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12 Hottest Gadgets for 2010 on YugaTech

The year 2010 is among the most exciting year in the world of gadgets. Here on YugaTech, we try our best to acquire as many hot gadgets and cover as many stories as we can to share with you. Here’s our annual round-up of the 12 Hottest Gadgets for 2010 on YugaTech.

January 2010: Google Nexus One. Google’s second attempt at branding an Android smartphone resulted into a collaboration with HTC. The Google Nexus One generated huge buzz both online and offline. Running a 1GHz SnapDragon processor and the latest Android OS made it a much-desired phone for gadget lovers. It even almost eclipsed RIM’s flagship phone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

February 2010: Asus EeePC 1201T. Even after the netbook craze has slowly waned, Asus never lost touch by pushing the borders and offering regular-sized notebooks at netbook prices. The AMD-powered EeePC 1201T combined both extra processing power, better display resolution at an affordable price made it a hit among those who are upgrading their netbooks. I’m surprised as well but our stats do not lie (over 25,000 pageviews on the review alone).

March 2010: Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. The Samsung Spica is one of the first affordable and capable Android handsets that landed in the country during the first half of the calendar year (arrived late March, became official in April with Globe and our review came out in May). Retailing for under Php15k, it was first locked to Globe’s network and took a month or two before it became readily available to everyone.

April 2010: Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10. With Sony-Ericsson’s reputation with creating solid and beautiful handsets, the Xperia X10 drew a lot of attention especially since it came with an Android OS. However, an outdated OS version and steep retail price prevented it from becoming a top choice among Android smartphone buyers.

May 2010: Apple iPad. Apple’s biggest news in 2010 is the iPad. It broke record sales and ignited a flurry of new tablets in all form and sizes — a feat it duplicated after the success with the iPhone. What Asus did with the netbook market in 2007, Apple did with the tablet market in 2010.

June 2010: HTC Desire. HTC continued to manufacture great Android handsets (after the Hero and Legend) and after the success of the Nexus One, HTC’s reputation solidified. The HTC Desire is the half-brother of the Nexus One and became available to markets not supported by Google’s Online Store.

July 2010: Samsung Galaxy S i9000. After its initial success with the Galaxy Spica, Samsung came out with a bang with the Galaxy S i9000. Sporting a powerful ARM Cortex A8 1.0GHz processor and large 4-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S easily became the handset-to-own that month. The demand was so high, there was a sudden short of supply despite it being locked with Globe for a least two months.

August 2010: Nokia C3. Nokia is still king when it comes to affordable and reliable feature-phones and the Nokia C3 is a testament to that. A full qwerty phone at under Php6.5k, the C3 followed the success of the Nokia E63. Our coverage of the C3 is the 2nd most read gadget review of the year at over 35,000 pageviews (following the BB Bold 9700 at 39k).

September 2010: Apple iPhone 4. Still touted as the smartphone to beat in 2010, the iPhone 4 remains the most-wanted handset of the year. Thousands lined up during the September launch with Globe Telecom. It was so in-demand, it took the crown of the most-overpriced handset in the grey market with factory-unlocked units selling as high as Php92,000 in GreenHills.

October 2010: Apple MackBook Air 11.6″. It’s not a netbook but it’s thinner, lighter and more powerful than 99% of the netbooks in the market. The 11-inch Macbook Air is also the most affordable in the entire Mac line, selling at the same retail price as the entry-level Macbook.

November 2010: Archos 101 Android Tablet. Archos made noise by offering very affordable Android tablets with reasonable specs. With form factors ranging from 2.8″ to 10.1″, the units are powered by 1.GHz Snapdragon processors and the Android Eclair (with Froyo update via OTA), Archos positioned its products as portable media players rather than as oversized smartphones (thus the absence of 3G modules). If only they can ship in enough supply to match the growing demand.

December 2010: HTC Desire HD. The successor to the Desire, the HTC Desire HD is a bigger, badder Android smartphone at 4.3″. The limited supply (only 50 units were shipped this December) also made it very hard to come by.

Special mention goes to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Wildfire, Huawei E5, Samsung Monte, Nokia X3-02, and LG’LH70 LED TV. The items listed above are units we’ve actually used and reviewed here on YugaTech. I’m sure there are several others that might have made the list (Kindle 3, Galaxy Tab, N8, N900) but we can’t cover or review them all.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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53 Responses

  1. Kenna says:

    Why is the 3rd gen Kindle not in this list?

  2. NemOry says:

    Im happy my phone is one of the 12 best gadgets, .hehe. . .go Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700, but I’m so sad na stuck parin ako sa android OS 1.5. . .hehe.

  3. whatif says:

    no love for galaxy tab? :(

  4. ebak says:

    mba 11″, desire. pwede pa kyo humabol sa akin next year. hehe

    hindi lang kase na-review ang kindle3 dito sa yugatech. but it was indeed 1 of the hottest gadget this year (sa ibang bansa, hehe)

  5. yuga says:

    @kenna & @whatif – as explained, I have not reviewed the two you mentioned so I could not include them here.

  6. dante noe says:

    wew.. the gadget that I wish to have this coming year is on the list. February 2010: Asus EeePC 1201T. rockS!

  7. neis says:

    happy new year yuga!

    i have to admit, i (blame) thank you for having these reviews, i bought 3 out of your 12 gadgets this year, namely iPad, iPhone4G and MBAir11 =)

    i already have an iPhone3G before so the iOS of iPhone4 and iPad is quite easy to use, but MacOS on the otherhand is quite a challenge coming from a microsoft centric person like me hahahaha…

    i need to search google for simple gestures like right click and rename on how it’s done on mac :P lol

  8. calvin says:

    you missed the MiFi!!! you always bring it with you.

  9. bob says:

    I got 3 of the top 12 gadgets of Sir Abe
    1. iPad – April 6 to be exact for P45k! worth it
    2. iPhone 4 – October – birthday gift for myself
    3. MBAir 11.6″ – December-Christmas gift for myself

    Happy new year!

  10. H says:

    Yeah! Pink nokia c3 which i bought in ebay for 5,800
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. bokoi says:

    No Samsung Wave???

  12. goosebumps says:

    @abe – maybe you meant BlackBerry Torch 9800 instead of 9700

  13. paulkev09 says:

    Asus Eee PC 1201T was truly a netbook that i was drooling for. Very slick and cool netbook!

  14. boy topax says:

    how about cherry mobile NOVA

  15. the paper says:

    wow! sana magkaroon ako kahit 1 sa mga yan. hehe.. happy new year!!!

  16. foxy says:

    Too bad msi’s u230 is not reviewed. It has similar specs to Asus 1201T but beats it except graphics on the benchmark tests. It can even play starcraft 2 on the lowest settings

  17. Jee Ann says:

    WoW!!! I want these gadgets for this year!!!

  18. NemOry says:

    Can a netbook carry adobe creative suites like After Effects, Photoshop etc?. .hehe. . Kasi atom lang. D ko pa alam if pwede dun.hehe

  19. Benchmark33 says:

    I assume that this year, its a year of touch screens from phones to laptops (tablet)…better yet, touch screen 32 inch LCD/LED Tv’s!

    Age of the internet…the will mix up TV and internet (like they used before but didn’t go well).

    Or maybe not…Hehehehe

    Wheels are turning…

    Happy New Year to all! :-D

    By the way, I am happy with my Acer Aspire 4740G! (A 2010 Christmas gift from my brother who is working in Kuwait)

  20. uberover says:

    try mo yung amd netbooks o kaya yung mga dual-core na intel atom…medyo mabilis na sila!

  21. name says:

    yuga .. i dunno if you would be able to read this but if swertehin ako :) request po .. could you do a review about nokia quitting symbian os and having this maemo .. its kinda cool :D it could be a threat to android’s overflowing market share :D baka ito ang maging big comeback ng nokia after stinking last year .. hope you’d consider .. thanks :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    who won on your laptop giveaway?

  23. Teknisyan says:

    Yeah… year 2010 is a good year for tablets and in general a year for Apple. I more excited to what 2011 will bring in terms of gadgets and new technology.

  24. 2011 says:

    Go Sony Ericsson X10! The best android phone in the market! None of the ff touch wiz (iOS copycat), moto blur, htc sense can compete the
    X10 UXP(MEDIASCAPE AND TIMESCAPE) the best ui in android os! And watch out for sony’s new expria range in feb! Happy new year!

  25. NemOry says:

    @uberover, sana ok na cla kc mas cheap cla kesa n0teb0oks, .hehe. .nga pala wat ba maganda? INTEL or AMD? Pti sa desktop.hehe. .
    @sir yuga, nakatry knaba ng UBUNTU OS?or naka review?sana my review din. .hehe. . .chaka yung samsung nexus S, pnaka magandang design na nakita q and running the latest Android OS sna mareview din balang araw. .hehe

  26. uberover says:

    Kung nagtitipid ka, pick mo AMD netbooks…maganda naman yung performance pero sacrifice ng kaunti sa power consumption.

    Kung marami kang pera, go for Intel netbooks…medyo nasa baba lang siya ng AMD pero mababa yung power consumption for long battery life.

    For desktops, it’s up to you kung gusto mo ng AMD or Intel. Maganda ang line-up ng AMD at Intel ngayon pero kung “tipid mode” ka, mag-AMD ka para “bang for the buck”!

    Pero kung willing ka gumastos for slightly better performance, go for Intel…sacrifice nga lang sa gastos.


  27. NemOry says:

    @uberover, WOW! thanks po talaga now q lang na gets ang difference nila, malakas pala kumaen ng power ang AMD kesa INTEL, so kung desktop medyo okay lang pala e kasi naka sak2x, hehe. . .

    Talagang nasa tipid mode ako, wla pa nga akong budget ,student palang ako, no side line job, hehe. .but pg mer0n na cguru installati0n pipiliin q. .hehe. thanks tol/kuya uber

  28. NemOry says:

    @uberover, WOW! thanks po talaga now q lang na gets ang difference nila, malakas pala kumaen ng power ang AMD kesa INTEL, so kung desktop medyo okay lang pala e kasi naka sak2x, hehe. . .

    Talagang nasa tipid mode ako, wla pa nga akong budget ,student palang ako, no side line job, hehe. .but pg mer0n na cguru installati0n pipiliin q. .hehe. thanks tol/kuya uber…

  29. rihanna says:

    This yugatech app often crashes, please fix it..
    I womder why the ipod touch fourth isnt on the list.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  30. Taztech says:

    Nice! ang cool ng list. Favorite ko dyan ung Google Nexus One :)

  31. Jerric V says:

    What about Nokia N8, I believe that it’s becoming a sell-off these days due to its demand for a Nokia smartphone!

  32. Taztech says:

    Favorite ko ung Google Nexus One. How about ung samsung galaxy tab, why wala sa list? Mas bet ko un.

  33. Mixie says:

    Dapat may preview narin ng hottest upcoming gadgets for 2011!

  34. uberover says:

    You’re welcome…student pa lang rin ako, hehehe.
    Goodluck sa’yo!

  35. Jepoi says:

    glad my nexus one made it… and the ipad too :D (i used to own a spica – it was my first android powered handset before i got me a nexus one).

  36. miggy says:

    no Ipod touch? 6 of my officemates have these…

  37. batang pinoy says:

    an off the topic question:
    have you heard about amd’s new platform where they gonna combine the CPU and GPU into a one single die? that could be interesting if you gonna post it here!
    another milestone for AMD and for 2011!!

  38. marco says:

    At first, i think ipad(pun intended) is ridiculous. I can’t imagine myself carrying/wearing(pun intended) one. But now, i think i have grown to like it. Afterall, many people are thinking of using it too, and it seems like it’s not that funny/strange anymore to use an oversized smartphone that looks like mom’s trusty chopping board while on a public place. Especially when all of your friends saw what your kitchen buddy can do with that shiny apple logo on its back. Coolness! (no sarcasm :) ) haha… I love apples…

    On topic: I agree with the list. I’m quite sure that you got it right on the spot with the philippines as geographical reference, and the filipinos as your demographic. I’m expecting samsung wave and n8 to be on the list though. N8 creates buzz for almost 9 months and counting, provided that the first wave of UI overhaul they promised is coming on the next fw update, just a few weeks from now. But… as you’ve said, you can only talk about those you reviewed, that’s quite understandable.

  39. jeffrey john imutan says:

    sir abe, nasa tv patrol ka. featuring latest gadgets.

    more power

  40. Hova721 says:

    Samsung Wave!?!?! Wave should be the tp gadget of June/July

  41. NemOry says:

    sayang hindi ko pa talaga nakita c sir Abe mi isa sa TV oh, hehe. .sana makita q din balang araw.hehe

  42. mr. bogus says:

    2010 = year of apple

    2011 = year of android!!

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