Android 4.2.2 update already?

Android 4.2.2 update already?

Some reports have been circulating around the web about an unannounced incremental update (Android 4.2.2) for the Android Jellybean (no official announcement made as of the moment so we can’t confirm).

This news started when some folks from Brazil and Malaysia were surprised to see that their brand spanking new Nexus 4 is running on Android 4.2.2 when they checked the phone’s settings. Some folks who already have the latest Google phone reported that they also got the update OTA.

Jelly bean update


So what’s the buzz with this new version of the buttery smooth OS? Not a whole lot actually. In fact, reports suggest that the update is only a bug-fixer rather than being a completely different beast. And because Google has yet to comment about the said version of Android, there isn’t a lot of information to go around with.

So Nexus 4 users out there, check you device’s OS version, you might just have the newest version of Android without you even knowing about it. Oh and don’t forget to hit the comments or tip us if you do.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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20 Responses

  1. jellyako says:

    ano ba yan, wala pa nga update ang samnote1 ko! buti pa iDevices ko sabay haaaiiissstttssssssssss

    • jm says:

      Why compare your iDevices with updates to an Android device? Besides, why did you buy a Note if you want updates? Buy a Nexus device if you want real pure Android experience.

    • wagas says:

      eto naman si jm kung maka react sobrang wagasshhhh! haiissssttssssss

      e preference ko na yan kung ano gusto kong bilhin at kung gusto kong mag comment, ok? now beat it!


    • jellyako says:

      jm: kung maka react wagasssssss

      cheers! ;-)

    • thecorrescode says:

      Sabay nga mag-update. Pero kapag may bug, sabay-sabay din lilitaw sa mga phone. Like yung bug sa latest iOS6 update na nagdradrain ng battery. Majority affected.

      Good thing with Android is that the latest release is tested first, and once stable saka kukunin ng mga OEM partners. Pansinin mo, ilang bug sa core Android ang nakikita sa mga mainstream product like S3 or OneX. So far wala pa akong alam, at kung meron man mabibilang lang. Not unlike iOS.

    • Zo says:

      Just to react to this ^

      Bug issues are a given with any platform, even on PCs, laptops etc.

      Reporting is different for each platform though. We can say that iOS bug reports are more concentrated because of the fact that Apple solely controls iOS and when a bug appears it’s uniformly reported by all iOS users, thus the image of “majority affected”.

      Android bugs are, on the other hand, far and wide. With so many companies sporting the Android OS, keeping track of all them with respect to whatever flavor the company adds to their own UI is really a tedious job. So bug reports are spread and usually kept within their own ecosystems.

      And we have modders (like myself) which really care less about the stock experience and mod our phones away and we accept that there bugs here and there.

      So bug-related-wise, it’s really a toss up as to how these manufacturers respond.

    • jellydebelen says:

      haiissstttsss wala pa din update kaloka!

      sige na nga……..nakikihiram lang kasi ng OS e kaya hindi sila maka catch up…… now i know haaiiissstsss kaloka talaga tehh!

  2. gelo says:

    I just had my note 2 updated to this version.not just bug fixes but a whole lot of other stuff too.200+mb. The only disadvantage is that IT DRAINS THE BATTERY AT A VERY FAST RATE.i regret updating mine.

  3. eljon says:

    Gelo, i think ur referring to the 4.1.2 update? ;)

  4. Lg says:

    LG Nexus 4 palang po ang ina update sa 4.2.2 JB.
    At nag update na rin sila ng 4.1.2JB sa Optimus G.

  5. gloso says:

    i recieved an update today for my samsung galaxy note 10.1, i dont know kung anong android version yon, or for premium suite ba yon, (wala akong alam, di ako gaanong techie) at di ko pa kasi inupdate.

  6. Paulo says:

    Ay buti naman, sana mag stay ng ganyan ang updates ng Android. Sobrang bilis kasing magpalit ng version kaya ang daming naiiwan na gadget na orphan. Sana ganyan ang incremental at after 2 to max of 3 years bago magpalit to another version (5.0)

  7. androidboy says:

    When will Android 4.2.2 update roll out for Nexus 10 ?

  8. bleach says:

    No 4.2.2 update yet on my Nexus 4 as of this writing.

  9. lilboyblue says:

    I’ve tried searching on the net what improvements 4.2.2 brings to the Jelly table… and all the same reports. “Google is yet to make an announcement” “…just a small bug fix update”

    So really, we don’t have to be impatient with this update. We don’t even know what it really does.

    Call me iSheep, I’ll call you iGnorant.

    This is coming from someone enjoying his (modded) 4.1.2 Nexus and have been a Nexus soldier ever since.

  10. satan says:

    maybe, its a bug fix, or more bugs,
    i run my galaxy nexus on custom roms, so no worries

  11. Dens says:

    updating my s3 (globe carrier)

    • Tonio says:

      Dens, did it upgrade to 4.2.2 or 4.1.2? There’s a slight difference between them. I still have the 4.1.2 version. Hope it will be upgraded soon, i’m looking forward for the Photosphere option.

  12. Wil says:

    No 4.2.2 update yet on my Nexus 4.

  13. dale says:

    Im using a Galaxy s3 ver. 4.1.2(smart carrier)is there a new update like 4.2.2 on samsung galaxy s3. Ive read some articles that samsung will release an update ver of 4.3 on s3 and s4 in october so I dont know if samsung release the 4.2.2 update in the philippines but in other region s3 can update to 4.2.2. somebody help me.

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