Does Google favor its own? (BlogSpot)

Been joining several SEO contests in the last couple of years and only recently did I noticed that Google seems to be giving favors to its own products and services.

Take for example YouTube. When it was not yet bought by Google, you don’t see videos in the search results. But now, just look at the Google search results:

Google Youtube

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So, let’s just say that Youtube video for the keyword “thriller” is appropriate in the results. Why not put videos from Revver or Metacafe too? Why just YouTube? Does Google have a preferential bias towards its own? Looks like it.

How about Blogger? Just this afternoon, one of my workshop participants, Joaquin Vocos, used Blogger instead of for his blog. A few hours later (about 3 hours), he was already ranking in the Google search results for his name.

Joaquin Vocos

The other blog posts and pages that had his name published on an earlier date on are nowhere to be found. All of the results are coming from BlogSpot.

The lesson — if you wanna be indexed very quickly, use BlogSpot. Because Google loves its own. But don’t you think it’s a little unfair?

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  4. What does a fat topic got something to do with google. ^^^. They really are in favor of blogspot I should have chosen blogspot than wordpress.

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    its still misteriously

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