5 Email Apps for Android and iOS

Handling emails, especially if it involves work, can be a stressful task. And it can get more daunting if you’re handling multiple accounts and you have to do it on your mobile. If that is one of your productivity problems then we’d like to suggest a few apps that can help you manage your inbox.

Author’s note: The apps in the list are those that are both available on Android and iOS, and can accommodate multiple accounts from different providers (e.g. Google, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo!, iCloud, Hotmail, etc.).


First on our list is Outlook by Microsoft. It has a simple yet organized layout with a flat design. What’s special about it is the built-in calendar with features taken from the Microsoft-acquired Sunrise Calendar app, built-in document viewer, and the option to add your accounts from online storage platforms like OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

Download: Android / iOS

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail may have been overshadowed by Gmail, but Yahoo’s e-mail app is still worth considering (even if you’re not using a Yahoo account). It supports multiple accounts and attachments, allows you to send stationery-like e-mails, and let’s you customize the looks with themes. In addition, Yahoo is giving users 1000GB of free cloud storage.

Download: Android / iOS


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myMail supports not just the popular e-mail providers out there but also corporate email servers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange where IMAP and SMTP are enabled. It also features a clean and simple layout, allows you to set a “quiet time” for each account so you won’t be bothered during your personal time, and supports PIN lock and Touch ID.

Download: Android / iOS

Blue Mail

Blue Mail boasts that it is capable of managing unlimited numner of mail accounts, although we doubt that there’s a person who handles more than ten at once, but that’s good to know. Like the rest of the apps in the list, it uses a simple yet clutter-free layout. It has Quiet Hours, Custom Sounds, Vibrate, Snooze Alerts and other preferences, and supports Google’s Android Wear and Apple’s Touch ID.

Download: Android / iOS


Last, but not the least, is Alto. Aside from organizing all your email accounts, it has a feature called Dashboard where you can access all photos and files sent to your email in one place, eliminating the need to dig through your inbox just to get it. In addition, it can also provide with updates through Cards and Stacks, whether it’s a hotel reservation, online shopping receipts and shipping details.

Download: Android / iOS

How about you? What email app are you using on your phone? If you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

5 Responses

  1. killerkamatis says:

    If your using Exchange then i recommend using Nine Email or Samsung Focus

  2. HF says:

    I use CloudMagic, but with its switch to Newton without any advance notice, I’m thinking of switching to BlueMail. But I might try Inbox, based on the comments!

  3. Easy E says:

    Google’s INBOX!

  4. EJ Lazaro says:

    I prefer inbox. It’s organize, clean, and smart.

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