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5 Cool Features of iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 is just around the corner. Aside from the new home screen widgets, App Library, and some other features that Apple highlighted on their WWDC presentation, the upcoming OS also has some cool hidden features baked inside. Here are some of them.


• Ios 14 Features 5 • 5 Cool Features Of Ios 14

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Back Tap

• Ios 14 Features 6 • 5 Cool Features Of Ios 14

Have you heard of Huawei’s “Knock-to-screenshot” feature? Well, iOS 14 also has this feature called “Back Tap,” as the name suggests, you just have to tap the back of your iPhone that allow you to activate specific actions like screenshot, lock, open Control Center or Notification Center, activate App Switcher, and more.

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To activate this feature, head over to Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Back Tap

In this setting, you have two options, Double Tap and Triple Tap, then choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Sound Recognition

• Ios 14 Features 4 • 5 Cool Features Of Ios 14

I find it both cool and also helpful for some people, especially those with disabilities. What this does it detects specific sounds in your environment then notify you of what it is about. Your phone will notify you if it detects a fire alarm, a baby crying, siren, pet, door knock, running water, and more.

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Realme Philippines

To activate this, head over to Settings – Accessibility – Sound Recognition.

Stackable Widgets

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Android has widgets since the beginning, but with the iOS 14 update, Apple has finally brought this feature to the iPhone and spiced it up, which I think made it better than what’s on Android. In this case, you will be able to stack widgets on top of each other and scroll through them like a deck of cards.

Car Key


• Screen Shot 2020 07 02 At 12.35.32 Pm • 5 Cool Features Of Ios 14

Apple’s latest software update includes this feature to help car owners access their vehicles more conveniently. Users with supported cars will soon be able to unlock their vehicles using the Apple Watch or iPhone using its built-in NFC.

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• Ios 14 Features 1 • 5 Cool Features Of Ios 14

Finally, one of the most useful features on the iPad has come to the iPhone -PIP or picture-in-picture. Same as on the iPad, you can now watch videos anywhere on your screen. As of the moment, it only works if you watch a video through Safari, but I hope YouTube, Netflix, and other media-streaming apps take advantage of this feature.

So what do you guys think about Apple’s latest software? Are you as excited as well? Let us know in the comments section!

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