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#YugaTen: YugaTech turns 10!

This month marks the 10 years that YugaTech has been a full-fledged tech website. While I actually started the site in 2000 under the free hosting of Hypermart.net and bought the domain in 2002, the site was mostly a portfolio page with a little section for my journal entries. It was sometime in December 2005 that I decided to leave the corporate world and ventured into what was then a promising new prospect that is the Internet.

Taught myself web design, downloaded and printed 500+ pages of the PHP manual and studied web programming during my daily commute from Ortigas to Bacoor. I also forced myself to update the “online journal” every single day to teach myself how to write (flunked English subjects in high school and college). I said turn your weakness into a strength.

They say that when you love what you are doing, you will not feel it is work and time flies very fast. Indeed, the last 10 years seemed to breeze thru. We formed the editorial team in 2012 and we’re a now strong 7-man team, all of whom are as passionate as I am with tech.

Our key ingredient is passion. We love to discover, tinker around and share what we learn with people who we think have the same interest and passion for tech.

So, to celebrate the 10 years, we’ll be doing a give-away that we’ve never done before (stay tuned for that!). We will also be hosting a party with friends, industry partners and regular readers that later turned out to be great friends. We will also be making a contribution to an organization that promotes entrepreneurship or online education among out of school youth.

We thank you for the last 10 years and we hope you’ll stick with us for the next 10!

Happy Holidays!

– Yuga

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

29 Responses

  1. Avatar for lol lol says:

    Been following you for years. Cheers!

  2. Avatar for urotora urotora says:

    congrats Abe and Yugatech team! been a fan since my IT days, and the habit stuck even now that i’ve switched industries. fun articles (and comment section). more power!

  3. Avatar for Ariel Cosep Ariel Cosep says:

    Yugatech fan reader since 2010 :D

  4. Avatar for kimLJR kimLJR says:

    yeheeeeeeey Congratulations to Sir Abe and team. laking tulong talaga site niyo :)

  5. Avatar for MarkDale Ocampo (@mdelites19) MarkDale Ocampo (@mdelites19) says:

    giveaways! :D

  6. Avatar for Lou Lou says:

    Keep up the good work Yugatech team!

  7. Avatar for dzandueta dzandueta says:

    Growing pains, through thick and thin. More to come for sure.

    Nonetheless, well done and keep up the good work. :)

  8. Avatar for flame flame says:

    Congrats yugatech :D

  9. Avatar for Michael John Tejero (MJ) Michael John Tejero (MJ) says:

    Congrats Sir!!!

  10. Avatar for billie billie says:

    congrats YUGA.

  11. Avatar for Chester Chester says:

    congats yugatech.

  12. Avatar for BENCHMARK BENCHMARK says:

    congrats sir abe and the Yugatech team… basta tuloy lang ang pag review ng gadgets! Sana mabalik din ang Yugadeals where I bought my med8er player in a rock bottom price! Hehehehe

    also tuloy lang ang pag review ng mga new cars in the market… soon kasi cars will also part of the gadget ecosystem hehehe well partly lang pala hehehehe

    again congrats and more power!

  13. Avatar for Edwin M. Edwin M. says:

    Congrats Abe!

  14. Avatar for Ian Fuentes Ian Fuentes says:

    Congrats Yugatech! More power!

  15. Avatar for Glenn Bryn Magnus Glenn Bryn Magnus says:


  16. Avatar for Roi Roi says:

    Congratulations, Sir Abe and your Team!!!

  17. Avatar for damarkcus damarkcus says:


  18. Avatar for Mark Christian Carbon Mark Christian Carbon says:

    Gratz Yuga at sa buong team ng Yugatech! One of the best tech-blog sites in PH :) More power!

  19. Avatar for Gloomnomad Gloomnomad says:

    More power to yugatech! Happy 10th!

  20. Avatar for diego delos santos diego delos santos says:

    congrats to yugatech! accounting and finance ang field ko pero ang dami ko natututunan sa yugatech.

  21. Avatar for Amiel Claremont Bussell Amiel Claremont Bussell says:

    Congrats to Yugatech team and avid readers! Cheers to success!

  22. Avatar for vhaturgo vhaturgo says:

    congrats yugatech. more years to come =)

  23. Avatar for JERICHMGN JERICHMGN says:

    Happy 10th year Yugatech !!! Congrats !!!

  24. Avatar for Asyong Saloonga Asyong Saloonga says:

    Congrats and Long Live Yugatech! :)

  25. Avatar for sagebox sagebox says:

    Congrats Yugatech!

  26. Avatar for raidnoir raidnoir says:


  27. Avatar for mike mike says:

    Congrats :)

  28. Avatar for edgolbin (@edgolbin) edgolbin (@edgolbin) says:

    Congrats yugatech! Happy 10th!

  29. Avatar for deuts deuts says:

    Abe, magpa-burger ka naman! :D

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