Rumor: PLDT wants to buy Converge ICT

Rumor: PLDT wants to buy Converge ICT

Converge ICT is one of those small scale regional ISP players that’s getting a lot of attention now. The company started out as ComClark in the north (owned by Clark Communications that also provide cable TV in the Visayas) and slowly expended to several cities in Metro Manila in the last couple of years.

The ISP has been offering really affordable fiber internet that starts at Php1,500 a month for 20Mbps (see plans here).


The company has been quietly operating and marketing its services for the longest as to avoid being overly noticed by the big giants in the industry (though, admittedly, they have some business and joint ventures in some areas). They’ve also been using some state-of-the-art equipments like the French-made Marais concrete cutter to lay the fiber-optic cable underground and have completed the almost 1,100km fiber cable network from Clark up north to La Union and all the way down south to Laguna/Cavite.

In the past several months though, Converge has been making the rounds and doing press briefings. One of the reasons behind it is that PLDT is looking to buy the company (this was mentions in the sidelines during their latest media briefing) but the President/CEO of Converge rejected the offer.

In order to combat pressure from competition, Converge needs to scale up pretty quickly as it becomes a serious threat to big players like PLDT/Globe. The plan is to go public — Converge is looking to file its IPO sometime in 2018. This move will certainly put Converge ICT against the big leagues for home broadband which is very interesting to watch out for. This could be another case that will attracxt the eyes of the Philippine Competition Commission, just like the PLDT-Globe-SMC deal.

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25 Responses

  1. Haroro says:

    1,100km fiber cable network from Clark up north to La Union?????? nadaanan ang kami , OMG 2018 bilisan mo!!

  2. Huhu says:

    Your article makes it seem that PLDT and Globe is not aware that ConvergeICT exists when in fact PLDT and i’m sure Globe as well, provides backbone services for this ISP -both domestic and international links. And besides what’s surprising with the rumored PLDT move to acquire another competitor?

  3. Yeah! Beat the duopoly to have healthy competition.

  4. NotASheep says:

    How is this a rumor? PLDT and GLOBE bought every small business ISP’s why doy you think we hate them? Theyre comcast and verizon pinoy version! I really wish they’re here already cuz im switching for making us wait 3 years without fibr in my city, no they do not place fibre networks in cities, just villlages.

  5. Jo says:

    sana makarating din yan dito sa bicol region, ????????

  6. WC says:

    It’s not that there are multiple Internet providers in our country, this is one transaction (if it materializes) that cannot be approved by PCC. Otherwise, just abolish it.

  7. Sean says:

    I hope they reject the offer to avoid getting acquired by big telcos

  8. Daryll says:

    Wala bang makapag proof read ang yugatech? ung wrong spelling ayos lang pero kung grammar na e mejo ayusin naman. Matagal n akong reader at sa totoo lang nakaka dismaya na karamihan sa articles wrong grammar.

  9. comclark is under PLDT right? I think I saw an article years back that they bought comclark in pampanga

  10. pak says:

    kaya wla magiging ibang player kasi binibili agad ng mga malaking etat.

  11. Alfonso Feliciano says:

    Best to have the small players grow, good move if they do IPO.

  12. Darkwing Duck says:

    Sana ma-sustain itong fiber. Kasi Google Fiber sa US tagilid na eh.
    Alphabet Eyes Wireless Networks As Google Fiber’s Rollout Halts,32927.html

  13. Jil says:

    Internet provider ko ang converge and based from my experience happy ako s service nila. Unlike with other providers.. Best internet connection!

  14. JLeno says:

    IMO Patay ata sila kapag mag IPO sila, kasi mas merong freedom ang TITANS bumili sa kanilang shares.

    • Chaba says:

      They can keep majority of their shares then sell the rest to public. That way di mawawala yung majority ng ownership sa kanila while they raise capital for expansion. Sana merong converge dito sa valenzuela

  15. Kiev says:

    It is better for PLDT to absorb ACCTN, their service was worst, always no signal, I avail their 5Mbps still my speed is 1.7mbps, They forcing their client to upgrade to 5Mbps but their system cannot stand it.

  16. lorenzo says:

    CONVERGE ICT, gusto ko ‘yan!! Bilisan nyo na po mag install sa mga prbinsya!!!

  17. virgo says:

    Wag naman sana, para may competition, dapat lang na pabilisan sila ng connection.

  18. Gheorge malabanan says:

    Sana magkaroon na din sa Laguna kc bagal d2 ng net lalo na ung provider namin na telmarc jus ko”

  19. Joyce N says:

    Very happy to know converge and learned its humble beginnings. I read many reviews about it and all was very good, each was satisfied to this company. Im thankful that this company has a good heart to make Filipinos happy with their internet service at very affordable price. It only shows that the founder of this company not only mind money in its business but also pouring a heart of courtesy and concern to clients by giving satisfaction, joy and happiness to the the service they give to us. Keep up the good works converge! You will be loved and remembered as a company and internet provider with a good heart and service to people! God be with you always and to every generation! Congratz!

  20. Erwin ibale says:

    Sana magkaroon na rin ng internet provider like converge sa bohol Ang bagal at Ang Mahal sa smart at globe

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