the sapido gr-1222 and the sapido rb-1202, which of the two is being sold on yugadeals? thank you

  15. wingatu says:

    sana sa susunod ung Sapido MB-1112 naman.

    • wilde says:

      Hmmm… after loading the torrent file, do i have to keep my laptop running also? That’s my current set-up now- both my wifi router and laptop were running 24/7 downloading torrents…

    • yuga says:

      @wilde – nope, you can shut down the laptop. all that is running will be the router and the HDD attached to it.

  16. gabriel says:

    sir abe, san mo ang pickup nito?? i mean ung distributor where i can pick up my purchase??

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