Google launches Trusted Contacts, a personal safety app

Google launches Trusted Contacts, a personal safety app

Google has just announced a new safety app called Trusted Contacts. It basically lets your family or close friends know that you are safe and alerts them if you’re in a sketchy situation.


The app works by first enlisting your trusted contacts — your parents, siblings, or a really close friend. It shows your location to these contacts once you allowed them and, in turn, you can also see where they are if they chose to share their location with you. Both parties will be able to see the activity status, if you’re online, and if you moved to a different location.

Trusted Contacts also works even without internet connection. When a family member is worried, he/she can request to know where you are and when offline, the app shows your last known location so they can look for you in that area.



If someone has requested for your location, you can, of course, choose to decline it and let them know that you’re fine. Although if you don’t send a response within a certain timeframe, your location is shared automatically in case of danger or emergency.

With this app, Google aims to make sure that its users are safe. It can be used for instances that you don’t feel safe walking alone at night or when you lose your way in an unfamiliar area.


Trusted Contacts is only available on Play Store as of the time of writing, with the iOS version coming soon. For more information on the app, you may visit Google’s page through the Source link below.


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