5 Relaxing Games for Android and iOS

5 Relaxing Games for Android and iOS


There are tons of game apps for Android and iOS. Some are action-packed and very challenging, while others are relaxing types that not only keep you entertained but is also suitable for chill moments. For this article, we’re exploring the latter, and here are our suggestions.

Zen Koi

If you like Koi fish, then you might want to try this app. It’s free and easy to play, has a calming atmosphere, meditative soundtrack, good graphics, and features tons of Koi types to collect.

Download: Android / iOS


AbyssRium is focused on the life of a Lonely Corallite stuck at the bottom of the ocean with no “friends”. This is where you come in as you can upgrade the corallite, grow different kinds of corals, and collect fish and other sea animals. The game has a relaxing music and supports VR so you can watch your collection of fish and corals in a more immersive way.

Download: Android / iOS

Smash Hit


One of the games that we like to play with a bit of challenge is Smash Hit. If you haven’t tried this yet, your goal is to go through glass obstacles by smashing it with metal balls. It becomes more challenging as you progress, but there’s something about breaking the glass that is so relaxing. We suggest using a headphone when playing this to enjoy the music and audio effects.

Download: Android / iOS


Prune was voted as TIME Magazine’s Game of the Year 2015. The game is about growing a tree and helping it avoid obstacles by shaping it with a swipe of your finger. It uses minimalist art, clean interface, and meditative music. It’s going to cost you a bit though at Php185, but it’s going for.

Download: Android / iOS

Monument Valley

If you like puzzles, then Monument Valley is perfect. It has good graphics, audio, and gameplay. The 3D design, dreamy architecture, and choice of colors will make you want to take a screenshot and use it as your phone’s wallpaper. While the gameplay will keep you occupied for hours. However, like Prune, it isn’t free at Php180, but it’s very well worth buying.

Download: Android / iOS

Got anything to add to the list? Let your fellow readers know by writing it down the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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