Archos 32 Internet Tablet

Archos 32 Internet Tablet

The Archos 32 is the second smallest “internet tablet” in Archos’ Android line-up and the unit’s form factor is closer to a touchscreen handset than those big-ass tablets, considering the screen is only 3.2″ in size.

With a suggested retail price of Php8,490, this 8GB media player and internet tablet might be considered an Android alternative to the iPod Touch although I am more inclined to refer the bigger Archos 43 in its stead.


The specs are nothing to scoff at either — coming in with a decent 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU and capable of running Android 2.2 Froyo.

Archos 32
3.2-inch display @ 400×240 pixel
800MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
8GB or 16GB model
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1

We have to give it to Archos for making the most number of Android tablets in its line-up. We’ve already seen the 10.1″ and the 7-inch. The ones we have now are the 4.3″ and this 3.2″. Wait ’til we get down to 2.8″.

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12 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    Grabe, Tablet pa ba tawag dito?wala cguro sim slot ,kaya hindi xa cp,hehe. .parang CP lang kc talaga. ayos, .chaka affordable pa.hehe. ,Nice one!

  2. NemOry says:

    Grabe, Tablet pa ba tawag dito?wala cguro sim slot ,kaya hindi xa cp,hehe. .parang CP lang kc talaga. ayos, .chaka affordable pa.hehe. ,Nice one!parang Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 ang specs nya,

  3. Jay says:

    3G integration on this unit at the same price will make this a very hot item, why don’t they do it now? yun din naman ang obvious na papupuntahan ng mga ganitong gadgets

  4. wilde says:


    Very much agree with you.

  5. yuga says:

    @jay – adding a 3G SIM slot would make it an Android smartphone and that’s a totally whole new ballgame altogether.

  6. silverlokk says:

    Pair it with the Huawei E5 and you’re browsing the ‘Net. Telephony software in the Android marketplace didn’t make sense when all Android devices were phones, but now that WiFi-only devices are coming out, you may yet see some. Besides, in the worst case, there’s Skype, plus Facebook’s SMS gateway.

  7. ddd says:

    this doesnt make sense/.. y not get an affordable android handset instead? with all of this plus the telephony and the camera, etc..

    it cant really compete with ipod touch with the lack of good apps. ipod can be a casual gaming device, which androids cant..

  8. jay says:

    @sir abe: thanks but i agree with ddd, that is exactly my point.
    take a look at wifi, it was just an added feature in laptops before, but now it’s a basic feature. i think this is just a marketing strategy, paunti unti nilang dagdagan ng features then bawas konti until may bagong feature na naman and so on and on and on and on and on hehehe

    this is true for all gadgets out there, i think :)

  9. defunct says:

    naku pag nilagyan nila ng phone capabilities ito taob na ang iba..

  10. gaia says:

    Nagaya ako dun sa “Wait ’til we get down to 2.8″…mejo exciting nga un….hehehe

  11. Whoa. I loved my non-phone Pocket PCs in the past and this may just be a worthy replacement! Pocket Android! (I prefer my phone to be separate.)

  12. Lineage II says:

    Hey, I think your page was good.

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