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App in Focus: Zookal

Students looking into studying for tests and exams may find this newly released mobile app very useful. Zookal is an app that provides thousands of sample quizzes for students to practice by taking sample quizzes that are found in most of the university entrance tests.

The app is simple yet straightforward. Just download the Zookal app, launch it, pick an exam category, subject and start answering the quizzes. You’ll be presented with a set of 20 questions with 4 choices. You tap on one as your choice and swipe to the right for the next one. Once you’re finished, it will give you your score. There’s an option to review the test to see which ones you got wrong and give you the correct answer.

Zookal also provides additional tips depending on the type of exams you want to take. Good examples would be the time-pressure test for ACET and the “correct minus wrong” scoring system of UPCAT.

Zookal currently includes the following types of exams:

  • College and University Entrance Tests
  • High School Entrance Exam
  • Civil Service Exam
  • Licensure Exam for Teachers
  • National Achievement Test (Grace 6)
  • National Career Aptitude Exam
  • SAT

Zookal also promises to update their database with exams for IELTS, NCLEX, GMAT and CPA.

Each year, thousands of students apply for university entrance exams and in order to increase their chances of passing then, they enroll into review schools that will help them prepare and get better scores. However, not everyone has access to these classes nor have the budget to afford it. This is the problem that Zookal aim to address and it’s offering all these for free.

As someone who has taken the ACET and UPCAT many years back, this is certainly a great tool and resource to practice for the actual exams.


The app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play store: ( It is also available in the App Store: (

For devices not compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, the app may be directly downloaded at

P.S Let’s do a little game/giveaway here.

1) Download the Zookal app.

2) Pick one of the tests in the app and answer them.

3) Show us your score by uploading a screenshot of your test in Twitter/FB. Only one entry per person/email.

4) Leave a comment below with the link to your screenshots.

We’ll pick 3 random winners to win an Asus Zenpower.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Zoids says:

    A good brain exercise! Doing it daily! Thanks Yuga!

  2. Melon Joestar says:

    This is my highest score so far. I’m not satisfied so I need to study harder.
    Check out @LetManas’s Tweet:

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