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7 Mobile Shopping Apps to Beat the Holiday Rush

Holiday shopping is really causing heavy traffic jams and office hours doesn’t allow us to shop when they are a few shoppers around. The solution? Shop on mobile! Since the dawn of internet shopping in the country, a lot of distributors and sellers wants to get their products online since internet shopping is less hassle than personally heading to the shops just to purchase one item.

Here are 7 shopping apps for your smartphones and tablets you can use to browse and look for that perfect gift or just something you want for yourself.



Currently the leading eCommerce site in the country, Lazada has a great mobile app that practically provides everything they have in an organized and good-looking layout. Also, they offer deals and vouchers exclusively available for mobile app users only which gives more savings. It’s also multi-platform, although the Windows Phone version is buggy at the moment.

Android / iOS / Windows Phone



Offering multiple products from big brands and even small enterprises, Takatack has a lot of products to suite your taste. It even has items from other popular shopping sites like Lazada and Zalora, and deal sites like Ensogo and CashCashPinoy. It’s pretty much everything available online plus opportunities for great product designers to have their items discovered by online shoppers.




Shopee is an online shopping tiangge filled with cute clothing, hard to find bags, and more. It’s like having the World Bazaar Festival on your fingertips and for the whole year. Aside from that, it’s a great place to sell quality items without the hassle of setting up a booth and worrying about fees. You can also chat within the app to directly talk to the seller or buyer, and even look for trends using hashtags.

Android / iOS




For your clothing needs, Zalora has a lot of styles and brands for you. Unlike other shopping apps, it’s purely about clothing so you’re pretty much focused on your tailor shopping plus an exclusive collection too. They offer 30-day free return if you’re not satisfied with your purchase and they have a ZALORA digital Pop-up store at Edsa Shangri-La Mall as well for you to check out their items personally.

Android / iOS

O Shopping


If you’re watching TV late at night, then you’ve probably encountered O Shopping. It’s the shopping channel of ABS-CBN in partnership with Korean TV home shopping company CJ O Shopping Corporation. With their app, there’s no need to stay up late or turn on the TV. Just click and browse through your phone or tablet and easily purchase without hassle.

Android / iOS



Like most other shopping apps, EasyShop.ph offers diverse product lines from popular brands to generic electronics. What’s nice about EasyShop.ph is they have local brands so you don’t need to rush to the mobile and look for their kiosk. It’s also a selling site for those who wish to have their products online.

Android / iOS



While all of these apps are already established online stores in PH, there’s a new player in town that you could check out and be one of the first to try them. YiLinker, a Singapore-based eCommerce, still has limited items listed but it’s worth the try. It’s like an unfamiliar new boutique that just opened up and you’ll never know what they have unless you visit them by yourself. You can also sell items with them and be their one of their pioneer sellers.

Android / iOS

Head to the app store and download now to free yourself from the heavy traffic. Just be sure to purchase smartly and keep your bank information in check when checking out.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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6 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    I’ve had two terrible experiences with Lazada PH. Have they improved even a tiny bit? They had a hard time fulfilling my paid order (cancelling it unilaterally 2 weeks after I have ordered and paid for the item). How much more kung holiday rush season, baka buwan abutin tsk tsk…

  2. some of my orders from lazada before only took a day or two to be delivered. but i think lazada cannot handle a holiday rush. i ordered 3 items last december 10. the first one arrived after 3 days, 2nd after 6 days and the last one arrived just this afternoon (thats 9 days). considering were just in metro manila, what more if you’re in the province??

  3. Mica says:

    I am a regular customer of Lazada. I’ve purchased items that range from Php100-26,000 and I’ve never had a major issue with them. Sure there were times where the quality of the item was not to par with the pictures (but it’s not really their fault) but they ALWAYS give me my money back if it happens. Example, I bought speakers and returned it just because I didn’t like the quality. The refunded it no questions asked. There was also a time when the supplier failed to give me a “freebie” and so Lazada compensated it by giving me a voucher. With regards to delivery, they often deliver 1-2 days after purchase even though they say it’ll arrive 5-6 days. I live within Metro Manila. The longest I’ve had to wait for a package was still within the expected delivery date and that was because the item was shipped from Cebu. My friend says I’m one of the lucky ones but I think I just really know how to pick a decent supplier (I only buy from 4-5 stars suppliers). I just bought something this morning and less than 6 hours later, they informed me that the package is on the way. I should be getting the item tomorrow if the status is correct.

    I know this seems like a paid comment in favor of Lazada (and i do think they should pay me soon cause i always give good feedback haha) but I just want readers to know that despite having negative reviews, there are very successful transactions out there – myself included. Just remember to be a smart shopper. Check supplier ratings. Manage expectations with their expected delivery date. Don’t be afraid to message their customer service and follow up. They do respond within 24 hours. :-) happy shopping!

  4. Andre says:

    Well at least you guys have been lucky with Lazada. I wasn’t – twice. First time, I ordered an LCD TV, and almost two weeks later (after complete silence) they said the product was unavailable and they just cancelled my paid order. Didn’t even give me a chance to get an equivalent product, which meant a lot of wasted time on my part. I mean, I can go and order another LCD TV but what assurance do I get that it will not be cancelled again after almost 2 weeks?! That was really upsetting, and they did not even allow me to replace it with another product even though I asked for it.

    About four months later I gave Lazada another try, this time for a refrigerator. I was expecting a better experience this time (after all, you guys have had good experience, and Yugatech always has nice words for Lazada!). It was just utter failure, again. Same thing happened – silence for a week, then cancellation on their part without even giving me a chance to replace with another product.

    I might even be more understanding if it’s cash on delivery but no – both those orders were already paid for. How can you take a customer’s money, keep it for more than a week, then just go back to him and say “oh sorry, out of stock”?! I’m based in Singapore so the refund (to my card) took a couple more weeks to process. I had to make numerous international phone calls to Lazada to get them to fix the situation, and most times I was on hold for 10 minutes only for the call to be cut… then I have to call again.

    The most amazing thing here is that the second time it happened to me, there was not even any effort on Lazada’s part to give special attention to my case given that my first time was already a bad experience!

    I can go on and on. Maybe it was just bad luck on my part for this to happen to me twice. The simpler explanation to me, of course, is that Lazada PH sucks. In fairness to Lazada, their Lazada SG branch seems to have better reputation and service.

  5. Henie says:

    I’ve had over a hundred items ordered from Lazada this year. Just the past two months alone, I’ve had three Lazada orders cancelled for no good reasons. They were cancelled 10 days, 32 days and 58 days after the orders were made (paid in advanced through credit card). If I knew sooner that they would be cancelled, I could have made other arrangements.

    And don’t get me started on the countless delivery delays I’ve experienced with my Lazada orders (I live in Cebu). The clothes I ordered last December 10 has not yet arrived (19 days and counting). More than half of the time, they will fail to deliver within the estimated delivery. If you complain, they’ll just tell you that provincial orders take as much as 12 business days, which is inconsistent with the estimated delivery date on their website.

    But my biggest gripe with Lazada is their webform/email “customer support”. It’s like talking to a robot with bad programming. The agents are either overworked or had insufficient training. Sometimes they reply only after a few days. Sometimes if you don’t follow up, they don’t reply at you at all. They keep telling me that they tried reaching me on my mobile but I don’t see any missed calls on my phone logs.

    I’ve had numerous interactions with different Lazada agents for months but I did not fully realize their incompetence until I started shopping at Zalora last month and saw the huge difference. The Zalora agents CARE for the customers and go above and beyond to please them. Meanwhile Lazada agents take a few seconds to skim through your e-mail and copy-paste a reply without actually analyzing your concern. They just want to get through as many emails as they can (regardless if they actually offer any real help) so that they can pass you to the next agent or a senior agent. Calling their hotline will put you on hold for awhile or cut off.

    Lazada has also recently changed how they evaluate returned items. Back then (6 months ago or so) if an item is under Satisfaction Guarantee, you can return that item NO QUESTIONS ASKED, granting you returned it within 14 days, with the proper filled up return form and all the tags, accessories, packaging, etc. Now you can’t. This would have been fair IF they changed the return policy details on their website but they haven’t. Lazada’s Satisfaction Guarantee claim has now become a misleading LIE.

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