Getting raw links from Digg

Getting raw links from Digg

If you’ve read the entry before this one (Top 10 for Google-Microsoft IE7 Fight), it was published using Digg’s built-in blog feature. The feature allows a Digg user to re-publish any Digg entry directly into his blog. On the left right side of that page, a list of people who blogged about the Digg story is listed with raw links back to the main URL of the blog.

I don’t know if the guys at Digg knew about this possibility but any unscrupulous splogger could exploit this feature and use the “blog this digg story” on all submissions that ends up in the front page of Digg. With Digg at PR7 on the front page, it is likely that most of those entries/pages that made it to the front page gets a lot of PR juice as well.


When I checked the source code of the Digg page, the link to the blog is raw — that is, no “rel=nofollow” on the link tag. This is something Digg should look into next (right after they fix the issue on spam-digging).

{ digg this }

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  1. Migs says:

    Nice placement on digg – quite distinct from the comments. Did anyone click through?

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